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Brahmaputra River - Top Destination In Assam

5 Top Destinations In Assam (2024)

A part of the iconic seven sisters of North East India, Assam is one of the most spectacular states of the country. Flooded with dense lush green jungles, rich wildlife species, vast paddy fields, beautiful tea gardens and the mighty yet elegant Brahmaputra river, it is really difficult to resist the charms of Assam. If you are looking for the most charming tourist place to visit in Assam, then the state is a home to a plethora of wonderful tourist options. No matter whether you are looking forward to some adventure, quiet time in natural serenity, sightseeing spree, spiritual atmosphere or exploring the rich flora and fauna collection, a vacation to the state of Assam will surely not be a disappointing experience.

Brahmaputra River - Top Destination In Assam

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If you are also planning a vacation here and are still searching for some of the best destinations to visit in Assam, then we are ready to help you. In this article, we have made a list of top destinations to visit in Assam that you should definitely consider adding to your itinerary. Continue reading to know more!

5 Top Destinations In Assam

1. Guwahati

Boasting of being the largest cosmopolitan city in the North East India, Guwahati is one of the top destinations to visit in Assam. You may be surprised to know that during the past times, the city of Guwahati was once named as Pragjyotishpur which literally translates to Light of the East and the city till date stands up to the true meaning of this name. With its wide range of diverse tourist attractions, the city of Guwahati never fails to impress its visitors. With the mighty but elegant river Brahmaputra flowing nearby and the majestic Shillong plateau touching its feet, the city of Guwahati is genuinely blessed with a naturally beautiful location.

In other words, a trip to Guwahati means that you get to witness a large number of naturally beautiful wonders, especially if you move more towards the suburban area of the city. If you are a true nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, then this is a must – visit place for you. Often referred to as the Gateway of North East India, owing to its natural beauty, magical views, plethora of exciting tourist attractions and peaceful aura, the city manages to catch the attention of a large group of travellers from across the country.

Top Destination In Assam-Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Guwahati:
Kaziranga National Park, Bamuni Lake, Umananda Temple, Kamakhya Temple

Guwahati is ideal for: Nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, travellers, photographers, spiritual people

2. Tezpur

 Located in Sonitpur district of the North Eastern state of Assam, Tezpur is a complete fun vacation package. Housing several archaeological sites, boasting of a deep mythological connection and sporting a natural beauty that leaves you speechless, the city of Tezpur appears to come alive straight from the pages of your childhood fairy tale books. Situated right at the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra, this city is one of the top Destinations to visit in Assam. You may hear many people referring to Tezpur as the City of Eternal Romance, as the city narrates the epic love story of Usha (the daughter of King Baana) and Anirudha (the grandson of Lord Krishna). Other than this mythological and romantic connection, the scenic beauty of the city is worth mentioning.

Surrounded by the mighty mountains, the charm of the lush green sprawling tea gardens and the smoothly flowing Brahmaputra river along with the majestic snow – capped Himalayan peaks acting as a stunning background, the site is enough to make anyone fall in love with the place. If you are planning this vacation with your special someone and wish to spend some quality moments in peaceful natural serenity, then Tezpur will prove to be a great destination in Assam for you.

Best Destination In Assam-Bamuni Hills, Tezpur
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Tezpur:
Bamuni Hills, Mahabhairab Temple, Hazara Pukhuri, Cole Park, Anigarh, Bhomoraguri

Tezpur is ideal For: Newlywed couples, nature lovers, peace seekers, history lovers, archaeologists, religious and romantic people

3. Majuli

Does your idea of a perfect vacation destination take you to somewhere by the shores, where you can see the waves crashing and witness magical sunrise and sunset views? If your answer is yes, then Majuli is the perfect destination to visit in Assam for you. Boasting of being the largest riverine island throughout the country of India, this place manages to attract a lot of travellers from all over the country. With a unique combination of history and nature, Majuli is not only a perfect vacation destination but is even considered as one of the more important satras established by Madhav Dev and Sankardeya.

Sprawling over an area of about 452 square km, Majuli island is formed by the mighty, turbulent but beautiful Brahmaputra river. You will be pleased to know that this island also acts as a home to a lot of migratory bird species too. Though there are not many big hotels located here but there is an option for homestays during which you get a chance to take a sneak peak in the daily lifestyle of the local people of Majuli. The common occupation that you will find people living here doing would be fishing, agriculture, boat making, weaving and pottery. It is a beautiful place to be at and explore.

Amazing Destination In Assam-Kamalabari, Majuli
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Majuli:
Kamalabari, Garamur, Auniati, Dakhinpat

Majuli Is Ideal For: Nature lovers, water babies, bird watchers, cultural and historical people

4. Dibrugarh

Are you a true tea lover and are excited to know about how exactly is a thing so addictive made? If your answer is yes, then your trip to Assam will remain incomplete with visiting this top destination in Assam. Dibrugarh is often referred as the Tea city of India. Located in the upper west region of Assam, this city acts as an important tea trading centre. Other than its sprawling beautiful tea gardens, no matter wherever you go in the city, you can find an authentic reflection of Assam hidden everywhere. If you wish to know about the true culture and lifestyle of Assam, then Dibrugarh is a nice place for you to begin with.

Facing the mighty Brahmaputra river, with its scenic panoramic views, naturally pristine beauty and numerous exciting tourist attractions, Dibrugarh never fails to impress its visitors. Those who are looking for adding some thrill and adventure to their vacation would love to know that the city offers many trekking, camping and even mountaineering opportunities. The good news for all the shopaholics is that Dibrugarh is also known as a significant hub of silk garments, so you can obviously fill your bags with it. So, make sure to not miss visiting this amazing place on your Assam vacation.

Attraction Destination In Assam-Sprawling Tea Gardens, Dibrugarh
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Dibrugarh:
Sprawling tea gardens, Dinjoy Satra, Disang river, Barbarua Maidam

Dibrugarh is Ideal For: Tea lovers, nature lovers, adventure junkies, shopaholics

5. Jorhat

Often referred as the cultural capital of Assam, Jorhat is another must – visit tourist destination in Assam. Being the last capital of the great Ahom kingdom, the city of Jorhat boasts of a rich history. One can find the last burial mounds of the Ahom empire hidden in the city. Other than its historical significance, another thing which attracts a huge crowd of tourists to this beautiful city is its multiple lush green tea plantations.

You may not be aware but today, Jorhat is known to house the largest Tea research station in the entire country of India. Once you actually explore the place, you will realise that Jorhat is a home to a vast and diverse people who have different cultures and religious places. However, the good news is that despite the different cultural practices, you can find the people uniting and celebrating a plethora of festivals. People from far and away come here to visit these festivities, thereby making it one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Assam. A haven for tea and history lovers, a trip to Jorhat will be a memorable and fun experience, for sure.

Top-Rated Destination In Assam-Raja Maidam, Jorhat
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Jorhat:
Bangal Phukuri, Bilvesvar Siva Temple, Raja Maidam, Thengal Manor, Maholu Khat

Jorhat is Ideal For: Nature lovers, history lovers, tea lovers, cultural enthusiasts

If you go on a vacation to Assam, then you will not only get to see some beautiful attractions but will also get to know a lot of important information about the true culture and history of this beautiful north eastern state. With its beauty, tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere, the state manages to capture the hearts of each and every visitor that it receives.

FAQ’s For Tourists Visiting Assam

Q1. What Is The Best Time To Visit Assam?

Ans. Even though the place can be visited anytime but for the best experience, it is recommended to visit Assam during the months of November and March.

Q2. Is It Safe To Visit Assam?

Ans. Yes, Assam is a relatively safe place for tourists as well as local people. Hence, you can visit it tension free.

Q3. What All Is Assam Famous For?

Ans. There are a lot of things which make Assam a special place. Some of them being its neatly cut jade green tea gardens, natural beauty, great Indian one – horned rhinoceros, muga silk and the largest riverine island – Majuli island.

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