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Seven Springs Mountain Resort - Ski resort to visit when in Pennsylvania

List of 9 Ski-Resorts To Visit When In Pennsylvania (2023)

Pennsylvania is home to over 25 ski resorts, each one of them better than the other. The Keystone State is also ranked in one of the top marks when it comes to ski resorts in the United States. Most of the Pennsylvanian ski resorts are in the eastern part of the State within the Poconos Mountain range and one of the largest Ski resorts, i.e., the Blue Mountain Resort, attracts most of the crowd. Its popularity can be marked with the 1,087 feet vertical drop, which is the highest in the State.

The mountain region and blessed winters make Pennsylvania a great state for a snow adventure; however, it has yet not gotten its fair share of recognition amongst the other part of the U.S. Locals and visitors from the nearby states often begin to plan their winter break in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

List of 9 Ski-resorts to visit when in Pennsylvania

If you too are thinking about the same, then this article will help you with choosing the best.

1. Seven Springs Mountain Resort

The largest ski resort in Pennsylvania and possibly with the highest elevation (3001 feet) as well, the Seven Springs Mountain Resort boasts its season from Thanksgiving to the mid of April. It features the highest vertical drop of 750 feet and is home to nearly 40 trails, of which 35% are for Beginner, 40% are for Intermediates, 15% are for Advanced skiers, and 10% are for Experts. Average snowfall here goes up to 135 inches, and with that, no artificial snowmaking is ever required throughout the season. It is also home to a high-rise ten-story hotel that can host up to 5000 guests for one night. Visitors can choose their accommodations from condominiums, townhomes, cottages, and chalets. Seven Springs Mountain Resort - Ski resort to visit when in PennsylvaniaImage Source:

2. Jack Frost Ski Resort

Jack Frost is a Pocono Mountain’s Ski Resort which includes Big Boulder Mountain and Jack Frost Mountain, which both can be accessed within the same booking. Its summit elevates up to 2000 feet, whereas it offers a vertical drop of 600 feet (base elevation 1,400 feet). The Ski resort has about 20 trails, 8 for advanced, 6 for intermediates, and 4 for beginners, all of them served by 12 lifts. It offers year-round services, including summer recreations and winter adventures depending upon the season. The Big Boulder Mountain has lesser and easier terrain than Jack Frost; however, its summit is comparatively higher. Visitors can explore both the mountains via lift-served tubing and choose to stay back at townhomes, single homes, and private condos.

3. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is located in eastern Pennsylvania next to the Delaware River within the Pocono Mountain range. Its summit elevates to 1,350 feet, and it offers a vertical drop of 700 feet. The resort is spread over 125 acres of the skiable area featuring 23 trails, two terrain parks, tomahawk Express high-speed quad lift, snow tubing park, and 9 lifts. The longest trail here is 5,100 feet long, with steep falls offering the ultimate adventure. The entire resort can host 12,600 skiers every single hour with ideal settings and training for all comfort levels and age groups. Night skiing and snow tubing are the most popular activities here. Season at the Shawnee Mountain beings from late November and goes until March.

4. Laurel Mountain Ski Resort

One of the most popular ski resorts in Pennsylvania, the Laurel Mountain Ski Resort, can be reached in Westmoreland County. It is known for its storied history and distinctive features; however, that isn’t alone. The Laurel Mountain Ski Resort has vertical drops of nearly 800 feet, along with one of the steepest with averages near 60% grade and 72% at its steepest point. Another impressive fact is that the slopes here were originally designed by Johann “Hannes” Schneider, who was the inventor of the Arlberg technique. Most of the setting here is original and dates back even older than WWII, apart from some required changes and up-gradation. Even though the resort is small than several standard ski areas in the State, but they still know how to make most of the size and make one’s experience worthwhile.

5. Whitetail Resort

The best ski resort in Southern Pennsylvania, the Whitetail Resort hosts adventure hearts all throughout the year. It is located on the Two Top Mountain and is designed specifically to serve skiers of different skiing abilities separately. All the skiing trails are lined adjacent, in sequence connecting to one another across the mountain. For all easy, intermediate, and advanced trails, there are separate lift systems ensuring ultimate services. The Whitetail resort is also home to three terrain parks, Half Pipe, Jib Junction, and Park Place 101. The ski season here starts from December to the mid of March, and during the rest of the year, the resort offers world-class golfing and fly-fishing opportunities. The Winter limelight here includes night skiing and the 4,900 feet long run (longest).

6. Camelback Mountain Resort

Noted as the most popular ski resort in Pennsylvania, the Camelback Mountain Resort has something for everyone, all throughout the year. Settings here are challenging, though not intimidating; thus, no matter what age or skill level you are off, you would enjoy your heart out at the Camelback Mountain. The skiable area here is spread over 166 acres featuring 35 trails (all marked with their difficult levels) and 15 lifts. Summit here rises 2,133 feet, and there is 100 percent snowmaking across every inch of the resort. Every single trail here is lighted during the night hour, which makes the view plus experience glorified once the sun sets down. During the off-season, visitors can still do a lot of physical fun by either visiting their indoor waterpark or trying the mountain adventures, including 4,000 feet ZipFlyer, 1,000 feet of the zipline, 4500′ Mountain Coaster, Disc Golf, Mountain Segways, Freefall Airbag Jump, EuroBungee. For seasonal fun, make sure you check the schedules beforehand.

7. Elk Mountain Ski Resort

The Elk Mountain Ski Resort is noted as one of the oldest commercial ski zones in Pennsylvania, started in the year 1959. It is located at the summit of North Knob at the Endless Mountain range and can be classified as one of the top-rated ski resorts in Pennsylvania. It features 925 feet of vertical challenge, 27 trails, of which 11 are marked as extreme, 12 as intermediate, and 6 as easy. Most of the trails here are kept well-groomed all the time though some of the challenging ones amongst them allow the skiers to add some elements of added adventure. The Elk Mountain Ski Resort consists of 180 acres of skiable terrain along with a ski school center, restaurant, rentals, day lodge, and guest services. If you happen to visit here in the group, you can also ask for their special discount and free vouchers.

8. Blue Mountain Ski Resort

The Blue Mountain Ski Resort is by far the most visited ski resort in Pennsylvania, all thanks to a vertical drop of 1,087 feet, the highest in the State. Its summit further elevates at 1,407 feet, and one can reach there by a six-person lift, three double chairs, or a high-speed quad. The resort is home to over 30 skiable trails, of which 15 are marked easy, 5 as difficult, 11 as most difficult, and 4 as extremely difficult. It 164 acres of the skiable area also features 5 terrain parks and can host 13,500 skiers in an hour. The longest run here is 6,400, which is probably the highest in the State. Blue Mountain Ski Resort is only within a quick day trip from Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Wilmington, Carbon County, Schuylkill County, Hazleton city, and New York City, and thus it is never off the crowd.

9. Roundtop Mountain Resort

The Roundtop Mountain Resort is located in Lewisberry and is notedly one of the best ski resorts for beginners in Pennsylvania. Skiing season here begins from mid or late November and goes until March, whereas the rest of the month’s visitors can indulge in paintball games, rope courses, zipline, and downhill Zorbing. It features 20 skiable trails, of which 4 are marked as easy, 5 as more difficult, 7 as most difficult, 2 as extremely difficult, and 2 are the terrain parks. The highest vertical drop here is nearly 600 feet which makes it ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers alike. The resort is known the best for introducing and retaining new skiers, and thus, if you haven’t tried snow skiing ever before, then this can be your ultimate learning stop.

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