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Walkeshwar Temple(Banganga) in Malabar Hills Mumbai

Visit Walkeshwar Temple(Banganga) in Malabar Hills Mumbai 400006 (2024)

Walkeshwar Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, in the Malabar Hill area in Mumbai. Locals also know the Walkeshwar Temple as the Baan Ganga Temple. The Temple is a location of religious as well as contemporary importance, being at the highest point of the city. Along with this, the Walkeshwar Temple also has historical and mythological significance.

History of Walkeshwar Temple

According to legend, the spot was the area where Lord Rama had rested, tired of his pursuit of the demon king Ravana. Upon a suggestion, he prayed to Lord Shiva and had constructed the original Linga. It is common knowledge that Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita had stayed in various places in Maharashtra during their years of banishment.

Near the Walkeshwar Temple, you see the waterbody Baan Ganga, which has mythological importance as well. Legend has it that Lord Rama was thirsty and could not find water anywhere. So, he brought the river Ganges to this area, with an arrow.

The Banganga Tank is a religious destination for many devotees as well. In the Temple, you see religious carvings and devotees praying to the various idols, including one of Lord Hanumana.Walkeshwar Temple(Banganga) in Malabar Hills Mumbai

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It is one of the few rectangle lakes and is, therefore, a unique structure. Devotees believe that if they cannot visit the Ganges in their lifetime, they should at least visit Banganga near Malabar Hills in Mumbai. During your visit to the Walkeshwar Temple, you will see many devotees take a holy dip in the water.

The Walkeshwar Temple Experience

In the Walkeshwar Temple, the main idol of Lord Shiva has a snake over it. The idol is unique, as it is almost below the ground – something that is not generally the case. The snake is of copper. The main offering pot is of brass. The mandap, the external covering of the idol, is of silver. You also see a Nandi idol.

The Walkeshwar Temple near Malabar Hills in Mumbai has smaller idols of Parvati and Shree Ganesh as well. The Ganesha idol is of brass. The Ganesha idol is unique because it gives a quite different look to Lord Ganesha. Along with these idols, the Baan Ganga Temple has an idol of Parvati in her Adishakti avatar, made of marble. You will also see idols of Lord Vishnu, of black stone. There is a separate Ganesha temple in the vicinity. The Ganesh idol is of white marble.

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The Walkeshwar Temple is a busy spot, but it is still one of the most underrated locations in Mumbai with mythological importance. You get a calming and peaceful experience visiting the Walkeshwar temple. It is comparatively smaller to the other Hindu Temples in India. You can spend about an hour at the Walkeshwar Temple.

The Temple has most number of devotees on the full moon night and the no moon night. The Temple also sees many devotees during Hindu festivals like Ram Navami, Diwali, and other such.

There are some rules and regulations and suggestions while visiting the religious places anywhere in the world and especially in India. One of them is to dress conservatively, this is for both men and women. Another tip is to ensure that photography and videography is allowed if you are planning to make a video or take photos. In some places like the Shirdi Temple, even mobile photography is not allowed.

How To Reach The Walkeshwar Temple:

Address: 40 Banganga Cross Ln, Teen Batti, Malabar Hills, Mumbai-400006

To reach Walkeshwar Temple, you first need to reach Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. To do that, you can board a bus or a train towards the South of Mumbai. The quickest way to CSMT is the train. You can also hire a cab to CSMT and then take another one or bus to the Walkeshwar Temple.

Places To Visit Near Walkeshwar

Place To Visit Near Walkeshwar-Churchgate
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If you are in Walkeshwar and wish to explore Mumbai, you have several options. If you drive for eleven minutes, you reach Churchgate, one of the most happening places in Mumbai. You can spend a quiet afternoon at the Gateway of India, and spend time there, taking in the mesmerizing view of a city that never sleeps. The road leading to Gateway of India has several hawkers selling eatables, and those are the most famous street food in Mumbai. In Churchgate, you can also visit Fashion Street, one of the most popular flea markets in the city. You can buy anything and almost everything at Fashion Street, ranging from fashion accessories to clothes to cell phones to small electrical devices and toys.

You can also visit Bandra, one of the many suburbs of Mumbai that are popular for their flea markets and local scene. The locations like Hill Road and Chapel Road has several restaurants and hawkers that give you a taste of the Mumbai street food. These roads also have a flea market that gives you the complete Mumbai experience.

Best Place To Visit Near Walkeshwar-Bandra Fort
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If you have a weekend, you can even go further on the second day and visit the beaches of Mumbai. You have the famous Juhu beach as well as the three beaches in Malad, Aksa, Danapani, and Marve Beach. Mumbai is famous for being the place where several producers shoot their movies. You can visit these locations at Bandra Fort in Bandra, Chhota Kashmir in Goregaon. If you are a nature lover, head on to the Borivali National Park, which is popular all over the country and even the world for being the home to flora and fauna is a place that has little greenery elsewhere.

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