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Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon - Top Amusement Park in Michigan

Top 9 Amusement Parks in Michigan (2024)

Like other states in America, Michigan State leaves no stones unturned when it comes to enjoyment and fun at its amusement parks. Michigan has a history of some world-famous best in class amusement and water parks and maintaining the legacy, it still has some of the worth in store that will surely bring thrill and amazement into your day.
Amusement parks are the ideal place for fun for every generation, either kids or senior adults. Such sites can be fun, exciting, scary, and thrilling, but there’s no sort of entertainment once you are inside. Out of various options in the State of Michigan, we have shortlisted and comprised the list of 9 Best Amusement Parks in Michigan.

Whatever the case, they are known to provide all-round entertainment with the best and wide selection of rides and other playful opportunities.

Top 9 Amusement Parks in Michigan

Below are 9 Parks:

1. Michigan’s Adventure – Muskegon

Known as the largest amusement park in the Michigan State is Michigan’s Adventure, Muskegon County. The park features 52 adventure and water rides, more than any other amusement park in the State. It is spread over 250 acres, which comprises Wild water adventures (an outdoor park), 7 huge roller coasters, 4 thrill rides, 5 kids ride, 4 water rides, around 18 family rides, and a Rocky Point Mini Golf along the lakeside. The park tickets are not very cheap; however, all the fun and adventure make it worth it. The park premises also have drinking, and dining facilities and all the tickets/ bookings can be made easily online from their official website. Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon - Top Amusement Park in Michigan Image Source

2. Arzo Amusement Park – Alpena

Another adventure wonder in the Michigan state is the Arzo Amusement Park, Alpena. It is an ideal adventure spot for young adrenaline junkies due to its 1,250 feet go-kart track, which the longest in the whole of Michigan. It features some of the fastest karts within the states and a popular site of fun in Michigan, especially amongst teenagers and youths. However, this site’s popularity is due to Nickelodeon’s inspired outdoor activities, which pleases the 90s heart. The amusement park features sky-high bungee, a dragon-themed roller coaster, bumper cars, a mini-golf course, an orbiton, and a spaceship simulator that will take you to the fun, feel, and adventure of outer space. The park is regularly operational and is also open for celebrations and bookings exclusively.
Top Amusement Park in Michigan-Arzo Amusement Park – AlpenaImage Source

3. Crystal Mountain – Thompsonville

The Crystal Mountain is located to the north of Michigan, in the Thompsonville village and is more of a summertime adventure park. It is a family-friendly site that offers some basic adventure opportunities, including zip-lining, an elevated ropes course, wall climbing, Crystal Coaster (Designed to sled downhill). And once you are done with these thrilling activities, visitors can soak themselves into the outdoor playground and pools. The Crystal Mountain’s outdoor poolside features fun and excitement through a zero-depth entry pool, water cannons and bubblers and lap lanes where one can either enjoy or play water basketball or volleyball.
Amusement Park in Michigan-Crystal Mountain – ThompsonvilleImage Source

4. St. Ignace Mystery Spot

Located to the west of the Mackinac Bridge is a unique and unusual location, known by the name Mystery Spot. The site’s name is enough to attract a vast number of tourists, which also makes it one of the most visited Amusement parks in Michigan. A place where gravity goes haywire, bringing the visitor a feeling of mild light-headedness or a strange sensation. It is a well-designed location where all the laws of physics are usually broken due to the unusual force of gravity and, no doubt, a marvel of architecture and technology. Being here, one can either take a walking tour of the area or a zip line tour that takes you over an alluring view of Lake Superior. The site also features an 18-hole mini-golf course, puzzling Maze in the Woods, and unlimited fun and excitement.
Best Amusement Park in Michigan-St. Ignace Mystery SpotImage Source

5. Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark, Boyne Falls

The Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark is one of the ideal spots for summer and winter if you look for some thrill and amusement within the states. It is one of the best indoor amusement parks in Michigan that has an abundance of activities for the whole family. The attraction and activities include gaming arcades, pools and hot water tubs, water rides and slides, separate winter and summer attractions, and many more. For visitors who have a heart of thrill and adventure, the park features the steepest drop water of Michigan(the Big Couloir) that will leave you with amazement, and a lifetime kind of experience. Being there, you can also try the Vertigo Cannonball or the Rip Zone Surf Simulator that features a round tube slide for sliding down. There are enough dining and drinking services within the park premises, making it an ideal place for an all-day fun affair.
Attraction Amusement Park in Michigan-Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark, Boyne FallsImage Source

6. Kokomo’s Family Fun Center, Saginaw

An amusement centre for your whole family is the Kokomo’s in the Saginaw, a city in Michigan. The site is running since 1996 and has everything to offer, even if you are 5 to 65. To begin the fun with, it has a Fast-track go-cart trail where you can compete with their friends and family with either single or double seating carts. Thought the most popular indoor attraction here is the Lasertag, an ultimate game of tag with fantastic visual effects, heart-pounding music where you can navigate through a futuristic maze. Further, Kokomo also features a Wild separate roller coaster (5 stories high), a challenging and fun mini-golf course, a trampoline that takes you 25 feet high, gold drive ranges, bumper boats, and batting cages. The site is also open for birthday booking and corporate events. Once done with the fun and excitement, try your hands on some Italian delicacies in the Koko café.
Nice Amusement Park in Michigan-Kokomo's Family Fun Center, SaginawImage Source

7. Nelis’ Dutch Village

One of the top-rated amusement parks in Michigan, the Nelis’ Dutch Village, is an entire site with traditional amusements that one cannot miss. It is a clean, family-themed amusement site in Michigan with outdoor and indoor attractions that comprise the beautiful scenery of the Netherlands, 25,000 tulip flowers (Seasonal), a petting zoo, and a Wooden Shoe Shop (it has some famous imports from the Netherlands and traditional Dutch tools). The proportion of fun and amusement here comprises a carousel, spinning swing ride, Petal Pumper cars, a Ferris wheel, a Mari-go-round, and a few more options. It isn’t dedicatedly an amusement park, but a wholesome tourist spot where visitors can enjoy beautiful Dutch architecture, listen to the Golden Angel street organ, shop for unique goods, watch the Dutch klompen dance, and try some locally made krakelingen butter cookies, deli meats, fudge and some other mouth-watering dishes.

Popular Amusement Park in Michigan-Nelis' Dutch Village

Credit: Judy Baxter Image Source

8. Air Zoo – Kalamazoo

Within the Kalamazoo Aviation History museum are the Air Zoo’s indoor amusement park and an aviation museum. The indoor amusement park features flight-themed rides, including U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornets, flight simulators of a rocket trip to Mars, a stunt biplane, Century of Flight Ferris wheel, 3D flight simulators, Flying Circus Bi-Plane Ride, a hot air balloon, the Montgolfier Balloon Race and some exciting games at the mainstay. Visitors can also enjoy the flights in a vintage 4-person bi-plane (operated only during the summer season). It is an ideal enjoyment site for both kids and adults, though kids are more likely to love and get mad in the place seeing amazing creations comprising the meld aircraft history. Once done, visitors often explore the aviation museum, which is home to some rare aircraft, including the SR-71B Blackbird (world’s fastest air-breathing aircraft) and other antique planes and historical aircraft.
Famous Amusement Park in Michigan-Air Zoo – KalamazooImage Source

9. Craig’s Cruisers- Wyoming

One of the largest amusement parks and family fun centre in entire western Michigan is Craig’s Cruisers and its communities. The Craig’s Cruisers in the Wyoming city has all: games, rides, dining and drinking spaces offering endless fun. The Craig’s Cruisers comprises go-karts (both indoor and outdoor), a mini-golf ground, a ninja course, compact spinning coaster, a ropes course, frog hopper ride, a mini roller coaster, wall climbing, a trampoline park, arcade games, laser tag, and a ropes course. Other than go-karts, the outdoors attractions here offer bumper boats and zip lines and 2 mini-golf courses. The site is ideal for both kids and adults and has dedicated rides depending upon the age and comfort/ adventure levels. For refreshments after fun activities, Craig’s Cruisers in Wyoming runs a Pizza buffet that is worth a try.

These were some of the must-visit amusement parks in Michigan. However, apart from the ones as mentioned above, you can also consider visiting a 60,000 square-foot park (with the State’s tallest indoor waterslide) at the Double JJ Resort, Rothbury. Further, some other worthy options include Frankenmuth’s Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark (comprising two joined waterparks, half of which has warm water), the Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park, Mackinaw City or a kids-oriented location, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Auburn Hills.

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