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Learn About Wisconsin's Famous Dairy Business

6 Most Popular and Unique Things To Do In Wisconsin (2022)

Wisconsin, a tourism state on every Midwestern’s bucket list, has so much to experience. It has the history of immigration, and thus cultures here come distinctively yet beautifully together. While it is popular for its warm summer, winters here are beautiful too. Even though it has been a bit off from tourism radar, it never means a trip to Wisconsin will disappoint you. The Badger state has so much to do, from small-town outdoor recreation to the cosmopolitan and metropolitan flair, here you will never ever fall short of options.

Once you are done with exploring the top-rated attractions in Wisconsin, a time comes to indulge in some unique things. It may be going for a myriad of outdoor activities, stepping inside age-old caves, or walking over an ice lake; options are truly quirky. Or maybe someday you can go on experiencing Wisconsin’s most usual dairy and beer. No matter whatever interests you, one thing is guaranteed, and that is entertainment.

6 Most Popular and Unique Things To Do In Wisconsin

So, the next time you are in the State, try doing these popular and unique things in Wisconsin.

1. Learn About Wisconsin’s Famous Dairy Business

Wisconsin’s dairy is so grand that it needs no introduction. The State of Wisconsin is popular for its cows and dairy, and perhaps that is why cheese and ice cream are in abundance here. Both cheese and ice cream are an integral part of Wisconsin’s culture. The cheese produced here has received many international awards and is undoubtedly to die for. And the best part is, out of multiple cheese varieties, there won’t be one that will fail to impress your tastebuds.

Dairy in Wisconsin isn’t just about food, but it has a great cultural impact as well. Throughout the year, the State hosts a number of dairy festivals, celebrating its title of being “America’s Dairyland.” It has now been over half a century since Wisconsin is celebrating the World Dairy Expo, an event all about dairy products. Some more notable dairy events include the Ice Cream Sundae Thursday, Cheese Curd festival, Great Wisconsin cheese festival, and Beer, Bacon & Cheese.

2. Observe Wisconsin’s Lumber Wonder From Close

Wisconsinites have a special place for Lumber and Lumberjacks in their heart, and why not? It’s totally deserving. A great number of Wisconsin’s economy is impacted by wood, and thus the State celebrates this commodity grandly. While most of the State’s region encourages regular transportation, Northwoods especially is living with lumber trucks. For anyone who has even a slight bit of interest in the same can visit multiple wood pulp and paper factories in the State. Or, if interested in seeing the larger-than-life wooden replicas, stop at the Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty, a lumberjack restaurant.

Wisconsin also hosts several lumber festivals throughout the year. Some of the top-rated amongst them include the Lumberjack World Championships, the Fred Scheers Lumberjack Show, Klondike Days, and Little Bull Falls LogJam. The idea, though, sounds completely quirky and weird, but it is definitely worth it for a like-mind.

3. Plan a Brewery Vacation in Wisconsin

For fans of good craft beers, Wisconsin can make for a delicious vacation. The brewing business has found a home in Wisconsin for years. Following the legacy, the State today has industry giants to homebrewers, multiple groups dealing in beer varietals. Beers in Wisconsin has stood for the test of time and has successfully become an important cultural and economic touchstone. A few of the beer mugs you sip on are maybe one of the rarest that only Wisconsin produce and sell. You can either visit one of the local breweries or attend a beer event; Wisconsin will present its best at every front.

Here’s the list of some great Wisconsin beer festivals of all time. It includes Thirsty Troll brew fest, Craftoberfest, Beer tasting bonanza, and the Great Lakes brew fest.

Though in case you miss the festivities, breweries in Wisconsin offer permanent options. Some famous of them include the Badger state brewing company and the Northwoods brewpub.

4. When in Wisconsin, Attend Powwows

A powwow is a public event that gathers North American indigenous communities and celebrates the time together. The event focuses primarily on Native Americans though anyone can be a part of it. The entire west celebrates it, and Wisconsin is no exception. Throughout the year, state-wide, Wisconsin hosts the best Powwow events. Not once or twice, but the event appears multiple times a year in different cities covering each corner. Though no matter which part, it brings together pageantry, food, and art along with assured entertainment.

One of the outstanding attributes of Powwow is regalia. Regalia is a native American dress and not just a costume. Every single dress you see on a dancer’s body considers spiritual articles and is entirely handmade. Generations may have passed down these dresses. Even for touching regalia, one has to ask the dancer for permission. When attending one such event, do try the food items there, especially the doughy fry bread and Native American tacos.

5. Visit the Bookworm Gardens

Located in Sheboygan, the Bookworm Gardens is a wonder of Wisconsin. What makes the garden unique is its “concept” This vibrant and engaging destination is dedicatedly designed for children while it welcomes families as well. The entire space is spread over multiple acres exhibiting literature-inspired fun. There are over 60 dedicated zones referring to over 60 famous kids’ books. Each zone is wonderfully presented with a colorful, meaningful, educating, and engaging display. Your kid will go nuts seeing such a pleasant book illustration in real life.

The Bookworm Gardens is a seasonal garden that operates throughout the summer. It is even less than an hour’s drive from Milwaukee and offers whimsical fun for kids of all age groups. Apart from the literature dedicated area, there are gardens, a Magic School Bus picnic area, a treehouse, and miniature homes. When here, one thing is assured, you and your kids will stay entertained for hours.

6. Spend a Day at The Farm in Door County

Also known as the living museum of rural America, the Farm is a must-visit. With family, visiting here is surely one of the best things to do when in Wisconsin. The Farm has been here for 6 decades, engaging visitors in a pleasant form. A day here will educate you on how farmers do their job and what farm life is all about. From crops to livestock and every aspect of farming is well explained here. The region has dedicated animal areas, a barn and granary, a garden, a stable, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

When here, one can have an up-close and personal experience with animals. Pat or feed the animals and go back to purchase their produce. Though not adults but only kids can feed animals. However, whatever the conditions are, being in this magical village setting is definitely worthwhile.

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