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Talagad Fort - Of Unknown Origin

Talagad Fort: Of Unknown Origin (2024)

The Talagad Fort is in Roha, in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Talagad is one of the many Konkan forts that play a role in the life and times of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Today, it is a must-visit place for students of history and contemporary Indian culture. Are you planning a visit to Talagad? You must read this article to know why it is part of fort tourism in Maharashtra.

Historical Importance of Talagad

Talagad fort is one of the few forts in the Konkan region with an unknown origin. History takes notice of the fort after Adilshah of Bijapur controlled it, and then when Shivaji Maharaj won it. Experts concede that the clothes for Emperor Shivaji’s clothes are from this fort.

Historical Importance of Talagad
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Talagad Fort, along with the other forts along this stretch were watchpoints for the trade and travel ships in the Kundalika river.

Structures in the Talagad Fort

The Talagad Fort is on a hill, and there is a trek involved, but it is not difficult, as it is not steep. To reach the fort, you must start your trek from the Roha village. You begin from a temple dedicated to the Chhatrapati, a rarity.

Structures in the Talagad Fort

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The trek ranges from climbing man-made stairs, modern stairs, and climbing a bit of rock. As you climb, you will see water cisterns and some cannons that are no longer in action. You will also see inscriptions and old carvings.

Talagad Fort - Of Unknown Origin

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Along the way, you will also find a Shiva mandir, replete with the Shivling. Some of the steps to climb have come off, so you need to be sure-footed. You see several water tanks, all over, there are at least 12 different water tanks. There are some small caves as well.

Tourist Experience at the Talagad Fort

The view from the top of Talagad Fort is astonishingly beautiful; you feel content about all the climbing that you have done. There is no commercial activity at the fort, and there is only little at the village that is at the base. So, you need to carry water and some snacks.

The best time to visit Talagad Fort is during the monsoons because that is when the valley comes alive, and you will see lush greenery and the natural beauty that is the Konkan region. But rains also mean mossy roads, limited visibility, and general discomfort of moving about – so go here during the rainy season only if you have experience trekking. Also, you will take a couple of hours to ascend and descend. Be sure to pack sunglasses, caps, and sunscreen as you will mostly reach the top when the sun catches up with you.

At the top of the fort, there is not much to see here. All you can see are the bastions, some caves, and steps that take you to the top.

Places To See Near Talagad Fort

Talagad is a medium trek and has a village at the base. It is not a commercial hub, so you might find it a tad bit difficult to find interesting places around. Unless you would like to spend some time in the village itself – most villages in the Konkan area are very friendly – you can visit these places:

Place To See Near Talagad Fort-Kuda Caves
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The Kuda Caves are around sixteen minutes from the Talagad Fort and are a must-visit if you like historical buildings and looking at age-old artwork. These are more than twenty Buddhist caves and date back to the 1st century BC.

You will see several carvings of Gautama Buddha and other symbols of Buddhism. You also see carvings of the lotus and the wheel.

Place To See Near Talagad Fort-Murud Beach
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If you are out for a weekend and have a day to spare, you can head on over to the Murud beach, which is about five hours from the Talagad fort.

You can also visit the Khokari Tombs, which are in Murud. These tombs are the burial grounds of the Siddhis, the once-rulers of Janira. There are more than fifty tombs and belong to several royals, including Sidi Surul Khan, Sidi Kasim, Yakut Khan, and others.

And if you are already in Murud, make sure you visit the Garambi Waterfall, which is active during the monsoons. It is a great experience to chill under the water after a day of trekking and rock-climbing.

How to Reach Talagad Fort?

Talagad is in the Raigad district in Maharashtra. You can reach the place either via Mumbai or Pune. You need to reach the village at the base, Tringalvadi from either Mumbai, or Pune. You will see many State Transport buses going to this place. From Mumbai, you can also take a road trip to Tringalvadi, which will have you drive for about three hours. Pune to Tringlawadi is a 5-hour drive.

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