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Raymondskill Falls - Visit The Best Waterfall in Pennsylvania

Visit The 12 Best Waterfalls in Pennsylvania (2024)

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of waterfalls, some well-known whereas some marked as hidden gems. From few giants (about 150 feet) to a wide variety of small ones (barely some feet), every single view of waterfalls in the state of Pennsylvania is worth capturing. Though most of the Pennsylvanian waterfalls can be found in the north-eastern and south-western parts of the state but if you are by chance at regions apart from this, there still would be enough options available.

For a sense of restrained power or grabbing a feeling of serenity, there’s nothing better than spending some time in the peaceful forested environment near the Pennsylvanian waterfalls. Seeking waterfalls has never had a bad timing, but if you want to watch them in their full bloom, then monsoon is undoubtedly the best season. Here are some of the choicest options that will lead you towards the glorious waterfalls in Pennsylvania.

Visit The 12 Best Waterfalls in Pennsylvania

Have a look at our Ultimate Guide to the 12 best Pennsylvania waterfalls:

1. Raymondskill Falls

Pennsylvania’s tallest waterfall, the Raymondskill Falls, is absolutely a must-see. It is roughly 150 feet tall though due to the three cascades, it doesn’t look that giant from the front. Hiking towards the fall is fairly easy, and all you have to cover is nearly half a mile steep and uneven trail. The trailhead begins from the Cliff Park area, and one has found the way on their own. There’s isn’t any marked path, but you can find a lot of waterfall seekers on the way. Reaching there, you will find two platforms of which the lower one offers a beautiful view of the entire Raymondskill fall, whereas the upper one offers views of the pool. Swimming here is not allowed. Raymondskill Falls - Visit The Best Waterfall in PennsylvaniaImage Source:

2. Dingmans Falls

The second tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, the Dingmans Falls, has a drop of nearly 129.9 feet. It can be reached in the Delaware township and can be accessed from the Dingmans Falls Visitor Center. Like Raymondskill Falls, Dingmans also is not accessible for swimming though enjoying the views and pleasant sound of the fall in itself is an incredible experience. The trail towards the fall is heavily trafficked out and suitable for hikers of all skills and comfort levels. It is roughly a 1.4 miles hike though if you want to reach the top of the fall, you would have to climb a steep staircase of 240 steps. Even though the staircases aren’t really difficult to climb, but visitors with a medical condition should refrain themselves from doing so.

Best Waterfalls in Pennsylvania - Dingmans Falls

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3. Dry Run Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pennsylvania, the Dry run fall seems extraordinary during and after rainfall and during the snow melting season. It is located inside the Loyalsock State Forest in Sullivan County, and unlike its name, you will always find a lush flow of water all over the edges. Dry Run is no more than 20 feet tall, but when the two streams of falling water come down at a sharp angle to each other, the view is absolutely heavenly. It is an ideal waterfall for those who cannot hike, as you can have a view even from the road and the parking lot. Walk towards the waterfall from the parking lot is not more than 50 feet. Just mark your steps near the edge as rocks here are extremely slippery and can prove dangerous.

4. Angel Falls

Loyalsock State Forest is home to several beautiful waterfalls, and the Angel fall is one amongst them. It is a seasonal waterfall featuring 70 feet high drops though it can be watched only during spring thaw or during and after heavy rainfall. There are a few trails that lead the way towards the fall though the Loyalsock Trail is marked as one of the most ideal and sort-out trails to hike. You can access it from the parking area on Brunnerdale Road and then cover the 3 miles (out and back) moderate hiking experience. Or if you are up for a bit off-trail hiking, then park at a clearing along a bend in Ogdonia Road, cross the road, walk down towards the Ogdonia Creek and then make your way to the opposite bank. However, this way is unsafe at times of high-water flow.

5. Buttermilk Falls

One of the most scenic waterfalls in Pennsylvania, the Buttermilk Falls, can be reached in Indiana County. The waterfall is within a short escape off of Route 22, and the hike towards the stop is marked as easy. There are at least 10 other waterfalls with the same name in Pennsylvania; thus, do not confuse this 46-feet with others. This region is recognized as home to Homewood Sandstone and is also one of the most talked-about areas in the county. Though like various other Pennsylvanian waterfalls, it too isn’t accessible for swimming, but the views of woodland around is pleasing enough to make one’s day. You can, though, access the restroom, small picnic pavilion, parking area nearby.

6. Cucumber Falls

One of the most photogenic and photographed waterfalls in Western Pennsylvania, the Cucumber Falls is something you cannot miss. It is located somewhere inside the Ohiopyle State Park and is marked as the hidden gem of Fayette County. Cucumber falls cascade over a 30-foot drop and is at their best during and after the rainy season. Even though reaching here is quite easy and less time taking, but if you are here amidst the rainfall, the task can become strenuous; thus, make sure you mark every single step of yours to stay safe. If you don’t mind traversing some rocky pathways, consider climbing behind the fall as the view from here is next-level gorgeous.

7. Mill Creek Falls

The Loyalsock State Forest is full of scenic waterfalls, but the most beautiful amongst them has to be the Mill Creek Falls. (Do not confuse it with the one in York County). The Mill Creek Falls has a drop of not more than 10 to 12 feet, but its lush flow and picturesque settings make it glorious indeed. Noted as a hidden gem of the region, it is an ideal spot if you are looking for a lesser-explored and tranquil setting. Even though reaching towards the fall is fairly easy, but the secluded forested settings can become challenging for some visitors. For the best views of Mill Creek Falls, do stop at the top and if you are looking to take a dip in the pool below, consider climbing down. The beautiful and secluded surroundings make the trip here worth it.

8. Nay Aug Falls

If you are planning for a day to swim and dip, then make sure you add Nay Aug Falls in your itinerary. It is located southeast of downtown Scranton in Nay Aug Park, cascading approximately 20 feet drop. The fall flows into a deep rock chasm that looks magnificent if viewed from the top. Though reaching to the top is easy, but the uneven terrain can make it challenging to grab the overlook. Visitors often choose it for swimming and cliff jumping through mark it beforehand that it can become a little risky at times. The pool underneath is small though very deep thus, do not take a dip unless you are really good at swimming. It is also one of the famous winter spots amongst the locals.

9. Quakertown Falls

Quakertown Falls is the westernmost waterfall in Pennsylvania and is quite close to the Ohio border (less than a mile). It is roughly 40 feet tall and falls in two drops, and it won’t be wrong if we mark it as the most scenic waterfall on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Quakertown is one of the largest waterfalls in the region, and regardless of rainfall, it is always with a lush flow. To begin with, reach U.S. Route 224, park at the wide boulder on the north side of the highway, and take any of the routes that lead towards the fall. An easy hike over the short and steep trail will end you at the base of the waterfall. Even though the fall is only 100 yards from the road, its forested location makes it impossible to spot from the road.

10. Ganoga Falls

Ganoga Falls are amongst the top five tallest waterfalls in Pennsylvania, and if you are a waterfall enthusiast, you cannot simply miss it. Ganoga drops 89 feet in two distinct steps, where the first down a stairstep ledge for 48 feet and the second dropping 41 feet in a lush and loaded form. It is also marked as the tallest waterfall of Ricketts Glen State Park and is known to attract a good crowd all through the year. Even though the fall flows all throughout the year, its glory can be seen at best during or after heavy rainfall. Though note it that the trails leading towards the fall are quite slippery and steep; thus, make sure you wear shoes with a good sole.

11. Fulmer Falls, Factory Falls, & Dear Leap Falls

Fulmer Falls, Factory falls, and Deer Leap Falls are the three beautiful waterfalls located in George W. Childs Park. All of the three stays lush all throughout the year, offering a beautiful and peaceful view to the visitors. Fulmer fall is the tallest of all, nearly 56 feet high, and is known for its unique falling feature. The water here flows into a semi-circular basin of rock and then further makes its way downstream. Though it can only be viewed from a distance as getting towards the base is prohibited.

Further, the Dear Leap Falls can be viewed from the bridge over the top of the falls, and believe us; this overlook is majestic. Walking across the bridge allows the visitors to grab an all-angle view of the fall. Further Factory fall is more like a laid downfall that drops twice and makes a 90 degree turn with the creek. The right alignment to cover all of the three is as follows: Factory fall, then Fulmer Fall, and then the Dear Leap Fall.

12. Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls are counted amongst the most scenic waterfalls to explore in Pennsylvania. Also known as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania, Bushkill has eight privately owned waterfalls naming Bushkill Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, Laurel Glen Falls, Pennell Falls. Where five of them are named and famous, the remaining three are still unnamed though they can be explored on the way. Bushkill is popular amongst hikers, fishing enthusiasts, and bird watchers, as well as those who enjoy the company of nature. Every single direction you will move here will bring you a new, improved, and mesmerizing view of nature, and when it is backed by the beautiful sound of waterfalls nearby, the experience becomes wonderful in all senses.

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