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Dibrugarh Tourism - Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary place to visit in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh Tourism : History, Climate, Top 4 Sightseeing Places in Dibrugarh, FAQs (2024)

Being the largest city of Assam, Dibrugarh is still a lot underrated. Located at a distance of about 439 km from Guwahati, Dibrugarh is considered as one emerging communication as well as industrial hub of the North East India. Deriving its name from the word ‘Dibrumukha’, this city is also one of the two main cities in Assam state to receive urban development aid from the Asian development banks. Owing to its natural beauty, rapid development and being the nerve centre of communication as well as healthcare of the upper Assam region, gradually the city has become a popular vacation destination for business as well as leisure trips for travellers from all over India. Are you also planning your vacation and are still searching for a good vacation destination in North East India? If yes, then you have stumbled across just the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Dibrugarh before visiting it, including its history, climate and even top places to visit in Dibrugarh. Continue reading to know more!

History of Dibrugarh

Located on the banks of the beautiful river Dibru which is a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra, Dibrugarh is credited to be the largest tea producer in the entire country of India. Accountable for producing approximately 50% of the Assam tea crop in India, Dibrugarh has rightfully earned the right to be called the ‘Tea City of India’. The other two big industries in and around Dibrugarh which bring the area fame and popularity are oil and timber. It is believed that until 1523 AD, the city served as a part of the Chutia kingdom. Later it was annexed by the Ahom kingdom due to the weak rule of the Chutia king, Nitipal. Under the Ahom rule, the place was known by the name of Ti – Phao in Ahom Buranji. Rich in natural reserves, tradition, culture, sprawling tea gardens, adventure, gurgling rivers and natural beauty, Dibrugarh is nothing short of a paradise for travellers.

Climate of Dibrugarh

Located in the North East Corner of the state of Assam which is well-known for being the tea state of India, Dibrugarh experiences a humid sub – tropical monsoon type of climate. You can expect the summer season in Dibrugarh to be extremely wet, while the winter season to be relatively too dry. It is a kind of climate that appeals and attracts the wildlife in the right way. Flooded with lush green pastures and adventurous dense forests, in Dibrugarh you will get a golden chance to witness the true romance between culture and wildlife. Unless you wish to miss out on a splendid experience, this chilling small town should be a must-visit place in your itinerary. Once you actually visit the city of Dibrugarh, you will undoubtedly feel the place to have come out alive from your deepest fantasies and childhood fairy tales.

Top 4 Sightseeing Places in Dibrugarh

No matter what kind of traveller you are, the city of Dibrugarh has something or the other that catches the attention of almost every type of person. If you actually wish to know about the true culture and traditions of the state of Assam, exploring Dibrugarh is a great idea. Some of the top tourist places to visit in Dibrugarh are as follows:

1. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

Boasting of being the only rainforest in the state of Assam, it is often referred to as the ‘Amazon of the East’. Sprawling over an area of more than 111.19 square km, Dehing Patkai is located partly in Dibrugarh and partly in Tinsukia district. The whole area is divided into three parts- Dirok Rainforest, Upper Dihing river and Jepore. There are two elephant reserves too that fall under it. This four – layered rainforest is a home to a vast variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, you will also be surprised to know that it houses more than 293 different bird species, 30 butterfly species, 47 reptile species and about 47 mammals. Some of the wildlife species that you can easily come face to face here include, Asiatic elephant, black bear, pig tailed macaque, capped langur, black panther, hoolock gibbon, etc. Dibrugarh Tourism - Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary place to visit in Dibrugarh

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Best Time To Visit: For the best experience in sightseeing and exploration it is recommended to visit the place in between the months of September and March. However, if you come in the month of February, then you can even get the chance to attend the popular Dehing – Patkai festival.

Things You Can Do: Nature walks, admire flora, explore wildlife species, photography

Distance from Dibrugarh, Assam: about 63 km away

How to Reach: You can easily reach the place via roadways from the neighbouring cities and towns. The best way is to rent a taxi or go by personal vehicle.

2. Namphake Village

 Located at a distance of just 56 km from the Dibrugarh city, Namphake village is one of the must visit tourist places in Dibrugarh. Nestled amidst abundant natural beauty, just next to the beautiful river Birhi Dihing, you will be able to feel the peace and calm aura of the place as soon as you set your first foot here. The beautiful Buddhist monastery which is considered as a meditation centre is a major highlight of this small village. The Ashokan Pillar as well as the Buddhist Pagoda are the two significant spots located in this monastery. There is even a statue of Lord Buddha located in the main temple. The exceptional fact of this statue is that it is made up of gold.

Top Sightseeing Place in Dibrugarh-Namphake Village

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Best Time To Visit: The ideal time to visit this beautiful village in Dibrugarh is in the months from October to March. During this time, you can get to enjoy some festivals too such as Poi Nen Chi festival (March) and Poi Nun Hok. Many traditional dance performances by village women are done during the festivities too.

Things You Can Do: Immerse in spirituality, enjoy the village life, photography, admire natural beauty

Distance from Dibrugarh, Assam: about 56 km away

How to Reach: The nearest main town to Dibrugarh is Naharkatia. You can rent a car or hire a cab from Mohanbari to directly reach the Namphake village.

3. Shri Jagannath Temple

 Located near the Mahatma Gandhi Park at Khanikar, this temple also known by the name of Shrikshetra Dham and is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Dibrugarh. The main reason behind its immense fame is the fact it is an exact replica of the famous Jagannath temple in Puri, Odissa. It is said that this temple was established in about 700 AD by Swargodeo Pramatta. Though it was initially dedicated to Lord Vishnu but later on it came to be known as the Shiva Dol. If you are looking forward to spending some moments of peace in a spiritual atmosphere, then visiting this temple is a perfect idea for you.

Sightseeing Place in Dibrugarh-Shri Jagannath Temple

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Best Time To Visit: This temple is open throughout the year and hence can be visited any time. If you still are looking for the best time to visit, then it would probably be somewhere in the winter season.

Things You Can Do: Pray and seek blessings of the almighty, admire the peaceful surroundings, go sightseeing

Distance from Dibrugarh, Assam: about 6 km away

How to Reach: Since Shri Jagannath temple is not located much far away from the city centre, one can easily reach it by taking any of the local transport options.

4. Naharkatia

If you are a true tea lover and want to know how exactly it is made that you are so addicted to it, then Naharkatia should be one of the top places to visit in Dibrugarh for you. Housing multiple tea gardens and villages, this commercial town of Dibrugarh district is believed to get its name from a historical tragic incident. According to the legend, it is said that Prince Nahar was beheaded here by an Ahom noble named Kalia. Despite the tragic incident behind its name, today the town has emerged as a popular picnic spot in the Dibrugarh district.

Top Sightseeing Place in Dibrugarh-Naharkatia, Tea Gardens

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Best Time To Visit: For the best experience, it is recommended that visitors should plan their trip in the winter season. However, many travellers also prefer visiting the place during the Durga Puja festival.

Things You Can Do: Visit the tea gardens, explore the beautiful villages, photography, go sightseeing, learn about the local traditions
Distance from Dibrugarh, Assam: about 57 km away

How to Reach: The nearest railway station is Naharkatia railway station and there are many private buses available from most of the nearby places including Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Namrup and so on.

Flooded with natural beauty and rich culture, Dibrugarh proves to be an ideal vacation for all those people who wish to take a break from their exhausting everyday life and spend some quality moments in natural serenity.

FAQ’s For Tourists Visiting Dibrugarh in Assam

Q1. What Is Dibrugarh Famous For?

Ans. Dibrugarh is extremely popular for its sightseeing attractions as well as for its tea and oil industries.

Q2. Is There An Airport In Dibrugarh?

Ans. Yes, there is an airport by the same name in Dibrugarh. It is just about 15 km away from the town.

Q3. What Are The Popular Things To Shop In Dibrugarh?

Ans. You can shop handicrafts, pickles, Tea and slippers from the city.

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