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Ima Keithel - Imphal Shopping Experience

Imphal Shopping Experience (Manipur) (2024)

Manipur is a place known for its beauty and culture. It attracts a large number of tourists due to the presence of lush greenery, waterfalls, lakes, hills, and so on. Apart from the natural beauty that this state is endowed with, there are plenty of shopping destinations, and Manipur is one of the popular tourist places, that is never going to disappoint the shopaholics. A variety of shopping places makes it even more interesting as it has something to offer to everybody.

The amazing Handicrafts and handloom are something that Manipur can boast of. Imphal is the shopping hub of Manipur, and since everybody has their likes and dislikes and a budget, these markets will capture your heart with their uniqueness and the zest of its people.

Imphal Shopping Experience (Manipur)

Your personal Manipur Shopping guide:

1. Ima Keithel – It is Asia’s largest market run by women only in Imphal, Manipur. No male sellers are allowed, and anybody who is in Manipur must pay a visit to this market. This market has a lot of variety to offer. From daily items like spices, utensils to toys and crafts to textiles, this market has it all. Men are allowed in this market only as customers. A unique market in itself speaks a lot for gender empowerment and the culture of Manipur.

Ima Keithel - Imphal Shopping Experience

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Location: Imphal

Timings – 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2. Khwairamband Bazaar – This is the oldest market of Manipur, and its uniqueness also lies in the way this market is operated. Like Ima Keithel, this market in Imphal is solely run by women vendors and is also known by the name Nupi Keithel market. From daily groceries to handicrafts and hand-woven clothes, this market has it all. One of the main attractions of this market also lies in its location, which is its closeness to the best restaurants in the city of Imphal. The prices are affordable, and thus it makes up for a great shopping experience. 

Location: Imphal

Timings: 4:30 AM to 6:00 PM

3. Paona Bazaar – It is one of the most visited and famous shopping places in Manipur. Silk sarees, handwoven shawls, bamboo products are all sold in this market. The prices are great and not heavy on the pocket. Papier-mache products are also available in this market and are very high on demand amongst the tourists. This is a perfect place to get back gifts for your loved ones and beautiful souvenirs are available to take back home. 

Location: Imphal

Timings – 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

4. GM Hall – This is different from the normal street markets of Manipur. It sells both Branded and non-branded items. Product quality is higher here, and the prices are fixed. There is zero or no scope for bargaining. A variety of shawls, decorative home items, shoes are sold here. There are a lot of eateries open in this place offering local Manipuri cuisine, and this is one of the reasons it is not only popular amongst Tourists but also is visited by many locals, especially during weekends.  GM Hall - Popular Shopping Mall At Imphal

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Location: Imphal

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

5. Tera Bazaar – This market in Imphal has beautiful and colorful accessories to offer. Handicraft items are sold at very affordable prices as they are very reasonably priced. A variety of household products are also sold in this market, apart from regular fashion accessories. Try to visit this market during weekdays to be able to explore it well as it is quite crowded during weekends due to locals’ love for this place. Also, there are other markets nearby which can be visited along with Tera Bazaar.

Location: Imphal

Timings – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Must Buy Items When Shopping in Imphal, Manipur:

  • Phanek – It is the traditional sarong worn by Manipuri women.
  • Handicrafts – Manipur memories in the form of artistically crafted handicrafts are a great option for souvenirs.
  • Blackware – Utensils in blackware are a popular Manipuri item. Buy from a range of cooking pots, frying pans to trays. 
  • Handloom – Great variety and quality of handlooms are produced in Manipur. Be it handwoven shawls or the beautiful Silk Sarees.

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