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10 Most Beautiful Pennsylvania Small Towns That You Just Can't Miss

10 Most Beautiful Pennsylvania Small Towns That You Just Can’t Miss (2023)

The State of Pennsylvania is so much more than its huge metropolitan cities, and the small towns here are surely a treat. Pennsylvania is divided into 11 beautiful regions and over 2000 small towns that altogether influence a vast history, incredible nature, and splendid human-made wonders. Its rich selection of big metropolitan cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown are always talked and wrote about, and it often overshadows the charm of Pennsylvanian small towns. However, this won’t be the case anymore as we have chosen some of the must-visit small towns of the State for you to explore next.

Whether you want to sink deep into Pennsylvanian history, unwind in its nature or blend with the culture and traditions, it is the small-town locations that will take you close to all the experiences. Also, while you seek to visit a new place and spend some time like locals, there’s nothing better than going through the paved streets, eating their local delicacies, and learning their art.

10 Most Beautiful Pennsylvania Small Towns That You Just Can’t Miss

To know what all can you do and where can you visit in Pennsylvania, have a look down below:

1. Johnstown

Johnstown in PennsylvaniaImage Source
Johnstown is a beautiful and quaint small town known for its history, bursting of a dam tragedy in 1889 and the brightest autumn. Though America cannot forget how the sudden bursting of the dam killed thousands of Johnstown residents, this isn’t alone the town must be known for. Johnstown lies somewhere between Stoney creek River and Little Conemaugh in the Allegheny region, and this setting makes it rich in natural sites. The town is also known for its art and events, and catching such celebrations here is definitely a treat.

Top-Rated Attractions of Johnstown in Pennsylvania:

  • Johnstown Flood Museum & Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.
  • Johnstown Symphony Orchestra & Flood City Music Festival.
  • Johnstown Inclined Plane & Cambria County War Memorial Arena.

2. Gettysburg

Gettysburg, though it isn’t a metropolitan, the famous Civil War battle gave it the fair share of recognition and remembrance for centuries, and today it is counted amongst one of the popular cities in Pennsylvania. Being in the city feels like stepping back into the time and visualizing how it has been in the times of war, and believe us, every little place you will stop here will remind you of a story of those times. However, the attractions here aren’t only with the purpose of reminding war but also entertaining the guest with utmost flavors. No matter you are here with your family, kids, or alone, tourism in Gettysburg is for everyone.

Top-Rated Attractions in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

  • Gettysburg National Military Park & Soldiers’ National Cemetery.
  • Eisenhower National Historic Site & Sachs Covered Bridge.
  • Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment & Little Round Top

3. Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe is one of the prettiest small towns in Pennsylvania, known for the mountain backdrops, outdoor recreation, accent history, and beautiful scenery. Most of the town is soaked in Victorian architecture, and thus, taking a stroll here at the streets brings one experience of its own. The town is named after the first Native American Gold Medallist, Jim Thorpe, and visitors often compare the natural settings here with Switzerland. Shopping and cultural scenes in this town are at their best, and visitors often can’t stop themselves from spending at those exquisite boutiques.

Top Attractions To Visit In Jim Thorpe:

  • Old Mauch Chunk Historic District & Asa Packer Mansion Museum.
  • Lehigh River trails & Harry Packer Mansion.
  • Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary & Mauch Chunk Museum.

4. Lawrenceville

One of the smallest towns in Pennsylvania, the town of Lawrenceville is only 2.5-square miles; however, it is one of the largest neighborhood areas in Pittsburgh. The town is known for the riverfront, and most of the visitors travel here in search of peace and tranquillity. Knowing the size, the city, of course, does not have many tourist attractions, but the locals of Pittsburgh consider it as a quick daytime getaway location.

Top Attractions To Visit In Lawrenceville:

  • Doughboy Statue & Stephen Foster House.
  • The Vandal, Poulet Bleu, Oishii Donburi, and Dijlah restaurants.
  • Roberto Clemente Museum & Arsenal Park.

5. New Hope

One of the most beautiful and charming towns of Pennsylvania, New Hope is all about outdoor recreation and an unforgettable experience. This small town can offer you dishes like never before, and if you are into Italian cuisine, you are surely going to love the dining experience here. New Hope is also home to over 200 thriving art and craft galleries exhibiting work from both local and national artists. Further, its proximity to the Delaware River offers endless fun and excitement in the form of canoeing, kayaking, fishing, tubing, and rafting.

Top Attractions To Visit In New Hope, Pennsylvania:

  • New Hope Railroad & Bucks County Playhouse.
  • The Buck’s County Children’s Museum & Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve.
  • Bishop Estate Vineyards and Winery, Crossing Vineyards & Delaware Canal.

6. Strasburg

A small town is known for its beautiful heritage, Strasburg is a hub for history and nature lovers. Being here, one cannot simply miss the best Pennsylvanian ice-creams at the Strasburg Creamery. The town was also an important stagecoach in the 17th and 18th centuries, and thus rail experiences here are top-notch, either it is in the form of a real-time station or museums. Farms and farmlands are other great places you can explore in Strasburg, and while you are up for it, you can stop at several roadside stalls to enjoy locally grown, including whoopie pies and root beer.

Top Attractions To Visit In Strasburg, Pennsylvania:

  • Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania & National Toy Train Museum.
  • The Amish Village & Ed’s Buggy Rides.
  • Miniature horse ride & Cherry Crest Adventure Farm tours.

7. Lancaster

Pennsylvania’s own Dutch country, Lancaster, is indeed a delight to explore. The history of this small town in Pennsylvania goes back to Dutch, German and English influences though today, what charms high are the Amish and Mennonite communities here. From old-fashioned village life to rolling farmlands, boutiques, shopping malls, and outdoor recreation, there is never a sort of fun and excitement when you are in Lancaster. Lancaster is also one of the United States’ oldest inland towns, and this being here is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Top Attractions To Visit In Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

  • Dutch Wonderland & Turkey Hill Experience.
  • Choo Choo Barn & Lancaster Central Market.
  • Long’s Park & Field of Screams.

8. Doylestown

Another old town in Pennsylvania, the Doylestown, dates back its history to the mid-1700s. Tourism here boosts forever, comprising all the seasons, though thanks to snowfall, winter definitely offers a notch higher fun. No matter you are here with friends, family, or little kids, the town has good enough attractions to entertain them all. The town is rich in museums, and you can explore a lot of them from historic to architectural, Pottery and art. Apart from the permanent attractions, Doylestown also hosts numerous cultural/ art activities and events throughout the year.

Top Attractions To Visit In Doylestown, Pennsylvania:

  • Mercer Museum, Kids Castle & Fonthill Castle.
  • Moravian Pottery and Tile Works & Pearl S. Buck House.
  • Michener Art Museum & Central Park.

9. Bloomsburg

Bloomsburg is a town full of beautiful historic buildings, interesting museums, boutique shops, upscale restaurants, and a perfect stop for antique enthusiasts. Travelers who are into collecting souvenirs and decors then must visit Bloomsburg once in their lives and believe the city will call you again and again thereafter. Tourism is one of the main sources of economy in the town and the season here flourishes all through the year. If you are in search of some outdoor peace in the city, visit the 43 acres 43-acre and have your own relaxing hours amidst nature.

Top Attractions To Visit In Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania:

  • Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble & Columbia County Historical Society.
  • Bill’s Old Bike Barn, the Blind Pig Kitchen & Turkey Hill Brewing Co.
  • Ward’s Antiques, Hoffman’s Antiques, & McCarty’s Tattered and Torn.

10. Lititz

Even if you haven’t visited Lititz yet, you might surely have had some of America’s best treats that have been produced here. Lititz is a small town and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pennsylvania. It is known for its museums, bakeries, restaurant, and especially the Lancaster County Food Tours. The town dates back its history to the early days of the 1700s, and thus the essence of history can be found here in one of the best manners. However, Lititz is mainly visited by food enthusiasts and travellers who explore the local delicacies. Hence if you are also one amongst them, you cannot simply miss being here at Lititz.

Top Attractions To Visit In Lititz, Pennsylvania:

  • Lititz Springs Park & Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery (United States’ first commercial pretzel bakery).
  • Wilbur Chocolate Factory, Brickerville House Family Restaurant & Wolf Sanctuary.
  • Lititz Historical Foundation, Lititz Moravian Church, & Kissel Hill Fruit Farm Orchard and Market.

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