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Usri Fall in Giridih

7 Top-Rated Sightseeing Spots in Giridih For A Great Vacation (2024)

Giridh is a quaint district located in Jharkhand that has the headquarter by the same name. Even though Giridh is not a widely popular tourist site, but it is quite famous among the people living in Eastern India. Mostly people from Kolkata, Patna, or Ranchi visit Giridh for a small getaway quite frequently. Now, Giridh is a district in Jharkhand, but before 1972 it was part of the Hazaribagh district. The town’s name is quite apt. Giridh in English means “The land of Hills,” and different hills surround this city. Many travelers prefer this spot for its gorgeous landscape. Apart from tourism, Giridh is well-known for its industries as well. As there are many coal mines located in Giridih, it is quite essential to India’s economic growth. Moreover, as the town is located quite close to Deoghar and Hazaribagh, many people visit other tourist spots in Jharkhand as well.

Apart from hillocks, Giridih has an excellent forest cover. The entire town is surrounded by lush green forests consisting of Simul, Mahua, Palash, and Sal trees. As Girigdih has many important Hindu and Jain temples, this town is quite sacred for the Hindu and Jain community. In case you want to explore Giridih, you will get a lot of help by reading this blog.

Here, you will find the best places to see in Giridih in great detail. The town is blessed to be both religiously and naturally rich. Even if you are not a spiritual person, you will find Giridih quite interesting. As the city is mostly warm, it would be better for you to visit there in the winter season. Reaching Giridih is quite straight forward. If you are staying there by train, you will have to take train to Madhupur, its nearest railway station. Otherwise, to travel there by plane, you will have to reach Ranchi, its nearest airport. Many people prefer to visit Giridih by buses as regular bus services are available from Dhanbad, Dumri, Hazaribagh, and Jharkhand’s other famous cities.

7 Top-Rated Sightseeing Spots in Giridih For A Great Vacation

The following sites are quite popular in Giridih. They are located not that far away from the town. So, you will have no difficulty in finding them.

1. Usri Falls

Falling at the height of 39 feet in the Usri river, the Usri waterfall is the most famous tourist spot near Giridih. As the river is a tributary of the Barakar river, it has a steep flow. The waterfall is located in a gorgeous and peaceful surrounding. That is why the intensity of the waterfall seems so jarring amid the calm atmosphere. The thick forest’s lush greenery surrounding the waterfall is so beautiful that the entire region seems magical. Usri Fall in GiridihImage Source

You will notice that the rocks beneath the waterfall are quite polished and smooth when you reach there. These rocks appear quite magnificent in the backdrop of the beautiful river. The waterfall is located 13 km from Giridih. You can get there by hiring an auto-rickshaw or a cab from the town quite quickly. The area surrounding the waterfall is one of the best places to have a peaceful picnic with your friends or family. You will suggest you bring a packed lunch while traveling to the waterfall.

Address: Usri Falls Road, Usri, Giridih, Gangapur, Jharkhand 815301.

2. Parashnath Hills

With a height of 4430 feet, Parashnath Hills is the highest and the most beautiful point of Giridih. When you reach there, you will get a panoramic view of the entire town relatively quickly. But this site is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also because of its religious significance. At the top of the hillock lies the oldest Jain temple in India. You will be surprised to know that the temple was built in the year 1775 AD. There are some other temples situated over there that are supposed to be more than 2000 years old.

The Jain temple is one of the most sacred sites for the Jain people in India. The name of the Hill is Parashnath because the 23rd Jain Tirthankar, Parashnath, resided over there. One of the fascinating facts about the region is that out of 24 Jain Tirthankars, 20 of them attained salvation out there. While exploring the area, you will see many shrines, gumtis, and other artifacts. All of them are dedicated to respected Tirthankars. Even now, many tribal people inhabit the hills of Parashnath. As thick forests surround the entire area, most of the Santhals live there. They even worship a tribal God named Marang Baru over there. If you reach Parashnath hills, do not forget to explore these tribal villages as well. Many adventure enthusiasts reach the temple by trekking amid the adjacent forest. This forest is known as Madhuban and has a trekking route with breathtakingly gorgeous scenery. The entire trekking pathway has a distance of 27 km. You can give it a try if you are looking for some new adventure. Overall, Parashnath hill is one of the most famous tourist spots in Giridih, and you should not miss exploring it.

Address: Giridih, Jharkhand.

3. Madhuban

Madhuban is one of the most underrated and exciting places in Jharkhand. Even though many curious tourists visit there, it is not as famous as the other sightseeing spots of Giridih. Madhuban is a village that lies in Giridih. This village has been recognized for a temple that is over 2000 years old. Many people interested in archaeology and anthropology visit there only for visiting the temple. But there are other important religious sites located in the area that are quite sacred for Jain people. There are two temples named Bhomiyaji Asthan and Samosharan temple that is quite important for the Jain community. A museum is also located where you can see scriptures, idols, and manuscripts related to Jainism. You can also visit Palganj that is situated 19 km from Madhuban, to see an icon of Parashnath. This mural is believed to be made in the 4th century.

Sightseeing Spot in Giridih-Madhuban, Bhomiyaji Asthan and Samosharan TempleImage Source
We have mentioned earlier that many people start their trekking journey from Madhuban to reach Parashnath. There is no other way to visit the Parashnath temple other than trekking from Madhuban. If you visit the museum in Madhuban, you will find a telescope on the balcony. By using the telescope, you will get to see Parashnath temple.

Many people visit Madhuban for having picnics. But you must know that alcoholic beverages and non-vegetarian items are not allowed in the region. As Madhuban is located 28 km from Giridih bus stand, you will have to book a car to reach there.

Address: Jharkhand 825108.

4. Khandoli

Situated only 10 km from Giridih, Khandoli is one of Jharkhand’s most popular tourist spots among adventure-seekers. Even though the water reservoir of the Khandoli dam is an artificial water body, it is quite beautiful. The pool is located amid lovely hills and green forests, and that is why many people find it difficult to believe that it is not an organic lake. There are so many water-related activities that you could take part in in Khandoli that you will have a great time over there. You can participate in kayaking, parasailing, mountaineering, and other adventurous activities. Many adventurers even take part in rock climbing, river crossing, and many more exciting activities. Or, you can go boating if you are not keen on an adrenaline rush.

Amazing Sightseeing Spot in Giridih-Khandoli, Khandoli dam

Credit: Somjit Bhattacharyya  Image Source

Many people also go there for bird watching as it is home to several different endangered species of birds. Some of the most famous birds that can be seen over there include the Great Cormorant, Siberian duck, Brahminy shelduck, and others. Many of these birds come from Australia, Northern Asia, and Africa. There is a watchtower located in the region at a height of 600 feet. You can get the bird’s eye view of the entire area from there. You can also get a toy train ride in Khandoli to explore the whole region. Jharkhand Tourism department did a lot of work to make Khandoli the adventure capital of the state.

Address: Giridih, Jharkhand 815312.

5. Harihar Dham

Harihar Dham is one of the most sacred places for the Hindu devotees in India. You will be surprised to know that the biggest Shivalinga is located in this temple. As the idol’s height is 65 feet, you will be quite stunned when you see it for the first time. The temple is spread across an area of around 25 acres, and it is quite beautiful. Most devotees gather there in the months of Shravan Poornima. They visit the temple in the evening during the nights of the full moon. Many devotees of Lord Shiva believe the said months to be quite auspicious.

Top Sightseeing Spot in Giridih-Harihar DhamImage Source
The local people of Giridih hold their marriage ceremonies in the temple. Apart from Sharavan Poornima, the temple is also visited by several devotees during Nag Panchami.

As this temple is located around 65 km from Giridih, you will have to rent a car to reach there. It would take you around two and a half hours to go there from the city.

Address: Bagodar, Jharkhand 825322.

6. Stevenson Memorial Church

Stevenson Memorial Church is one of the most famous churches in Jharkhand. This church is situated in the Pachamba area of Giridih. As it was built in 1871, the church has been there for a long time. Doctor William Henderson Stevenson served the tribal regions of Giridih for a long time and constructed a hospital. That is why the church is named after him, as he was a noble person.

Popular Place to Visit in Giridih-Stevenson Memorial ChurchImage Source
The Pachamba region is itself a beautiful and peaceful site in Giridih. As the area is quite ancient, it underwent many regime changes and many important historical events.

You will be surprised to know that this place was quite famous for mica production from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. There are some Hindu temples located in Pachamba. While exploring the church, you can also visit the temples. Moreover, this area is located only 34 km from Giridih. So, you will have no difficulty in reaching there.

Address: Pachamba, Giridih, Jharkhand 815316.

7. Rani Sati Mandir

Rani Sati Mandir is a Hindu temple located quite close to the Usri waterfall. Most people visit this temple while visiting Parashnath temple and Usri falls. Even though the temple is not that popular among the Hindu people, then also we would suggest you see there to pay your tributes. Many annual events are held on the premises of the temple. You might be lucky enough to attend one of them during your visit.

Famous Place to Visit in Giridih-Rani Sati MandirImage Source
Giridih, Jharkhand.

Giridih is a beautiful place in Jharkhand that is full of surprises. When you arrive there, you will be quite stunned by the magnitude of its beauty. In this blog, we have tried to include all the fantastic places located over there. These sites are for all categories of tourists. You can spend your time venturing your adventurous side, or you can explore your religious side by visiting there. If you are going there from October to March, you will have a comfortable stay. The weather during the said months is quite pleasant.

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