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18 Mouth-Watering Local Goan Dishes That Every Foodies Must Try (2024)

Located alongside the serene coastline of the Arabian Sea, Goa is definitely the number one destination in everyone’s bucket list. Accept it or not, we all have fancied traveling to Goa at some point in our life. Celebrated all around the globe for its beaches, parties, nightlife and architecture, Goa comes among the top destinations in India to visit. But hold on, that is not all, one thing that is utterly astounding about Goa but is lesser known is its FOOD. Having its roots in the Portuguese descent, the flavors and the spices of the local Goan food are one to die for. Although the staple food comprises rice and fish curry, Goa offers a blend of other cuisines as well.

18 Mouth-Watering Local Goan Dishes That Every Foodies Must Try

So, listed below are some of the mouth-watering local Goan dishes that you can try to satisfy your taste buds when you next visit the city:

  1. Goan Fish Curry or Xitti Kodi: Popularly known as Xitti Kodi, this fish curry is a favorite of the natives as well as the tourists. Made using Pomfret and raw mangoes, it is one to droll for. Some also use Kingfisher instead of Pomfret. Served with rice, this curry is loaded with spices and coconut. Raw mangoes are used to impart a tangy taste. This authentically prepared curry is worth each penny and a must to taste for the ones who like their food tangy yet tasty.
  2. Chicken Xacuti: Prepared using Poppy seeds and Kashmiri Red Chillies, this Portuguese inspired dish is another favorite of the masses. Also referred to as Chicken Shakuti, the dish is made up using chicken, potatoes, red chillies, onions, coconut and raw spices. The Kashmiri red chillies are used to impart a tingling hot and chilly flavor and color to the dish. It is the perfect dish for all the spice lovers.
    Mouth-Watering Local Goan Dish-Chicken XacutiImage Source
  3. Shark Ambot Tik: The meaning of ‘Ambot’ is sour and that of ‘Tik’ is spicy. So, this sour and spicy dish is made using diced shark fish, tomatoes, onions and raw spices. This, too is a Portuguese inspired dish made especially for the ‘masala’ lovers using the traditional ‘Kokum’, a natural taste enhancer. So, if you love your fish spicy with a pinch of sourness, this is the one for you.
    Image Source
  4. Goan Pork Vindaloo: In Portuguese, the word ‘Vin’ comes from the word vinegar and ‘ahlo’ from garlic. Tell tales say that this Goan dish was earlier called Vindahlo but due to the use of potatoes in its making, it’s name got changed to Vindaloo( aloo translates to potato in English). This special dish is made using pork, onions, chillies, garlic, Vinegar and other spices. Chillies and other spices are used to prepare its ‘masala’ which is then mixed with vinegar and meat. The mixture is then stored overnight for marination and fried the next day using onions and herbs. It is believed that the older the Vindaloo gets, the better it tastes as the dish gets marinated thoroughly with time and absorbs more flavor.
    Best Local Goan Dish-Goan Pork VindalooImage Source
  5. Sorpotel: Sorpotel, also known as Sarapatel is a very famous Goan food. The word ‘Soro’ is of Konkani origin and means alcohol or liquor. Beef, pork or mutton liver, as per eater’s demand are used to prepare this dish. The meat is boiled and the masala prepared using onions, garlic, herbs and other spices are added to it. It is then served with rice and coconut chutney. A lot of people prefer it as a morning food.
    Amazing Local Goan Dish-SorpotelImage Source
  6. Feijoada- Red Beans with Pork: Inspired from Portuguese recipes, Feijoada is a stew of pork and red beans. A combination of salted pork, red beans and masala is prepared and fried to make this dish. For a thicker consistency and a unique flavor, coconut milk is used in the place of water for its preparation. The dish is then served with rice or pois for the ultimate tasting experience.
    Popular Goan Dish-Feijoada- Red Beans with PorkImage Source
  7. Chicken Cafreal: Prepared using green chillies, Chicken Cafreal is a spicy, mouth tingling dish famous for its aroma and taste. The dish is made using herbs, chicken, chillies and raw spices. It is usually green in color owing to the use of chillies in its making. The masala alongside chicken is fried and served with salad, although the dish itself does not require any sides with it. It is a perfect dish for the chilly lovers of the world.
    Most To Try Goan Dish-Feijoada- Chicken CafrealImage Source
  8. Sorak: A dish for the vegetarian clan, Sorak is a simple curry made using raw spices, onions and tomatoes. It is best served during the pouring season of monsoon with steaming, hot rice to satisfy your taste buds.
    Super Goan Dish-Feijoada- SorakImage Source
  9. Samarachi Kodi: Samarachi Kodi is a curry prepared using dry prawns. Very popular among the folks, this dish consists of onions, coconut, tamarind, tomatoes and dry prawns cooked using spicy masalas and coconut milk for extra added flavor and texture. Best served with steaming, hot rice and pickles, this dish is a perfect pick during the season of falling rain.
    Amazing Tasty Goan Dish-Feijoada- Samarachi KodiImage Source
  10. Prawns Xeque Xeque: An exotic dish prepared using prawns, tomatoes, onions, green chillies and coconut milk, Prawn Xeque Xeque is a favorite among the folks of the city. Extremely flavored masala sauce is prepared and the prawns are added to it alongside coconut milk for extra flavoring. The dish is best served using Dosas, Sannas or fugias as sides. If you are a prawn lover and happen to visit Goa then you must try this mouth watering curry there.
    Must Try Goan Dish-Feijoada- Prawns Xeque XequeImage Source
  11. Patolea: Apart from sour and spicy food, Goa also boasts of some mouth watering sweet dishes and Patolea is one of them. Pronounced as ‘pathayo’, this dish is usually taken with tea. Goan red rice with tamarind leaves are used for its preparation. Goan jaggery, crushed coconut and cardamom are mixed together and stuffed inside leaves lined with the paste of rice and then steamed for maximum flavor. It is a perfect dish to treat a sweet tooth.
    Mouth-Watering Local Goan Dish-PatoleaImage Source
  12. Crab Xacuti: As the name suggests, Crab Xacuti is a dish made out of crabs. It is similar to Chicken Xacuti, just that except for the chicken, crab is used. The crabs are boiled before cooking and their claws are removed carefully. To increase consistency, eggs are used in its curry. It is best served with rice and coconut chutney.
  13. Bebinca: Another feast to your sweet tooth is the dessert of Bebinca. A favorite of the natives and very popular among the masses, it is a multi layered cake prepared using sugar, eggs, flour and coconut milk. People call it the Goan version of pancakes. The cake is prepared layer by layer which makes it more tastier than its counterparts. Caramelized sugar is used in the place of normal sugar to add to its flavor and taste. It is a must to try for all you dessert lovers.
    Famous Goan Dish-BebincaImage Source
  14. Fish Recheado: Fish Recheado is another Portuguese inspired Goan dish. In Portuguese, ‘Recheado’ translates to stuffed. So, this is a dish made out of Pomfret or any other fish stuffed with spicy and authentically prepared masala and onions. The dish is best served with Goan bread as a side.
    Tasty Goan Dish-Fish RecheadoImage Source
  15. Goan Khatkhate: Another vegetarian dish straight from the native realms of Goa, Goan Khatkhate is a vegetable stew. Prepared using Channa dal and Toor dal with vegetables like carrot, green beans, potatoes and drumsticks, it is loved dearly by the vegetarians of the town. Spicy coconut paste made using Kashmiri chillies and grated coconut is also used in its making. The stew is best served with ghee and rice.
    Nice Goan Dish-Goan KhatkhateImage Source
  16. Sannas: The Goan version of the idlis are popularly referred to as Sannas. Although similar in shape and size as the normal idlis yet they are different from them because of the taste. They are prepared using Goan rice and carry a sweet coconut flavor in them. They work as sides with most of the Goan dishes.
    Amazing Goan Dish-SannasImage Source
  17. KulKul: Made with maida and semolina, Kulkul is a very famous traditional Christmas sweet. The dough is prepared and rolled into butter like shape, fried and then put into sugar syrup for sweetness. This traditional sweet dish is a must try to complete your Goan fooding experience.
  18. Perad: Another favorite Christmas dessert, Perad is prepared using pulp from guava, sugar and ghee. The ingredients are cooked until the formation of a smooth and glossy texture. After that the mixture is cooled and cut into pieces. Perad is popularly known as “Guava Cheese” in Goa. It is a must to try to explore the sweet taste and delicacies of Goan food.
    Delicious Goan Dessert-PeradImage Source

FAQs For Foodies in Goa:

Q1: Is good vegetarian food available in God?

Ans: Yes, a lot of very tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes are available in Goa. Infact, a lot of the restaurants offer alternatives to the non-veg ones with vegetarian content.

Q2: Is the food in Goa very expensive?

Ans: No, the food in Goa is not very expensive. Actually, the cost depends on the place that you are dining at. Most restaurants offer great food at reasonable prices.

Q3: What are some of the famous places to dine at in Goa?

Ans: Some of the places offering great food at reasonable prices in Goa are Candolim, Miramar Beach, Santa Cruz and Mapusa Friday Market.

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