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Hatkeshwar Temple in Vadnagar

Hatkeshwar Temple: The Swayambhu Temple in Gujarat (2024)

The Hatkeshwar Temple is in Vadnagar, Gujarat. The city is home to several temples, and the Hatkeshwar Temple is a Swayambhu which is a Sanskrit word that means “self-existing” or “self-manifested” or “that is created by its own accord.”

If you plan to visit, read on to know the kind of experience you will have.

The Hatkeshwar Temple Experience

The Hatkeshwar Temple is more than six hundred years old. You see intricate and beautiful carvings over the walls and pillars of the Temple. The design of the Temple is similar to the ones in the South.

Hatkeshwar Temple in Vadnagar

Photo Credit: Hiral Rana Image Source

When you enter the Temple, you see the sculptures of Dhaata and Vidhaata, the two Goddesses. You also see carvings that depict Bheema from the Mahabharata. Along with all this, you have another carving of Lord Yama. There are six doors to the Temple, and the carvings of the various Gods are according to the directions.

You will even see the carvings of Lord Varun. An aspect of the Hatkeshwar Temple is that only Brahmins(Priests) are allowed inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. You also see the statues of Lord Krishna and Radha. There’s another spot in the Temple which has the idols of Lord Ganesha along with Riddhi and Siddhi. You will see another idol of

Lord Ganesha that has a unique architecture. Some sculptures depict sequences from the Mahabharata as well. The main sanctum sanctorum has a small Shivling of silver and has photos of various other deities of the Hindu culture.

The sanctum sanctorum has a Shivling, and there are two idols of the Nandi outside the Temple. Another aspect that’s striking here is the style of the temple idols, which are unique and not something that we see in the other temples.

There are so many sculptures and statues here that you would need a tourist guide or someone who has specific information about the Hatkeshwar Temple to understand the grandeur and cultural importance of the place.

The authorities are maintaining the Hatkeshwar Temple pretty well. The tranquility here is something that everyone must experience at least once in their lives. The number of devotees here is comparatively less, as compared to the devotees in the other Temples in Gujarat.

You can spend about an hour at the Hatkeshwar Temple, taking in the beauty of the architecture and the design. The statues and the idols that are present are an architectural marvel, and you will leave the Temple with a question about how the artisans of yore did all this without the help of modern equipment. There is another small Shiva Temple that comprises of the Shivling and the Nandi Bull inside.

The Hatkeshwar Temple Experience in GujaratImage Source
You can see several other idols of religious figures in the vicinity of the Hatkeshwar Temple, including one of Lord Krishna with a flute. These may be the religious idols that other devotees have kept here at the Temple.

You will see several people from all walks of life at the Hatkeshwar Temple, so you can also spend some time taking in how the local people lead their daily lives. Both men and women should dress conservatively while visiting any place of religious importance anywhere in the world.

If you are visiting the Hatkeshwar Temple, make it a point to carry some snacks and drinking water, as there aren’t many shops around. Recently, there are Dharmasalas near the Hatkeshwar Temple for devotees to stay the night.

Hatkeshwar Temple is in Vadnagar, and you will see several hotels that offer accommodation for all budgets. If you are booking the hotels online, make sure that you read the terms and conditions. For example, some hotels will not allow singles to share a room. In some cases, hotels might not allow pets. Other hotels might not offer a particular type of cuisine. In such a scenario, you might need to make arrangements elsewhere.

Places to Visit Near Hatkeshwar Temple

Vadnagar is a tourist destination and a place of religious interest. You can visit other destinations in this area, like the Kirti Toran. The Kirti Toran is a pillar that has exquisite carvings and sculptures. You see sculptures of animals, dancers, etc., on the pillars that are about forty feet high.

Place to Visit Near Hatkeshwar Temple-Kirti ToranImage Source

How to Reach Hatkeshwar Temple?

Reaching Hatkeshwar Temple is easy. Vadnagar is nearest to the Ahmedabad Airport, which is about a 100 KM away from Vadnagar. The nearest railway station is Siddhapur Railway Station, which is about 40 KM away. If you would like to travel by bus, there are several bus routes from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and other cities that connect you to Ahmedabad. You can travel from Ahmedabad to Vadnagar via bus or private vehicle.

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