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15 Best Places to Visit in Gurugram (Gurgaon) (2023)

Gurgaon is a bright and lively town in the southwest of New Delhi. Gurgaon, or Gurugram as it is now officially known, is a technological and financial center in Haryana, in Northern India. Because it is so close to the Haryana border, many people mistake it for an extension of Delhi. But it is unique and distinctive on its own!

Gurugram is frequently misunderstood as “simply an industrial town with rapid urbanization, flourishing infrastructure, dazzling wealth, and guaranteed monetary success.” But, this is not the case. Gurugram (Gurgaon) has mouth-watering world-class cuisine, fantastic entertainment opportunities, and rich cultural heritage, to offer its visitors.

In fact, the town caters to a wide range of people’s interests. Actually, Gurugram can provide visitors with a breathtaking adventure at any time. Whether it’s a visit to the Sheetla Mata Mandir, or watching a movie at The Kingdom of Dreams, the town makes each visit special and exclusive.

15 Best Places to Visit in Gurugram (Gurgaon)

There are plenty of places that can keep you busy here. Let’s take a look:

1) DLF CyberHub:

Gurugram has an immense amount of excitement to offer us. Hold your breath because these interesting Places to Visit in Gurgaon (Gurugram) can keep you busy for hours at an end.

We start our adventure with the DLF CyberHub, which is a one-of-a-kind concept in India. The DLF cyber hub is a must-see retail destination with delicious food delights in an awe-inspiring setting. You need to head straight here for a wonderful shopping and entertainment experience.

The Cyber Hub has all of these dazzling attractions to give us, including media launches, movie shoots, art, and cultural programs. This social networking town is conveniently positioned near National Highway 8 and is easily reachable.

Furthermore, it boasts of an opulent amphitheater, media room, show and exhibit area, various distinctive spaces, and a world-class roof terrace top patio. The entertainment and amusement options are innumerable and the breath-taking structural ambiance makes it a class apart from the rest.

2) Kingdom of Dreams:

The Kingdom of dreams is the first live entertainment theatre destination in India. this opulent structure, also termed as KOD, is located in sector 29, Gurugram. The tourists get a glimpse of contemporary and modern India through interesting galleys, displayed arts, and an interactive representation.

In the Kingdom of Dreams’ Culture gully, there is a one-of-a-kind Skydome. A magnificent exhibition and depiction of the different customs, lifestyles, and cultures of approximately 14 states, is put on display. On the culture galley stalls, there will be demonstrations as well as displays of local and street artists.

There are two international-standard theatres to showcase the rich culture of India’s heritage. Moreover, KOD’s brand ambassador is none other than Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, while there are many more superstars involved with this entertainment and leisure destination. The famous and biggest Bollywood’s Zangura and Jhumroo musicals are performed here.

3) Ambience Mall:

Who doesn’t want to head to a well-laid shopping center for some fun shopping times? We all do! If that is what you want, head straight to the Ambience mall in Gurugram for a fun day. The well-equipped mall is large, well-designed, and has a lively environment. There are many shopping and dining establishments. The mall is a great place to spend a few hours.

In fact, it’s a fantastic destination for lone travelers! A great place to shop for both high and low budgets, with a diverse assortment of stores. If you want to replace personal self-care supplies and store up exciting stuff for future excursions, then the Ambience mall is where you should head to!! Also, it is a good food stop that can excite a foodie with its huge variety of food options!

Moreover, local brand shows and start-ups have taken over the venue. There isn’t enough room to walk around. On a typical weekday, a large crowd of individuals treats it as a tourist attraction. A once-premium mall has radically transformed into a fully stocked shopping center.

4) Sheetla Mata Temple:

According to the popular epic Mahabharata, Sheetla Mata Temple in the Millenium city Gurugram is a devotional temple of goddess Shitala. She was Guru Dronacharya’s wife and is also known as Kripai or Kripi. The Pandavas and Kauravas got their archery training from, none other than, Guru Drona.

People from all over the country go to Gurgaon to visit the famous temple. Moreover, this is how the town has got the name “Guru + Gram or Gurugram”. The temple lies close to the Dronacharya temple at Gurugram’s northwestern outskirts with a strong footfall. To get a closer look, you have to visit the Sheetla Mata Road in Gurugram.

5) Sai Ka Angan:

Shirdi near Nashik is an abode of Shirdi Sai Baba. Similarly, “Sai Ka Angan” in Gurugram, North India is also called a Gurusthan and made in a similar design to Dwarka Mai in Shirdi.

The replica has a life-sized sitting statue of Shirdi Sai Baba and the whole area spreads out to almost 400 square yards. Moreover, the Chawri and the Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman mandir are also reconstructed for the public. Also, there are cultural and religious meets and activities arranged at the Sabha Mandap. All this gives a feel of the real Baba temple in Shirdi.

6) Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary:

About an hour away from Gurugram (Gurgaon) lies the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Islands, a lake, loads of greenery, trees spread out in an urban forest make this place exciting and attractive. If you are lucky you can catch migratory birds from the Black Sea, North Asia, Central Asia, Turkey, Caspian Sea, and Eastern Europe.

In reality, there are hundreds of birds from different regions that collect here and perch on the broken branches of trees on the land and in the lake water. Music lovers may have a tough time here. They need to be prepared beforehand because they can’t play music inside. Instead, feel free to click some glorious pictures with your cameras.

7) Aravali Biodiversity Park:

This biodiversity park in Gurugram (Gurgaon) sprawls out over about 699 acres of land. Moreover, this green ecologically restored land with the semi-arid land vegetation is in the park. On June 5, 2010, the environment day, the park was opened to the public.

The entrance has educational displays and a native plant nursery. People can have therapeutic walks on any of the paths in the park and relax their turbulent thoughts. Besides this, a visit here educates the people about environmental awareness and nature education.

8) NeverEnuf Garden Railway:

Children and adults alike are always mesmerized by the quaint “scale-model-trains”. A miniature world with railroads provides a magical ambiance. The NeverEnuf Garden Railroad is what they say- a small world on its own!

With a fabulous landscape spread out over almost 20,000 sq feet, the NeverEnuf Garden railroad runs over brown rocky hills. There are plenty of water bodies and the park overlooks the colorful splash of flowers. The cute small trains run around hilly slopes and hustle across the bridges, rustic villages, and relaxed townships.

If you look closely you can even see small miniature people walk around doing their jobs as they stroll. The boats on the lakes get controlled by remotes and you can even turn the sounds, smoke, lights on and off. The enchanting sight of the beautiful landscape offers a strange sense of peace and calm and should be a “must visit” in your visit. Pre-registered people can visit this spot for a picnic or day out on certain selective days. This private museum is for pre-registered people and offers a great experience at rail modelling.

9) Medicinal Garden:

Remember, every health care system is incomplete without a proper understanding of medicinal plants. It is astonishing but about 240 plant species are growing here. Thus, it is important to have complete information about them.

The sad bit is that many of the medicinal plants found in the Aravalis have now become extinct. The medicinal garden contains these threatened medical plants. Moreover, the garden also helps create awareness and teaches ways to conserve plants.

A few of them available here are Dardpaat, Rudraksh, Van tulsi, gugal, Asthama Bel, Nirgundi, etc. Information and knowledge about this healing medicinal garden are a must!

10) Galleria Market:

Now, that’s what we call an interesting find. Visit the oldest open market, the Galleria Market in Gurugram (Gurgaon) for some interesting finds. Whether it is home furnishing, apparel, gifts, stationery, chemist, breweries, fashion and makeup, clothing, high-end food joints, pharmacies, boutiques, there is something for everyone here.

In fact, the explorers and shopaholics can have a field day at this market in DLF phase 4 in Gurugram. Shoppers and foodies can have great fun here. All you need is money in your pocket and a desire to have fun. For others, you can window shop to your heart’s content for a fruitful day!

11) Oysters:

Adventure sports and adventure activities are a very thrilling experience for the visitor and can be great fun. Oysters is a beach-themed, one million square foot water park in Gurugram that boasts of almost 15 water rides. This amusement park hosts nearly 2000 people in its banquet hall and offers a wonderful, and fun experience.

12) Surajgarh in Gurgaon:

This is a fantastic village farm for an enthralling outing and day picnic. Lush green lawns spread out over about 12 acres of land can help you relax and rejuvenate after a week of hectic work. Loads of farm-style activities, fun, games, and unlimited food at this ethnic farm make it a family-destination hub.

You can even book your stay if you want to enjoy the experience further. More activities offered are camel rides, zip-lining, dart games, swings, and sumptuous food from a rustic menu added to the attractions.

13) Sky Jumper Trampoline Park:

If you want to have great fun without fear in the world, then the safe and secure Sky jumper Indoor Amusement park in Gurugram is the place you should go. Flying, jumping, and flipping on the springy trampolines is super fun, and you can get that in plenty at this family entertainment center.

The activity place spreads out over almost 13000 sq feet. Furthermore, it includes a dodgeball court, volley-ball courts, a big foam pit, an open-jump arena, a vertical and horizontal trampoline, slam dunk hoops, etc.

You can, in fact, build a team, throw a party here or have some “Day-outing” fun here anytime!

14) Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts:

In Gurugram, we can experience the exotic and rich cultural heritage of India. For a brush of traditions, you can plan a day at the Museum of Folks and tribal arts. There is a unique exhibit of tribal, folk, and neglected art pieces here.

The carefully chosen collections are a labor of toil and love. Actually, they were collected by K.C. Aryan, an art historian cum painter sculptor. The fact is that the art and craft of our country are priceless and need guarding and preserving forever. Do you want to lose this legacy? Definitely not! But this will happen if the area is neglected. So, all the art pieces collected here are priceless. Moreover, the timeless artefacts need a careful guard at all times.

15) Damdama Lake:

To escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get some peaceful guarded moments, plan a trip to Damdama lake. About 24 km to the south of the city, towards Alwar, lies Damdama lake. Initially, made for rainwater harvesting, the lake is a great tourist spot because it hosts almost 190 species of migratory and native birds.

During monsoons, the water level rises, and it is easy to spot rare and beautiful migratory birds. The huge lake spreads out over 3000 acres and is a great place for a family picnic.

People also head to the lake to organize team-building exercises. The topography around the lake is very interesting. If you want to paddle a boat on the lake, then book yourself a slot. You can even indulge in some rejuvenating rock climbing. There are so many activities to meet your adventurous streak, and you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Gurugram is an interesting place to head to anytime. You won’t get bored, that is a promise. Rather, the never-ending activities and adventure sports can make you want to rush back here for another holiday, so plan one right now!

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