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Kangla Fort Imphal Travel Guide

Kangla Fort Imphal Travel Guide: Know the History, Nearby Attractions, Entry Fee, Timings, How to Reach (2024)

About Kangla Fort

Manipur, a paradise on earth, speaks widely of the Indian history and the contribution of Manipur and its people in it. There are numerous places of historical significance in Manipur, and one of them is Kangla Fort or Kangla Palace. It is a very major tourist attraction in Manipur. For all History enthusiasts, Kangla Fort is a place that is worth mentioning and is a must-visit place in Manipur.

History of Kangla Fort

Kangla fort in Imphal, which is situated on the banks of the Imphal river, is one of the most ancient and historical places of Manipur. It’s history dates back to the time of the establishment of the Kingdom of Manipur, which was developed at Kangla. It was the principal seat of past Manipuri rulers. This site opened to the public in 2003. Kangla Forts political and historical significance has made it one of the most popular areas of Manipur.

Kangla Fort Imphal Travel Guide

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The Britishers conquered Kangla Fort in the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891.

Since many religious places surround the place, it is highly significant in terms of holy sites and places. Kangla is also regarded as a pilgrimage site by the Meteis as it is believed that Lord Pakhangba resides under the Kangla.

5 Important Holy Places In Kangla

  1. Ebudhou Pakhangba Temple – This grand temple is dedicated to Lord Pakhangba.  Most Important Holy Place In Kangla - Ebudhou Pakhangba TempleImage Source
  2. Manglen – The kings of Manipur were cremated at this place.
  3. Site of Lord Wangbaren – Ceremonies related to natural calamities like the Flood were performed here. 
  4. Nunggoibi – It is popularly known as the site of Goddess of War, and rituals were performed here whenever the King won a battle.
  5. Site for Lord Koubru – Prayers were held here for good rainfall.

4 Interesting Places To Visit In And Around Kangla Fort

  1. Shree Govindajee Temple – It is the largest Vaishnav Hindu temple. This temple worships Lord Krishna, who is the main deity at the temple, as it is believed that Govindajee is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. 
  2. Paona Bazaar – Items like Silk sarees, handwoven shawls, bamboo products are available in this market. The market and its products are pocket friendly. Papier-mache products are very high on demand amongst the tourists are sold in this market. Souvenirs for your loved ones are also available. 
  3. Imphal War Cemetry – The cemetery has burials of soldiers who died in the Battle of Imphal during World war II. It is a remembrance of the bravery and sacrifice of the people who fought in this war.  Top Place To Visit In And Around Kangla Fort - Imphal War CemetryImage Source
  4. Khwairamband Bazaar – This is the oldest market of ManipurLike Ima Keithel, women vendors solely run this market. From daily groceries to handicrafts and hand-woven clothes, this market has it all at affordable prices. The best restaurants in the city are around this Bazaar.  Best Place To Visit In And Around Kangla Fort - Khwairamband BazaarImage Source

How to Reach Kangla Fort?

Address: Kangla, Imphal, Manipur 795001

Kangla Fort is close to Imphal Airport with a distance of around 7 Km. It can be reached via road by taxi or local buses.

Timings of Kangla Fort :- 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Time required – 4-6 hours.

Entry fees at Kangla Fort :– INR 10 Per person

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