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Shadani Darbar - Places to Visit in Arang

Visit Arang: 6 Best Tourist Locations to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh (2024)

Arang is a town of historical importance in the Chattisgarh state. Arang is popular in the region as a temple town, and it has several temples of historical and religious importance for Hindus and Jains. Arang is an ancient town, and experts consider that it finds reference in the Mahabharata as well. If you plan to visit all the tourist locations in Arang, go through this list, so you have an itinerary of all the places that are worth visiting. Some of these places are between Raipur and Arang because these two places are nearby. The nearest airport to Arang is the Raipur airport, which is about 30 km away.

Arang is famous for a clump of temples that are a symbol of ancient architecture and the beauty that has been a part of India’s beauty since time incarnate. Tourists regard this as the temple town. There is some lore behind the name of this place. According to legend, Lord Krishna, disguised as a Brahmin, wanted to test one of his devotees, King Mordhwaj. He ordered him to divide himself into two using a saw and give one part as Dakshina. While the King was undergoing the process, Lord Krishna saw a tear streaming from the King’s eye. When Lord Krishna asked him whether he was regretting the decision, Mordhwaj said that he wasn’t, and he was sad that only one part of his body was going as a Dakshina. Lord Krishna then revealed himself and blessed the king.

Visit Arang: 6 Best Tourist Locations to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh

1. Bhand Deval Temple

The Bhand Deval Temple is popular in the Arang area. It has a unique sculpture design, similar to the ones one would see in the ancient caves. The sculptures are of animals, dancing courtesans, and other beings. While these populate the lower part of the temple structure, the upper part has statues of the Jain Tirthankars. The intricate sculptures are bound to mesmerize anyone viewing them. The temple is in the middle of Arang, so you do not need to travel a lot and make any special arrangements if you are already visiting Arang. The main sanctum sanctorum has idols of the Jain Tirthankaras.

Best Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Bhand Deval Temple

Credit: Neeraj Telang, Bhand Deval Temple Arang Image Source

The Bhand Deval temple, with the Bhag Deval Temple and the Mahamaya Temple, form the triumvirate of the Jain temples in the area.

2. Bhageshwar Nath Temple

The Bhageshwar Nath Temple is another unique temple in the Arang area. The temple is in dedication to Lord Shiva and stands out because of its bright exteriors – yellow. At the entrance, you will see the sculptures of two tigers.
Amazing Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Bhageshwar Nath TempleImage Source

3. Temple of Saint Vallabhacharya

As previously noted, Arang is home to several temples, and the temple of Saint Vallabhacharya is one of them. The temple is in dedication to the MahaprabhuVallabhacharya. The temple surrounds itself with greenery and therefore visiting it, and the surroundings is a visual treat. All around the temple, you will find imagery and sculptures of Jain deities. The sanctum sanctorum has the statue of Saint Vallabhacharya, an important figure in Indian history. The temple is one of the few colorful and vibrant looking structures.
Attraction Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Temple of Saint VallabhacharyaImage Source

4. Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Arang is one of the few places that have an international cricket stadium. If you are a cricket buff, you should visit this place. Every cricket stadium, big and small, have some cricket tourney going on most of the time. You can experience watching a cricket match in a stadium if you are in luck. The Cricket Stadium is a 24-minute drive from Arang railway station.
Top Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket StadiumImage Source

5. Shadani Darbar

Shadani Darbar is a religious place for the people who are of Sindhi origin. The Darbar is home to several statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and others. It is one of the few locations that have a sculpture of Lord Shiva. It is in dedication to Shri Shadaranmji Saheb. Shadani Darbar is about an hour away from the Arang railway station. Popular Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Shadani DarbarImage Source

6. Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir

Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir in Arang has a unique look and feel because of its white texture. Like many other temples, even the Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir has greenery surrounding it. You see some beautiful sculptures on the temple walls and pillars. The Rajiv Lochan Mandir is about 41 minutes from the Arang railway station.
Famous Tourist Location to Visit in Arang, Chattisgarh-Shri Rajiv Lochan MandirImage Source

These are some of the places of tourist interest that you can visit when you are in Arang. Arang is a quick visit, and you can go to all the destinations on this list over the weekend. Arang also has several hotels that offer accommodation for all budgets. Depending on the amenities, you can stay in Arang for as low as 600 rupees per night.

Between Arang and Raipur, you will find hotels like the Hotel Kingston, Hotel Golden, Hotel Supreet, and the Grand Neelam.

Reaching Arang is simple as well. Arang Railway Station is on all the major railway routes. As previously informed, the nearest airport is the Raipur Airport, which is about an hour distance. Arang is also accessible via road, and several private bus services and the State Transport buses, are available.

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