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Bhavani Beach Travel Guide

Bhavani Beach Travel Guide: Another Virgin Beach in Bhavnagar, Gujarat (2024)

About Bhavani Beach:

Bhavani beach, famously known as the Mahuva Bhavani beach or Mahuva Beach is in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat. The Bhavani beach is one of the serene and silent beaches in Gujarat. If you plan to visit Bhavani Beach, read this article to know what to expect.

The road to the Mahuva Bhavani Beach is maintained well and doesn’t have a lot of traffic. It’s a lush, green road with palm and coconut trees on both sides. Unlike other beaches, Bhavani Beach is not directly connected to the main road, and the last mile path is a small one and one would need to veer about a bit and drive carefully. Bhavani Beach is on Bhavani Road in Mahuva.

Bhavani Beach Travel Guide

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The Bhavani Beach Experience

The Bhavani beach is a virgin beach, and you will see very few people there, and those are locals. The water here is clean, but it doesn’t have the pristine blue color that we see on the other beaches. It’s muddy, but it’s still a good bet if you want to dip in the water, as the waves are not very high. You will also see windmills all around. While the Bhavani beach is safe, its very secluded, so it is not the safest if you are new to swimming or want to learn swimming.

The Bhavani beach doesn’t have many vendors selling snacks and beverages, but there are a couple who sell coconut water. Also, unlike the other beaches, there are no natural or Government built shelters like the recliners and shade. So, if you plan to spend time at the Bhavani beach, have your sunglasses, caps, and suntan handy. You will see people offering horse rides, camel rides, and some other beach fare.

The Bhavani Beach Experience, Gujarat
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While the Mahuva Bhavani beach visit is an excellent experience, you need to brace yourself for a day out at the beach. Bhavani beach doesn’t have any shelter or shade, so it’s a good idea to pack those sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

The best time to visit Bhavani beach in the evening when you get a stupendous view of the sunset. You can spend about an hour or two here, taking a long walk by the beachside and exploring it. You will see several local tourists here, enjoying the calmness and serenity of the sea. Some of the devotees from the nearby Bhavani temple also come here in the evenings.

You can spend about an hour at Bhavani beach or Mahuva Beach, but that’s not the only place that is of tourist interest here. Along with Bhavani Beach, you have the Mahuva village, which is popular among tourists for its indigenous wooden toy market. Mahuva has some beautiful orchards and greenery, and locals call it as the other Kashmir of India.

Places to Visit Near Bhavani Beach

Bhavani Beach is in Bhavnagar, and there are other places in Bhavnagar that you can visit and explore as well. But keep in mind that most of the places are about a three-hour drive from Bhavani Beach. So, you will need to spend a weekend here if you plan to visit all of them. Three hours from Mahuva Beach is the Nishkalank temple, famous for being in the middle of the river. You have the Khodiyar Mata Temple, the Ghogha Beach, and other such places of tourist interest. You have a Bhavani temple nearby too. The Nishkalank temple is the must visit temple out of all these, as it’s a unique temple, and one that shows you what devotion can do. It’s in the middle of the river, and people can access it only during the low tide, making it all a unique experience. In Mahuva, you have two public parks, and anyone looking to spend some a calm and chilling evening on a budget can spend some time at one of these public parks.

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Hotels Near Bhavani Beach

If you are looking for accommodation options in Bhavnagar, you have several options that cater to all budgets. You have the hotel Virgo Sumeru and the Hotel Jubilee, within one kilometer of the Bhavnagar station. These hotels charge about 1000 INR per day. There are other hotels in the 5 KM vicinity of Bhavnagar Station, and their prices might be a little less. If you are looking for something more economical, try looking for dormitories. The dormitory system is becoming popular in Gujarat and other locations in India.

Hotel Near Bhavani Beach- Hotel Virgo Sumeru
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Dormitories are large halls that offer a cot and a place to store your belongings. Dormitories have accommodations for as low as 100 rupees per day. There is a flip side though, you won’t get a lot of privacy, and you won’t have a private toilet and bathroom. Also, some of the dormitories are male-only, and some of them are female only. If you plan to book a dormitory, it’s best to visit the place, as some seedy, shady guest houses promote themselves as dormitories but aren’t up to the mark when it comes to services, amenities, and even hygiene.

How to Reach Bhavani Beach?

The Bhavani beach is about two kilometers away from the Mahuva town, which is near Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar connects well with the other cities in Gujarat, so it is simple to reach. Mahuva Beach is about a three-hour drive from Bhavnagar. You have buses and private vehicles that will ply you from Bhavnagar to Mahuva. Bhavnagar has a railway station that’s on most of the major routes. Bhavnagar has an airport as well, which connects to the other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. The best time to visit Mahuva is from October to January.

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