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Nandanvan Zoo - Top-Rated Tourist Location in Raipur

7 Top-Rated Tourist Locations in Raipur (2024)

Raipur is one of the most popular tourist locations in Chhatisgarh. It is the capital of Chattisgarh and is home to several places of religious tourism and tourism interest. Visiting Raipur makes for an interesting journey, as the city is famous for its steel and coal mills. If you intend to visit Raipur, here’s a list of the destinations that are tourist hotspots.

7 Top-Rated Tourist Locations in Raipur

Below are 7 Top Rated Locations:

1. Nandanvan Zoo

Nandanvan Zoo and Safari is a green spot in Raipur. The zoo is home to a lot of wildlife and greenery. It is famous as the largest human-made safari in Asia. Though the zoo houses several animals like the bear, the tiger, there’s no guarantee that you will get a sighting. Other than that, there’s a garden where you can spend some time. The Nandanvan Zoo is about twenty-six minutes from the Raipur Railway station. Nandanvan Zoo - Top-Rated Tourist Location in RaipurImage Source

2. Gandhi Udyan Park

Gandhi Udyan Park is a quaint, well-maintained park in Raipur. It is a beautiful location in Raipur with manicured gardens, colorful plants, and resting areas that make it a good tourist location in Raipur for families, groups, and couples. Gandhi Udyan Park is about twelve minutes from the Railway Station. The Gandhi Udyan Park is about five minutes away from the Raipur railway station.

Top-Rated Tourist Location in Raipur-Gandhi Udyan Park

Credit: KUNJ ACADEMY Image Source

3. Purkhouti Muktangan

Purkhouti Muktangan is one of the several parks in the Raipur area. It is a perfect location for a group or family to spend some time between the greenery. There’s a well-maintained path all along, and you will see several sculptures and imagery that talk about India’s culture. You will take about forty minutes to reach the Muktangan from Raipur Railway Station.

Top Tourist Location in Raipur-Purkhouti Muktangan

Credit: droneshoot_pv Image Source

4. Urja Park

Urja Park is a great option for tourists looking to spend some time among greenery in Raipur. The park has various plants, trees and flowers that would please anyone who loves greenery. Apart from that, there’s a play area for children a swell as a small boating area, which makes it the perfect destination for an outing. There are also some science exhibits that are the best thing scientific minded people can experience in Raipur. Locals also know it as the Rajiv Gandhi Urja Park.

Best Tourist Location in Raipur-Urja Park

Credit: KUNJ ACADEMY Image Source

5. Vivekanand Sarovar

Vivekanand Sarovar is a water body that’s in the middle of the city. The lakeside is perfect for a stroll, and one of the main attractions here is the larger than life Swami Vivekanand statue. The 35 feet tall statue finds a reference in the Limca Book of World Records. The locals also call it the Budha Talab. The authorities are taking good care of the place, and the whole area lights up in the evening, making it all a must-have experience in Raipur. Nearby, there’s the Budheshwar Mata temple. You can reach the Vivekanand Sarovar within twenty minutes from the Raipur Railway Station. Historians concede that Swami Vivekananda has visited this place, and one of his favorite spots for meditation is nearby. This place is a popular boating location in Raipur as well.
Amazing Tourist Location in Raipur-Vivekanand SarovarImage Source

6. Ghatarani Waterfalls

Ghatarani Waterfalls is one of the many interesting tourist locations in Raipur. Because it is a natural waterfall, the best time to visit the area is during the monsoons. You will see a few makeshift hotels there, and you can spend about an hour there. At the top, there’s a Lord Shiva temple. Also, the waterfall has greenery all around, which makes for a mesmerizing view. Ghatarani Waterfalls are at a distance from the Raipur Railway Station, it will take you about two hours to complete the journey. However, the view is worth it.

7. Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum

Raipur also has something for people interested in experiencing a slice of life from the time past. The Museum has several artifacts that hark back to India’s rich art and cultural heritage. The Museum is one of the ten in India that took shape because of the donation by Mahant Ghasidas. You will see an art gallery, artifacts like stone statues, coins, copper sheets, etc., that give a peek into the world of tribals, etc. There are several artifacts of interest here, including a pillar that’s from the 2nd Century BC. This Museum is just ten minutes away from the Raipur Railway Station.
Famous Tourist Location in Raipur-Mahant Ghasidas Memorial MuseumImage Source

Where To Stay In Raipur?

These are the various locations that you can visit in Raipur. You will need a weekend to visit all of these places. If you are looking for accommodation, Raipur offers several hotels that offer rooms at all budgets. Depending on the amenities and comfort, you will even get rooms for five hundred rupees in Raipur. For example, the Hotel Sun, which is only about 300 meters from the Raipur Railway Station has rooms available for under 500 rupees. The Hotel Welcome, which is nearer to the Raipur Railway station, also offers its rooms under 500 rupees. You also have some homestays available near the Raipur station, like the Agarwal Guest House, and guest houses like Sunita Lodge.

How To Reach Raipur?

Raipur is an important tourist and business location, so reaching it is easy. It connects well via road and rail and air. Raipur has a domestic airport, the Swami Vivekanand Airport, half an hour away. The Raipur Railway Station connects well with other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Raipur connects well via road, with State Transport Buses plying, as well as the city.

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