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Kaziranga National Park - The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer

Visit Assam: Which Places To Visit In Which Season In Assam (2023)

The Northeastern state of Assam is one of the most beautiful states to visit in India. Assam, a part of the Seven Sisters is a paradise for tourists and one can truly create some unforgettable memories here. Before travelling to Assam, it is important to be aware of its various seasons so that you can enjoy Assam at its finest. This Northeastern state mostly experiences a tropical monsoon rainforest climate.

There are three major seasons in Assam – Summer, Winter, and Monsoon. It is highly recommended to avoid visiting Assam during the monsoon season as it receives high rainfall. Because of the insistent rains, it will become difficult for you to enjoy this paradise. Winters and summers are considered to be the perfect seasons to plan your Assam trip.

Read on to find out more about the seasons of Assam, which places to visit in which season in Assam.

Summer Season in Assam & The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer

Summer season in Assam begins from April and lasts until June. The temperature ranges from 32o C to 38o C. This is quite a refreshing time in Assam and one can spend their entire day sightseeing and visiting various tourist attractions. In case you start feeling too hot, you can relax as rain showers will come to your rescue. This season is perfect for visiting the various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Assam. Below is a list of places that should figure in your Assam itinerary if you are planning for a Assam trip during the summer season. Kaziranga National Park - The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer Image Source

  • Wildlife lovers should definitely plan a summer trip to any of the national parks or sanctuaries in Assam such as Kaziranga National Park, Nameri National Park, Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Orang National Park, or Manas National Park.
  • Do not miss out the opportunity to lose yourself in the lush green tea garden in Guwahati.
  • Get your adrenaline rush by indulging in trekking, river rafting, parasailing, cruising, etc.
  • The summer season is also one of the best seasons to capture the stunning beauty of Assam.
  • Other paces worth visiting in the summer season include Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Jatinga, Majuli, Umananda Temple, and Tinsukhia.

If you are planning to visit Assam in April, then you might be in luck as Assamese celebrate the festival of Bihu in April. You can witness the traditional music and dance of Assam, buffalo fights, stunning rangoli competitions, etc. It is truly a great way to soak in the rich tradition of Assam and its people.

The summer season is also ideal if you are planning for a budget travel to Assam as the hotels are quite reasonable during this time. Couple of things to keep in mind include carrying your sunscreens, insect-repellent creams, checking the timings of the national parks and other sightseeing attractions, places where you can take part in the Bihu festival, etc.

Monsoon Season in Assam & The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer

Assam experiences monsoon from July to September and the temperature ranges from 26o C to 32o C. As mentioned earlier, it is better to avoid visiting Assam during its monsoon season. This is because it receives high rainfall, making it difficult to enjoy any of the tourist attractions.

Apart from this, there is also a high risk of getting caught in landslides. However, if you wish to go on a vacation simply to sit and relax, then you might opt to go to Assam during the monsoon season. It is the perfect time for couples to enjoy quality time surrounded by rain-soaked land and misty atmosphere.

Monsoon Season in Assam & The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer-Karam Puja
Image Source
If you are interested in experiencing some traditional events of Assam then you can plan a trio during mid-August. This is when the tribal communities who grow tea celebrate the festival of Bhado Ekadashi wherein they perform Karam Puja. You will witness the traditional song and dance of Assam and you may also have the opportunity to take part in their rich feast.

The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer-River Rafting

Image Source : White Water Magazine

Remember that due to the heavy rainfall, most of the sightseeing places in Assam are closed including national parks. You will also not be able to indulge in any kind of outdoor activities such as trekking, river rafting, parasailing, etc. The only upside of visiting Assam during the monsoon season is that you can get some really amazing discounts on your hotel stay.

So, if you are planning to visit Assam during the monsoon season for a romantic getaway, make sure that you always carry your jackets and umbrella. Also, keep some extra clothes handy in case you get drenched in the heavy rain.

Winter Season in Assam & The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer

Apart from summer, the alternate best season to visit Assam is winters. October to March are the months when Assam experiences winters.

The temperatures range from 8o C to 20o C. People usually prefer visiting Assam during the winters making it a popular tourist season. Though the weather is chilly, you can still have an amazing time exploring all that Assam has to offer. With the warm sun keeping you company, you are definitely in for a treat as you set about visiting the various tourist attractions.

After the long months of heavy downpour, the winter season offers the much-needed respite to visitors who can indulge in various outdoor activities as well. The slightly misty weather makes it perfect for adventure seekers to get their adrenaline rush on. This season is also perfect for honeymooners to enjoy a romantic getaway.

Winter Season in Assam & The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer-Tea Festival
Image Source
One of the best winter months to visit Assam is November when you can take part in the Tea Festival which is organized to celebrate Assam’s tea production. This is a three-day festival which is held in Jorhat – the tea capital of the world. During this festival, tourists can take part in exhibitions which show how different varieties of tea are cultivated. You can also spend time trying out different varieties of tea.

The Best Places to Visit Assam in Summer-Dehing Patkai Festival, Saving Elephants
Image Source
Another great winter month to visit Assam is January when the Dehing Patkai Festival is celebrated. This festival focuses on creating awareness among the tourists about saving elephants, declining forest area, and the resulting impact on Assam’s wildlife. Adventure junkies can also take part in kayaking, parasailing, angling, etc. If adventure is not your cup of tea, then spend time relishing the delicious Assamese cuisine, checking out the various traditional arts on display, experiencing various cultural performances, etc.

Assam is truly a beautiful sight to behold during the winter months which is why it is extremely popular among tourists. This means that if you are planning a trip to Assam anytime between October to March, then you need to plan and book your travel as well as accommodation well in advance. Also, don’t forget to pack your woolens to get through the chilly nights.

Assam is well-connected to all major cities via rail, road, and air. The Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Internation Airport in Guwahati is located just 25 kto tms away from the city. You can also reach Assam via rail services which had direct trains from a number of cities such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Cochin, etc. Assam is also well-connected to a number of national highways which makes travelling in a bus feasible as well as enjoyable.

Assam is a state which has something to offer to everyone – be it adventure activities, exploring scenic beauties, taking divine blessings, or simply putting up your legs and relaxing among lush green tea gardens!

One sure shot way to make your Assam trip memorable is to try and attend any of their festival as their celebrations are full of colors, traditions, and truly a cultural delight for the visitors. Apart from the festivals mentioned earlier, some of the other Assamese festivals that one can experience include Majuli Festival, Magh Bihu, Ambubachi Mela, Ali Ai Ligang, Bihag Bihu, etc.

Now that you have all the information about the various seasons of Assam and a clear idea about when to visit Assam, it’s time to pack your bags and book your tickets to the mystical and majestic land of Assam.

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