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Different Ways to Reach Assam - Dibrugarh Railway station

Different Ways to Reach Assam (2024)

Assam, located on the banks of Brahmaputra River is one of the most beautiful states in Northeast India. It is definitely a place worth visiting for any tourist. Assam has a stunning landscape and you will be absolutely mesmerized by the unbelievable sights and beauty of Assam. As a visitor to Assam, you can spend your time exploring the many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, learning about tea cultivation and different types of tea at any of the sprawling tea gardens, learning about Assam’s archeological history, or seeking divine blessings at its various religious marvels.

Over the years, Assam has evolved as a tourist destination which has resulted in better infrastructure. As a result, it has become easier for tourists and travelers to visit the beautiful state of Assam and explore it thoroughly. Read on to find the different ways in which one can reach Assam.

Different Ways to Reach Assam

Reaching Assam By Air:

The quickest way to reach Assam is undoubtedly via air. The Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport located in Guwahati is the major airport. It is situated just 25 kms away from the main city. You can easily book direct flights to Assam from most of the major cities of India, such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Cochin, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Once you arrive at your destination, you can easily walk up to the booking counters and book a pre-paid taxi to kick start your Assam tour.

One can also travel to international destinations such as Bangkok in Thailand or Paro in Bhutan from Guwahati airport. There are other airports in Assam as well, such as the airport in Dibrugarh which has a number of domestic flights flying to and fro from here. There are airports in Jorhat, Lilabari, Silchar, and Tezpur as well which are used for commercial purposes. These airports are also used by people to commute within various districts of Assam.

Different Ways to Reach Assam-By AirImage Source

Reaching Assam By Rail:

Assam has a good network of railway lines right from the British era when they were used for transporting coal and tea for the tea plantations. With about 259 railway stations, tourists can easily reach Assam from majority of the Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, etc. Tourists can also take advantage of Assam’s extensive rail network to travel within Assam.

Some of the major railway stations in Assam are Guwahati, Tezpur, Silchar, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Nagaon, and Golaghat. Among these, the Guwahati railway station is deemed as the most important one as tourists can travel to a number of other northeastern states from here. Different Ways to Reach Assam - Dibrugarh Railway station Image Source

Reaching Assam By Road:

The last and final way to reach Assam is via the road network. With its connectivity to a number of national highways, you can enjoy a good drive and plan a road trip with your family and friends. It is definitely a fun way to explore Assam and all that it has to offer. If you do not prefer driving on your own, you can also avail the bus service which is run by both government as well as private companies.

The road network is well-connected even to most of the remote areas of Assam, thus, making it easy for tourists to travel within the state.

Different Ways to Reach Assam-By Road
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Though a road journey may take more time than travelling in a train or flight, the view along the route is truly worth the time. However, it is highly recommended to avoid traveling by road during the monsoon season. This is because Assam usually experiences torrential rain which results in floods and landslides. You could be stranded for a really long time if you get caught in a heavy downpour while travelling by road. U

Once you reach Assam, you can easily travel within the state via different modes of transportation such as buses, flights, rail, or taxis. You can choose the best mode of transportation depending upon your destination, travel time, budget, etc.

Now that you know about the different ways to reach Assam, it’s time to start planning your budget and choose the appropriate mode of transportation to tick off Assam from your vacation bucket list!

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