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Cellardoor Winery in Maine

Your Guide to 7 Best Wineries and Vineyards in Maine (2023)

You may know Maine for its Lobsters, but Maine offers some excellent wines that can come as a surprise to you. Maine, the easternmost U.S. State, produces wine from mountains to coast, south of Portland to the north of Bar Harbor, in the middle, and literally throughout its stretch. After a drive of every two hours, you will either wind a winery, vineyard or at least a locally sourced tasting room that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Wine tasting and vineyard tours were initially on the back in Maine, but the case is not similar anymore.

Mainers are quite serious about their wines and about dealing with the soil condition; they know it really well. Even though the growing season here is ultimately short but that has never been a pulling-down factor. Instead, even when most wineries produce less, they craft the best taste, varietals, and products. Whether you are looking to tour a local vineyard in Maine, experience Maine’s best wines, or book yourself a picturesque wedding venue, Pine Tree State has arrangements for it all. With that said, here are some of the Best Wineries and Vineyards in Maine.

Your Guide to 7 Best Wineries and Vineyards in Maine

Have a look and build your itinerary:

1. Prospect Hill Winery

Probably a unique winery in Maine, the Prospect Hill Winery is in the Southern part of the state. Prospect is one of the very few wineries in Maine that produce wine only from grapes grown on its own farm. Owned by Richard and Anita Carle, the winery has been operating since 2003, and soon enough, after just 2 years, in 2005, it came down into commercial business. Prospect Hill Winery produces 15 unique, award-winning wines out of 13 locally grown grape varietals. They craft both red and white wines using a range of French and American hybrid grapes. With that, it even won several awards of excellence in regional and state competitions. Prospect Hill Winery operates its tasting room from Memorial Day weekend until early October every Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. The opportunities to be here are undoubtedly fewer, but their vineyard tours and wine tasting are worth efforting for. Do try their wines made up of blueberries and grapes like Cayuga and Maréchal Foch.

2. Cellardoor Winery

Operating since 2008, the Cellardoor Winery has come far and today is the Best Winery in Maine. It is basically a beautiful grape farmhouse nestled against the lush Maine woods in rural Lincolnville, the Midcoast area. They are known for a wide-reaching product line, including red wines, white wines, blends, and sparkling wines. There won’t be a wine that you like and isn’t available in Cellardoor. The winery produces its own grapes and also sources some from New York, California, and Washington. Therefore, the taste you find here, even for the same product, can at times be slightly different, though absolutely enjoyable. Cellardoor also operates a tasting room in a newly developed part of Portland. Whether you are visiting the winery or its tasting room, do try options like sparkling Rosé, Vendange, Bulles Rosé, Blanc de Blancs, Vin Doux Naturel Marquette, and Late Harvest Frontenac Gris. The 200-year-old barn as a tasting room at the winery has an appeal of its own.

3. Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery

Another winery that works primarily with locally grown grapes is the Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery. This popular Maine winery is ideal for a wine tour within just ten minutes from Sweetgrass. Savage Oakes is a known name for experimenting since they found an American-French hybrid grape that can withstand the totally different climatic and ecological conditions of Maine, along with the short growing season as well. The grapes they use include Leon Millot and Marquette for red wines, St. Croix and Cayuga for blush wines, and LaCrosse and St. Pepin for white wines. This picturesque winery in Maine features a Post and Beam Tasting Room, a lush vineyard, a picnic area, and a charming atmosphere. They even offer beer varietals for beer lovers, along with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well. Apart from wine tasting, Savage Oaks is also popular for its vineyard tours, blueberry farm tours, and natural landscape with a herd of cattle grazing freely. Spending a day here is undoubtedly a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

4. Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery

Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery is a historic winery that dates back to the 1840s. It is one of the few certified organic wineries in Maine and is ideal for those who are looking for a real farm experience. Located on a high ridge, they grow their own apples, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries which they utilize for everything from wine to wholesale and retailing. Their wine selection includes everything organic and authentic, from Apple Wine, Blueberry Wine, and Cranberry wine. A visit here allows individuals to capture some pretty astounding views of Frenchman’s Bay, the Schoodic mountains, and various surrounding lakes. Besides that, visitors can also participate in learning activities like winemaking or trying their hands at some farm activities. Not only that, but for people who want to explore the surrounding area, there are several hiking trails connecting via the winery.

5. Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery

Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery is another popular winery to visit in Maine. It is for those who want to enjoy the best of both the wine and spirit world. Sweetgrass is a facility owned and operated by a family at 347 Carroll Rd, Union. They operate from 11 am to 6 pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12 pm to 5 pm on Sundays. The winery produces wines from locally grown fruits, including grapes, cranberries, apples, cherries, and blueberries. Their Cranberry apple and the wild Maine Blueberry Sangria are some refreshing and unique drinks to try. Apple Brandy, Rhubarb Smash, and Three Crow Rum are more such options to try. They even boast a range of spirits, of which London gin brewed with a blueberry twist is the must-try. This drink is precisely available in Maine, and therefore you simply can’t overlook it. Sweetgrass Winery also keeps hosting a variety of events; therefore, check their website before visiting.

6. Catherine Hill Winery

Located down east Maine, the Catherine Hill Winery is in the town of Cherryfield. A must-check-out place, it produces delicious berry wines and is popular for handcrafting some unique flavors. The winery uses locally sourced fruits along with the finest Vinifera and produces robust berry wines and barrel-aged reds. They even have excellence in producing delicious berry wines from berries that are sourced locally from counties like Hancock and Washington. Catherine Hill Winery boasts an intimate tasting room that keeps visitors captivated for a long. Wine tasting here operates from Wednesday to Sunday across the year. Along with their large wine selection, they even have a range of cheese, crackers, cakes, and charcuterie boards to pair with them. Catherine Hill Winery craft just 500 cases of wines since they believe in quality over quantity.

7. Bar Harbor Cellars Winery

Last but not least on our list is the Bar Harbor Cellars Winery. This winery is located at 854 ME-3, Bar Harbor, and is noted as one of Maine’s most popular wineries. Bar Harbor Cellars Winery is located in Acacia National Park and features a 100-acre vineyard. Operating Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, it offers a selection of local fruit wines and specialty wines. From the traditional and the new, Bar Harbor Cellars provide wine lovers with bold reds to atypical terroirs and wines using grapes from Rheinhessen, Germany, and locally grown as well. They also have Sweet Pea Café on site, popular for its quick-bite snacks. The freshly baked pizzas here are definitely worth trying. Though if you want something unique, the Café also has farm-fresh entrees for paring along with a glass of wine. Going back, people can also shop for gift items, chocolates, jams etc.

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