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Visit Korigad Fort: History, Structure, Tourist Experience, Places to Visit Nearby, Getting There

Visit Korigad Fort: History, Structure, Tourist Experience, Places to Visit Nearby, Getting There (2023)

Korigad Fort is in Lonavla. It is popular among trekkers as well as those who like to have short drives away from the city. The Korigad Fort is an excellent outing over the weekend. If you plan to visit Korigad fort, read this article to know what to expect and how your experience could be. 

Historical Importance of Korigad Fort

There are sketchy details about who built the Korigad fort. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took this fort under his fold, and the Korigad fort was under the Maratha regime for a long time, until Colonel Prother brought the fort under the British.

Structures Inside the Korigad Fort

The Korigad Fort has a temple of the Goddess Korai. This temple can accommodate about 25 people. On the way upwards, you will see a water tank that is inside a cave.

As you move up, you will two more water tanks that seem like a lake. There are not too many structures inside the Korigad fort premises today. The walls and the fortifications are strong, so you get an idea of the fort’s structure in the past.

Structures Inside the Korigad Fort

Image Source Credit- Treks and Trails India

There is a contemporary Ganesh idol as well. Inside the fort, there are steps everywhere, so you do not have to worry about exploring the Korigad fort. There are a secret door and a waterfall at the top of the fort.

When you reach the top, you will see a wall along the perimeter of the Korigad fort. The wall is about 2 km long and runs along with the fort. You will see one cannon along this path.

Tourist Experience of the Korigad Fort

The Korigad Fort is a proper trek, and you will need at least two hours to ascend and another to descend. The path is full of greenery and will come alive during the monsoons. The forest path has several natural and human-made steps, so it is an easy task to trek upwards. Even the trekking is through open forest, and then you go deeper. Do not plan to trek to this fort alone. It is a lengthy trek, and there is every chance that you might get lost while on the way to the trek.

From the fort, you will see the Tikona, Lohagad and the Visava fort. You get a beautiful view of the Amby Valley, built on the foot of this hill. Another beautiful view that you will get is of Pawna Lake.

On these treks, you will see the local stray dogs following you. Do not be afraid, as they will try to show you the way to the ascent and the descent. Experienced trekkers will tell you that the strays are a godsend in case of a trek.

You will see flora and fauna as you go up. You might also get to see insects, small animals, and other wildlife. So, people interested in nature photography should get their cameras as well.

There’s truly little commercial activity, with some shops at the base and only one shop – that only serves tea – somewhere in the middle of the path. So, you will need to pack some food, snacks, and whatever you might need on your trek.

However, during the monsoon seasons, water might cascade on these steps, so you need to be a bit careful. You will need all the gear that you’d pack for a trek – shoes with good grip, a windcheater, clothes that quick-dry, etc. Most new trekkers do not give importance to a cap, but the cap is an important part of trekking gear, ensuring that you don’t feel the heat during the summer season and don’t get a chill during the monsoon or winter season.

Places To Visit Near Korigad Fort:

Korigad fort is in Lonavala, which is a tourist hotspot. If you are planning to visit Korigad, it makes sense to plan for a weekend and spend at least a day at Lonavala. Here is a list of places that you can visit near the Korigad fort.

1. Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum:

Sunil’s Wax Museum is one of the more popular destinations in Lonavla. The museum has more than 100 wax statues of several celebrities. The wax museum is an excellent place to spend a couple of hours.

2. Tiger’s Point:

Tiger’s Point is the most popular place in Lonavla. Many tourists go to Lonavala to only visit this point. The Tiger’s Point gives a mesmerizing view of Lonavla. The best part of the Tiger’s Point is that it is one of the few nightspots in Lonavla. You will see several vendors setting up their shop during the evening, getting ready to serve you hot piping dishes throughout the night.

3. Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves are 22 rock-cut caves in Lonavala. They are an example of ancient Indian architecture.

4. Lonavala Lake

Lonavla Lake offers you a calm, serene environment, a place that you can spend an entire evening chilling and taking the scenery. There’s a little commercial activity here, so you can enjoy the scenery while gorging on some finger food.

How to Reach Korigad Fort?

The Korigad fort is in Lonavla. Lonavla is well connected to Mumbai, Pune and other major locations in Maharashtra. From Mumbai and Pune, you can either travel by private car or bus. The total distance between Mumbai and Lonavla is about two hours. From Mumbai and Pune, you will find many State Transport buses as well as private luxury buses that ply on the Lonavla route. From Lonavla, you will take about an hour to reach Shahpur, the base village.

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