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Devikulam - Popular Place Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala

5 Popular Places Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala (2024)

While most people commonly refer to Kerala as being God’s Own Country, Kerala can also be called the land of water bodies due to the abundance of backwaters, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes the state is blessed with. There are nearly 35 sparkling blue and green water lakes and over 40 rivers in Kerala that branch out in numerous distributaries and tributaries. Due to the attraction of water bodies, many tourist places have sprouted up alongside these places. Here are some of the most popular places to see in Kerala that is located near rivers and lakes.

5 Popular Places Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala

Below are 5 Popular Places Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala:

1. Devikulam

The site of Devikulam is a revered and famous tourist site owing to the legend associated with it. It is believed that Devikulam was the lake where Goddess Sita once took a bath. The Devikulam lake in Kerala is surrounded by lush greenery, waterfalls, and fragrant tea plantations, adding a beautiful charm to this hill station in Kerala.Devikulam - Popular Place Near Rivers and Lakes in KeralaImage Source

What is Devikulam Famous For?

Devikulam is located at the height of 1800 meters above sea levels and is famous for the mythical Sita Devi Lake, the majestic rolling hills, beautiful cascading waterfalls, and innumerable spice and tea plantations.

What is Sita Devi Lake Famous For?

The Sita Devi Lake is the major attraction of Devikulam in Kerala. This is a place of immense religious importance, and devotees from all over India come here to pay their respect. This unpolluted lake is surrounded by lush green grass, blue sky, tea plantations, and a cool breeze blowing through the area makes it the ideal picnic spot. There are also many mountain trails that lead to the lake where you can trek. The lake is located entirely inside the jungle, and the tourists from far away come to get an experience of the unspoiled natural beauty of this lake.

Tourists like to take a dip in the holy waters of this lake because of the reported curative powers of the mineral waters of this lake. The pristine waters of this lake have also made it a perfect place for fishing.

Where is Sita Devi Lake Located?

The Sita Devi Lake is located just five kilometers from Munnar in Kerala in the hill station of Devikulam.

2. Vythiri

Located just 62 kilometers from Kozhikode in Kerala, Vythiri is a beautiful and famous resort town that is known for its old-world charm. Cottages, tree houses, and log huts that are cozily nestled inside the forests of Wayanad add to this old world charm of this town. It almost appears like a town frozen in time.
Popular Place Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala-VythiriImage Source

Where is Vythiri Located?

Vythiri is located at an altitude of 700 meters in Wayanad, Kerala. It is made up of 18 villages. Vythiri is the headquarters of the Vythirir Taluk, and it is an all-season tourist destination in Kerala.

What Is There To See In Vythiri?

Vythiri is the perfect tourist destination with its quaint little cottages and resorts that are surrounded by beautiful and green scenery. The place is ideal if you want to get a glimpse of the past and experience a slice of a simpler life, but with urban and modern facilities at your disposal.

The major attractions of this amazing town in Kerala include the Pookot Lake, Soojipara, Meenmutty Falls, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Chembara Peak.

What is the Legend of Chain Tree in Vythiri?

There is a very popular local legend in Vythiri about a local tribal youth from the Kathrinandan tribe. It is said that he led an English engineer to construct the Ghat road that leads to Vythiri through the densely populated forest of Wayanad. However, in a betrayal that is talked about in the entire region even today, the Englishman killed the tribal boy after taking out the necessary information and took possession of the reward that the Viceroy had announced for building this road.

It is said that the enraged spirit of the tribal youth still roams around the area even today and is said to have caused many accidents on the road that was built. To put a stop to these mishaps, a priest conducted many rituals and chained the spirit to a huge banyan tree in Vythiri. This tree is commonly known as the chain tree even today, and it is still standing in the Lakkidi area. It is common for passing drivers to stop for some time to pay homage to the trip and to pray for a safe passage. Local folks believe that the spirit of the Kathrinandan youth is the guardian of the Vythiri area even today.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vythiri?

The winter months of October to April is said to be the best time to visit this amazing town of Vythiri in Kerala. However, since Vythiri has a pleasant climate throughout the year, you can visit this town at any time. The summer months of April to June is the best off-season time to come here as the crowds are less and the off-season pricing is also significantly lower.

3. Kumarakom

Famously known as the backwaters town and Little Venice of Kerala, the city of Kumarakom is a must-visit when you are in Kerala. In fact, this cluster of many tiny man-made islands that have been reclaimed from the lake is one of the most visited places in Kerala.
Best Place Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala-KumarakomImage Source

Where is Kumarakom Located?

This popular destination in Kerala is located just 16 kilometers from the city of Kottayam and is set in the backdrop of the biggest lake in Kerala, the Vembanad Lake.

What is Kumarakom Famous For?

The backwater city is famous for its paddy fields, the huge network of serene backwaters, fishing, traditional houseboats known as Kettuballoms, and many luxury and budget resorts. There is the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, which is also popular with tourists and is sprawled across 14 acres. The sanctuary is home to numerous species of migratory birds and perfect for bird watchers and ornithologists.

The best thing to do in Kumarakom is to take a two-hour canoeing trip during sunrise or at sunset to truly experience the beauty of this backwater city. Kumarakom is famous for being the first destination in Kerala to have implemented responsible tourism.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Kumarakom?

The months of September to March are ideal for visiting Kumarakom in Kerala. The summer months (April to June) can be too warm for many, with temperatures crossing 35 degrees Celsius or even higher. The monsoon season is also a beautiful time to visit Kumarakom, especially for those who are interested in bird watching. However, the backwater cruises are all closed during the monsoon season.

4. Alleppey

The town of Alleppey is officially known as Alappuzha and is referred to as the Venice of the East. Alleppey is another town in Kerala that has been built around its famous water bodies. It is a town known for its serene backwaters, the golden sandy beaches, and breathtaking lagoons.
Amazing Place Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala-AlleppeyImage Source

What is Alleppey Famous For?

The city of Alleppey in Kerala is located bordering the Laccadive Sea and is famous for its massive network of interlinking, palm-fringed backwaters, and the many rejuvenating Ayurvedic resorts. The town is also renowned amongst tourists for its houseboat cruises that take you through the serene backwaters to let you catch a glimpse of the lush green paddy fields, beautiful avifauna of the area, choir making activities, and get an up-close view of how the locals live here.

The Alleppey Beach, bordered by the Arabian Sea, is one of the most famous tourist spots in the town. Lying along the Malabar Coast, this golden sandy beach has its own appeal due to the history attached to it. When you are at the beach, don’t forget to take a walk down the 137-year-old pier.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alleppey?

The best time to visit Alleppey in Kerala is during the months of August to September, when the traditional snake boat race takes place. Another great time to visit Alleppey is between October to February, when the temperature remains moderate, and the weather is pleasant, allowing you to explore the city.

5. Wayanad

Known as nature’s abode in Kerala, Wayanad is one of the most famous towns with an abundance of greenery and water bodies. The city of Wayanad is surrounded by cascading waterfalls, spice plantations, historical caves, an abundance of wildlife, and plenty of luxury and budget resorts and homestays. One of the best ways to explore Wayanad is to take a leisurely walk through the sprawling spice plantations, trekking up to the pre-historic caves, and going through the wildlife reserves Wayanad is famous for.
Top Place Near Rivers and Lakes in Kerala-WayanadImage Source

What is Wayanad Famous For?

Wayanad is most famous for its wildlife reserves. The wildlife reserves in Wayanad is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. These reserves form an integral part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve, which is located in the heart of the Western Ghats.

While here, you can get a glimpse of many elephants, bears, and leopards. If you are driving down from Bengaluru, you will also get to experience a trip to three famous national parks of this region – Bandipur, Mudumalai, and Nagarhole.

Trekking is also another much sought after activity in Wayanad. The famous trek is the one to Chembra Peak, which is home to the natural heart-shaped lake called ‘hridhayathadakam.’ Other treks that take you to the Lakkidi viewpoint, also referred to as the getaway to Wayanad, the Neelimala viewpoint, and the ancient Edakkal Caves are also very popular amongst both locals and tourists.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Wayanad?

The temperature in Wayanad remains pleasant throughout the year. Nevertheless, the best time to visit this town is between October to May.

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