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Bhudargad Fort in Maharashtra

Visit Bhudargad Fort: The Most Scenic Locale for a Fort in Maharashtra (2024)

Bhudargad Fort is a fort in the Bhudargad Taluka of Kolhapur. It is near Gaargoti village. The Bhudargad fort is a trekker’s delight, and anyone interested in the history of Maharashtra should visit this fort. Here is all the information you need if you plan to visit Bhudargad .

Historical Importance of Bhudargad Fort

The King Bhoj II built the Bhudargad fort. The fort has changed several hands during its lifetime. The Bahamani, the Adil Shah, and the Maratha Empire have owned Bhudargad fort.

Historical Importance of Bhudargad Fort

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Structures inside the Bhudargad Fort

The first structure you see as you enter the Bhudargad fort is a temple. While the temple exists since the time of Hemadpanti, there are some contemporary additions now. You will also see a cannon that the authorities have preserved.

You will see the remnants of some old structures in Bhudargad fort, like the court where legal proceedings took place. Along the way, you can visit the Shiva Temple that exists inside the fort. You see an idol of the Nandi outside the temple. There is a bust of the Chhatrapati in the temple as well.

Structures inside the Bhudargad Fort

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Once you cross this, you come across one of the most popular attractions in Bhudargad, the milky-white lake, because of the soil components.

You also see a dilapidated temple dedicated to Ambabai. You will see a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as you go along the path.

The Bhudargad fort also has a lake whose water seems white, and therefore the locals call it the Dudhsagar, meaning the ‘sea of milk’. The whiteness is because of the soil in the area.

Bhudargad Fort in Maharashtra

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Another compelling structure within the Bhudargad fort is the Jakhubai Temple. The temple is in a cave, and there are some other ancient idols inside the premises.

The Bhudargad fort is across more than 4 kilometers, so you might not be able to explore all of it.

The Bhudargad fort is also popular among architecture fans because of the unique semi-circular defense structure that is two bastions, one above the other. Connected well, this structure must have been useful to keep an eye on the entire 180 degrees of the surroundings.

Tourist Experience of Bhudargad Fort

Bhudargad is one of the most scenic locations in the country. Overseeing a lake on one side and lush greenery on the other, the Bhudargad fort is on a plateau, making it easy for anyone to spend time at the fort. The scenic location of the Bhudargad fort makes it a compulsory part of the fort tourism in Maharashtra.

Tourist Experience of Bhudargad Fort

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Even though there is no climbing, exploring the entire fort would mean a walk of at least 4 km, so you need to pack accordingly. There is no commercial activity in the fort. For some reason, even tourists do not prefer visiting the Bhudargad fort. So, you get a chance to experience the calmness of nature, the soothing experience of being lakeside, and the surreal experience of knowing the life and times of our ancestors.

The best time to explore this cave would be the monsoons. There is no forest to cover, no cliff to climb, and no hectic walking to do. If you visit this fort during the monsoon season, you walk four KM of the most mesmerizing view in all of Maharashtra.

Places To Visit Near Bhudargad Fort

Bhudargad is a two-hour drive from Kolhapur. While Bhudargad does not have many tourist locations in its vicinity, you can always tour Kolhapur for a day and return. Here are some places in Kolhapur:

Place To Visit Near Bhudargad Fort-Panhala Fort
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Two hours from Bhudargad is the Panhala fort. The fort is a day visit as well, a home to several props and structures that you can spend the whole day viewing and exploring.

Best Place To Visit Near Bhudargad Fort-Rankala Lake
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And around an hour from the Bhudargad fort is the Rankala Lake, another popular tourist location. The Rankala is a place for tourists and locals to spend a calm evening as it has gardens and the hustle and bustle of the town nearby.

Another one and a half-hour drive, and you reach the Sidhagiri museum. The museum is one of the few that give you an idea of the ancient Indian lifestyle. This place is a good chance for adults to show children a different lifestyle, away from the busy and machine-oriented one that we live in the cities.

If you are up for a two-hour drive, you can visit the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. You see flora and fauna, including plants, reptiles, mammals, insects, and other amphibians.

How To Reach Bhudargad?

Bhudargad is on the outskirts of Kolhapur, well connected to the major cities in Maharashtra. You can travel to Kolhapur from Mumbai or Pune. You can either take a train or a bus to Kolhapur from these locations. If traveling from Mumbai, you will take at least seven hours via road. If you plan to travel by train, the journey will take 11 hours. To reach Kolhapur by train, you need to board the train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. If you plan to travel via Pune, the journey will take you something like six hours. By train, the distance between Pune and Kolhapur is 280 KM. By bus, the distance is about 260 KM.

From Pune as well as Mumbai, you can board the State Transport and Private Buses to reach Kolhapur and then take private vehicles up to the Bhudargad Fort. From Mumbai, the road distance to Kolhapur is 380 KM and by train, the distance is 455 KM.

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