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Om Sai Parantha Street Foods To Try When in Ahmedabad

15 Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad in (2024)

One of the premier cities of India, Ahmedabad has been listed in the UNESCO world heritage cities of India. Located on the eastern bank of the river Sabarmati, Ahmedabad has been chosen as India’s best city to live in by many renowned publications.

Well, what about the one thing that can make its way into the heart of anyone who visits this city? Once you taste the food of Ahmedabad, you will be captivated and not willing to leave anytime soon. Amidst, the popular thalis, pickles, papads are also the much-celebrated dhoklas, theplas, and dhebras. But everything tastes better on the streets, right?

Ahmedabad’s heartbeat can only truly be felt in its love for street food. Not only vegetarians but non-vegetarians too have, over the years discovered a few gems and you will find a comprehensive list of such enthralling food joints listed below that make an easy way into the list of Best street foods in Ahmedabad.

15 Amazing Street Food To Try When In Ahmedabad

1. Manek Chowk: Manek Chowk is an open square close to the heart of the city of Ahmedabad. It is a vegetable market by morning and a jewellery market by evening. However, of interest to all foodies are the street food stalls, selling local street food. Set in Old Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk has all the spices in the Indian Palate. However, there is a perfect time to visit the market if the intention is to eat your heart out. The evenings are filled, buzzing with people enjoying snacks or meals all around the square. Not only does Manek Chowk have the Indian Cuisine in meals but also various International dishes.

Try When in Ahmedabad Amazing Manek Chowk Street Food
2. Law Garden: Again, in the heart of the city, Law Garden tends to be a chosen spot for shopaholics and foodies alike. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the mostly young crowd and stalls or lorries, this spot offers a variety of tastes on one platter. Crispy vadas, hot dhoklas, and excellent pav bhaji are the stars here among other snacks that may be had on the go by hungry shoppers as well. An essential visit is recommended if you want to taste the authentic street food of Ahmedabad.

Law Garden Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
3. Baghdad Fry Center: If you’re a non-vegetarian or a meat enthusiast, and you thought you would be disappointed, Baghdad Fry Center brings to you lip-smacking Mutton Chaaps and keema chops, which it is famous for. The Kharode Soup served by them is to die for if you’re also a soup enthusiast. Situated on the Dahyabhai Parmar Road, this street food joint in Ahmedabad is known for its experimental styles with a variety of flavours and spices.

Baghdad Fry Center - The Kharode Soup Try When in Ahmedabad
4. Bhatiyar Gali: Another very well-known non-vegetarian food joint is Bhatiyar Gali. Easily one of the Best street foods in Ahmedabad, this food joint is known for it’s crowded evenings. The food served here is rich in tradition, the recipes dating back to about six centuries ago. The Bheja Masala and Chicken Kebabs along with the Tava Biryani is a perfect order for a meat and biryani lover. Narrow roadways and lanes bursting with a crowd, the rhythmic vibrations of this place create an ambiance impossible to forget. Authentic recipes and sumptuous delicacies are the roaring strength of this ‘gali’ in Ahmedabad.

Amazing Street Food in Ahmedabad - Bhatiyar Gali
5. Food Truck Park: Located in the center of Ahmedabad is the Food Truck Park displaying a variety of expensive delicacies. It is very well known for its ambiance and the youth of Ahmedabad frequent this spot especially on weekends. However, it is also a very well-known family spot. Crispy fries to a variety of flavoured desserts, Chhole Bhature to Chula Dosa, you can find it all here. Food trucks are gaining momentum as a trend in the street food sphere of Ahmedabad.

Food Truck Park Tasty Chhole Bhature Street Food in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
6. Municipal Market: Punjabis in Ahmedabad are more often than not headed to the Municipal Market for a taste of authentic dishes of Punjab. The market is widely known for its Shri Bajrang chole kulche with its spice meter reading just right. You can also find several milkshake and Ice cream stalls here. It is not surprising that the Municipal Market easily finds its way into the list of street food joints in Ahmedabad people frequently.

Municipal Market Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
7. Ambika’s Dalvada: Dalvadas is one of the most wanted street food options in this city. It is the staple Gujarati evening snack to go with tea or coffee. However, the best place in Ahmedabad for Dalvadas is Ambika’s Dalvada nook where Dalvadas will be accompanied by a hot cup of tea, in the traditional style.

Ambika’s Dalvada Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
8. Bera Samosa Centre: Another stop for fries or on the go snacks is the Bera Samosa Centre, serving Mutton Samosas and the widely known Magic Chicken Samosas. Samosa lovers flock to this food joint often with friends and family.

Bera Samosa Centre Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
9. Amdo’s Kitchen: As the name goes, this food joint was started by Amdo and family in Kocharab, Ahmedabad. Famous for its momos and thukpas, it also serves delicious fried rice and the best soda shikanji. It is widely known for its focus on authentic Tibetan cuisine. Food is always served to steam hot along with the favourite and popular spicy hot red chutney. However, they only open for six months a year. Giving you a change from the usual Gujarati food is this place, one of the Best street foods in Ahmedabad.

Amdo’s Kitchen Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
10. Das Kaka’s Khaman Outlets: Khaman is a soft and spongy Gujarati delicacy often mistaken for dhokla but it is much tangier, softer, and juicier. It is both sweet and savory. It does not take more than a few seconds to melt in one’s mouth. Garnished with coriander leaves and green chilies, Khaman is also freshly served with freshly chopped onions and Sev. In Navrangpura one can find the place most famous in Ahmedabad for Khaman. Other Gujarati snacks like ‘Vaatidalno Khaman’ and ‘Sev-khamni’ are also the specialties of Das Khaman.

Das Kaka’s Khaman Outlets Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
11. Om Sai Parantha: This place has a special space in the heart of all foodies in Ahmedabad for its mouth-watering parantha platters. Hygiene and freshness are the main concerns of the staff and even though it is a little expensive as compared to other street food joints, it is most definitely worth the visit.Om Sai Parantha Street Foods To Try When in Ahmedabad
12. Bhadra: Bhadra is where you should be headed to for trying the best Bhuna Gosht in town. Ticking all the right boxes of the taste buds, this non-vegetarian dish is spicy and has an overwhelming plus point. This dish can be enjoyed just by itself as a snack or a full meal. This place makes an easy entry into the list of Best street foods in Ahmedabad.

Bhadra Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
13. Astodia Darwaza: Jalebi fans, raise your hands! We have just the right street food joint for you in Ahmedabad. Astodia Darwaza gives you the perfect experience of authentic jalebis with a sweet taste and a rich texture. Moreover, the jalebis have different flavours and will entrap you into the battle of ‘one more piece’. This can be enjoyed either with milk or rabdi, another semi-sweet dish.

Astodia Darwaza Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
14. Salim Bhai’s Burgers: For almost two decades they have been selling burgers at the same spot in Ahmedabad. From Aloo Tikki Burgers to egg burgers to chicken burgers, Salim Bhai’s Burgers will give popular burger joints a tough competition. So well-known is their joint that the stock almost always runs out after 9 pm, which is when they close. However, one can also find interesting snacks like Paneer puff, Aloo puff, and Danish buns and cupcakes. It is a popular attraction for the youth that mostly buzzes around the joint for the cheese overloaded burgers.

Salim Bhai’s Burgers Amazing Street Food To Try When in Ahmedabad
15. I say Ice Gola: No street food spree in Ahmedabad is complete without a trip to I say Ice Gola for the juicy, ice candy, especially on a scorching hot summer day. Hygiene is of prime importance to them and the colorful golas have a wide range of flavours to choose from. Rose gola, kala khatta, from fresh watermelon to chocolate golas, every flavor is a hit here, especially with fruit extracts. They even have a choice of a Gola Platter, with the sharbat you choose and mava, nuts, and chocolate.

I say Ice Gola Amazing Street Food To Try When in AhmedabadA paradise for food lovers, Ahmedabad, therefore, has the most affordable, hygienic, and hunger quenching street food. It is a myth that street food here is monotonous, you must only step into these ‘galis’ to take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride. From the Khakras, to mutton samosas to Ashrafi Ni Kulfi, one can piece together a full course meal just by hopping from one street food stall to the other. This list of the best street foods in Ahmedabad is specially curated just for you!

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