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The Triple Falls - Amazing Place To Visit In Dimapur

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Dimapur To Make The Most Of Your Trip (2024)

Dimapur is the largest city in the North Eastern state of Nagaland, India, in the river valley of Dhansiri river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra river. The seat of the ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, Dimapur is the gateway to Nagaland. It is the only city approachable by air and rail network and the only city with large tracts of plain lands.

These reasons make Dimapur the financial capital of Nagaland, though the political capital is Kohima. Dimapur shares borders with the largest North Eastern state of Assam. It offers a thriving centre for trade & economic activities, social & cultural life, and nightlife for visiting tourists.

Best Places to See in Dimapur

In the river valley of the Dhansiri river, enjoying its pristine flow, Dimapur has beautiful dense forest meadows on the other side. As Dimapur was the capital of the powerful Kachari tribe, and the economic centre for the whole Nagaland, it has much to offer to satiate your eyes, palates, spirits, and hearts.

The Dimapur city has ancient ruins of Rajbari (palace or fort) & monoliths with their tanks, temples, community baths and river embankments, all give a glimpse to the rich 13th century heritage of the local kingdom and tribe.

There are bustling commercial centres with markets for imported electronics and a modern social life. The nearby hill forests make it a hill station with gushing waterfalls for solace seekers and steep peaks & forest trails for adventure lovers.

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Dimapur To Make The Most Of Your Trip

1. Intanki National Park

The over 200 km-square thick tropical rainforests make the Intanki National Park in Dimapur, Nagaland is the state’s one of the top tourist attractions. The national park is home to many exotic and rare birds’ species, wild mammals, reptiles, and insects.

It was declared as a National park in 1993 and an elephant reserve in 2005, to better manage the diversity and offer a natural habitat and routes to the Indian elephants from far north-east corners to the Bengal Sundarbans.

Tourists routinely post the interesting wildlife like Indian elephants, Hoolock gibbons, sloth bears, tigers, cloudy leopards, deer & antelopes, wild dogs & wild cats, and flying squirrels.

Amazing Place To Visit In Dimapur To Make The Most Of Your Trip-Intanki National ParkImage Source
The flora includes the equatorial forest vegetation including bamboo, mahogany, rattan, and palm trees, and many wildflowers and bushes.

The hills, mountains, cliffs, peaks, and valleys offer a roller coaster view of the park and are available for forest trail hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and camping.

Visit between October to February, in winters, to see the beauty of the flora and fauna in their full splendour.

2. The Triple Falls

A waterfall is one place where everyone, no matter what their taste in places to visit is, goes. It offers beauty, solace, hope, energy, a sense of adventure, and serenity to the visitor. The Triple Falls - Amazing Place To Visit In Dimapur

Image Source

The triple Falls are one such amazing sightseeing waterfall and picnic spots in Dimapur. As the name suggests, The Triple Falls are a troika of three different waterfalls coming from different angles and influencing in a natural pool and stream of fresh water.

Located near the Seithekima village, near Dimapur, it is one of the biggest tourist spots in whole North East India with people coming to spend long-weekends here. The height of the tallest of the waterfalls is approx. 280 ft, from where the fresh-water rush down in a natural pool.

The picnic spot and nearby areas are maintained by the Tourism Department, Government of Nagaland, and offers trekking opportunities for enthusiasts.

3. Peren

The Green district of Nagaland, Peren, is next to Dimapur and the place from where the modern history of Nagaland began. Britishers settled here and reached out to the Naga tribes for communication, partnership, and trade.

Peren is dotted with dense shrubs and vegetation, it has gushing water streams, and is under a cover of bamboo and rattan (cane) trees. The streets and roads in Peren have different varieties of eucalyptus & pine trees, and wild orchid shrubs forming a lush green landscape. Peren has several nearby tourist attractions like Mt Paona, Mt Kisa, and the caves at Puilwa village.

Best Place To Visit In Dimapur-Caves at Puilwa Village, PerenImage Source
Christmas is the most important festival of Peren, where a unique tradition is followed, in which gifts are placed outside the town for all visitors. Local tribes Zeliang and Kuki celebrate tribal harvest festival Mimkuut and the Chaga-Ngee festival to honour the brave warriors.

4. Liphanyan Governor’s Camp

At a one-hour drive or 43 kms from Dimapur, Liphanyan Governor’s Camp is on the foothills of the Wokha peak, in the Wokha district. Doyang river flows nearby and creates a picturesque environment with the water stream winding through mountains and hills.

The Wokha peak and hills are all covered by timber forests, adding to the scenic beauty of the camp. The Governor’s camp is a popular picnic spot for families and tourists with options to indulge in adventure sports like river rafting, river-side camping, and leisurely fishing.
Sight-seeing Place To Visit In Dimapur-Liphanyan Governor’s CampImage Source

October to February are the best months to visit the Governor’s camps when the weather is cooler with minimal rainfall. Nearby attractions include the pristine Totsu Wozhu Lake, Mount Tiyi, and the Doyang Hydro dam.

5. Kachari Ruins

History buffs have much to celebrate as the Kachari ruins near Dimapur is one of the most sought-after archaeological sites in the region. The ruins are from the Kachari Rajbari or the palace of the ancient Kachari tribe rulers. The area around the palace ruins has many monoliths with intricate carvings, designs and texts written in local ancient language.
Popular Place To Visit In Dimapur-Kachari RuinsImage Source

Photographers find many spots to test their skills and capture the beauty of their subjects in the backdrop of a glimpse of history. They scatter pieces of baked bricks used in architecture, marvels of yester years and rocks used in building formidable fortresses all around the ruins and temples near them.

6. Chumukedima Village

This is a special village that offers warm hospitality and a taste of the tribal life to the curious visitor amid its breath-taking view. There are many budget hotels near the village to offer your economical accommodation while you explore the local attractionsnear Dimapur.

The Sumi Town Baptist Church is only 8 kms from the Chumukedima village and there are many waterfalls, with crystal clear water, for tourists and families to enjoy. The village is pretty in an old-fashioned way, with tranquillity palpable in the atmosphere.

7. Shiva Temple

The Shiva temple, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, in the Singrijan village of Dimapur, is believed to have miracles associated with it. The folklore has it that a villager brought a stone from the Rangapahar Reserve Forests to sharpen the knife.

He observed that there was water oozing from the stone and later dreamt that it was a form of the Lord Shiva. When he narrated the story to village elders, they made a grand temple for lord Shiva to please him and seek his blessings.

8. Khekiho Memorial Park

The Khekiho Memorial Park is near the Nagaland Cricket Stadium of Dimapur near Yimchunger Aso Church. The park commemorates the many contributions of very popular local Member of Parliament Late Sh. Khekiho Zhimomi.

The park has many activities and curated gardens for everyone to enjoy and relax and explore. The kids love the park as they can roam around freely with no restrictions and in a safe environment.

9. Diezephe Village

The Diezephe village in Dimapur is popular for its unique handicrafts and handloom items. Here you can find local crafts, woven fabric and garments, bamboo & cane furniture, and other local novelties.

If you are looking for unique souvenirs for family and friends or want to gift something unique and eco-friendly to your clients or boss, then the Diezephe village is your best bet for all shopping needs. These novelty items are available in the market of Dimapur and Kohima and other major Indian cities, but here you can strike a bargain like nowhere else.
Must Visit Place In Dimapur-Diezephe VillageImage Source

The Wooden Toy Project is an initiative by the State government and locals where visitors work and learn with the local craftsmen the art of making wooden toys from bamboo and cane material. The village is just 13 kms from the Dimapur city centre.

10. Rangapahar Reserve Forest

The Rangapahar Reserve Forests are quite popular among nature and adventure lovers. It has many sightseeing spots where tourists can be the eyewitnesses to many games and hunts of the wildlife in its full glory.The diversity of flora and fauna, orchids, pine & mahogany trees, elephants, sloth bear, deer, antelopes, tigers, and bison make the top of the food chain here. It is also home to many native insect species and medicinal plants. There are many spots for bird watchers from where they can see in complete awe & silence the flocks of birds go about their lives.

How to Reach Dimapur?

Dimapur has had air connectivity since the first air strip opening during World War II. Dimapur has regularly scheduled commercial services connecting Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati & Dibrugarh in Assam, and Imphal in Manipur.

The Dimapur railway station, a category A station, is on the Lumding–Dibrugarh section of the North-Eastern Railway of Indian Railways. It is the only railway station in Nagaland and has direct and connecting services to Guwahati, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Dibrugarh, and Chennai.

Again, the road connectivity is very good with Asian Highway 1 & 2, and Indian National Highways 29, 129 & 129A passing through the city. There are regular bus and taxi services from all major North-Eastern cities to Dimapur.


Dimapur offers many things for tourists and visitors with all tastes. History nerds, culture buffs, adventure seekers, religious tourists, and nature lovers all will find something to enjoy and take with them some unforgettable and cherished memories.

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