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Uttan Village in Bhayander - Experience the Vibes of old Goa in Mumbai

Visit Uttan Village in Bhayander: Experience the Vibes of old Goa in Mumbai (2024)

Uttan is the name of a flourishing and famous village in Bhayander, in Mumbai. The village’s main commerce is fishing because it is at the banks of the Uttan river. Uttan village is one of the few that have still held on to the retro culture of Mumbai. If you wish to visit Uttan village and are wondering how the experience will be, read this article to know more.

Visit Uttan Village in Bhayander: Experience the Vibes of old Goa in Mumbai

The Uttan Village is near Bhayander. The village is somewhat of a tourist location and has several resorts, along with several old structures that are a reminder of the past.  Visit Uttan Village in Bhayander

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Almost everyone is fisherfolk here, so this is one of the few places in Mumbai that give you a bird’s eye view of that culture. You will see men, women, and children in the attire of the fisherfolk. Once you reach Uttan beach, you will see several boats going away for fishing. These boats return only after seven or eight days. If you do have that kind of time with you, it is an experience that will remain with you all your life.

If you are up to it and have friends who are locals of Uttan, you can experience what the fishing life is on a first-hand basis. Ask your friend if you can tag along on one of their fishing trips, and they will be glad to oblige.

Uttan Village is on a hill, and the houses are on the ascent, so you have a steep climb if you wish to go to the top. The road up is not the best of construction and is more of a meandering path. The villagers are friendly and warm, but make sure that you strike a rapport with them. If you plan to take photographs, make sure that you take the prior permission of the village folk.

Uttan Village is a predominantly Catholic area, and you will see prayer halls to various patron saints in every house in Uttan. Uttan Village is the best way to experience the vibes of old Goa. Though there are other places in Mumbai that do that, like the Manori Village and the Pali area in Bandra, Uttan gives you a more wholesome experience that is close to the Goa vibe. There are some spots in Uttan that are on an elevation, and you get a beautiful view of the Uttan village from these spots.


The unique aspect of traveling to Uttan is that though there are specific structures or places that are a must-visit in Uttan. The entire village has structures with beautiful architecture and is a symbol of the art and architecture from the past.

The long winding roads within the village and the ones that lead to it from Bhayander makes this route a biker’s dream as well. If you are going by bike from Borivli to Bhayander, you have an enjoyable ride on the empty streets once you cross Bhayander.

The entire area has lush greenery, and it all comes alive during the monsoon season. Another unique aspect of the Uttan village is the colorful houses. For some reason, everyone here believes in painting their house in garish colors, which gives the entire Uttan village a magnificent view.

The Uttan Beach is not the cleanest one in Mumbai, but spending some time here gives you a raw, blunt look into the daily lives of a typical Indian village and a fisherfolk’s village. That is an experience you cannot and should not miss. 

Uttan is also one of the few places that have actual fishing boats boats, boats that the fisherfolk takes out in the sea. These boats are as colorful and garishly painted as the houses and make for great photography subjects. You will see several amateurs and professional photographers clicking pictures all over the place.

Uttan has several resorts catering to all budgets. But there is every chance that you might find the prices a bit pricy. Some tourists say that the prices in Uttan are equal to the resorts in Goa or other popular tourist locations in India.

Destinations Near Uttan

If you are not planning to stay in a resort at Uttan, you can spend a couple of hours in the Uttan fishing village and the Uttan beach and then return to Bhayander. There are some places in Bhayander and Mira Road that you can explore. There are some places of tourist interest in Borivli as well. For example, you can head over to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park for a late afternoon stroll once you are back from Uttan. You can also visit the I.C. Colony in Borivli, one of the largest residential areas in Mumbai. You can also visit the Immaculate Conception Church and spend some time there that gives you the calmness and serenity that you always wanted. Some consider I.C Colony to be a location in Mumbai that reminds one of Goa.  Destination Near Uttan - Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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How to Reach Uttan

Reaching Uttan is an adventure, and the best way to do it is to go by train. You need to first travel to Bhayander station, between Borivali and Vasai. From Bhayander, you can either board a bus – right outside the station or hire a rickshaw on a sharing basis, and that’s where your Uttan Fishing Village experience begins, as most of the people boarding the rickshaw or the bus will be Uttan locals. You can also board an auto or a rickshaw from wherever you are in Mumbai, and that is another exciting trip to be part of. 

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