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Visit Neemrana Fort: Undoubtedly One Of The Most Popular Forts To Visit In Rajasthan (2024)

India is one historically rich country. Though there are many states and cities which make them historically relevant but when it comes to the Indian state of Rajasthan, it is well-known as the land of Kings and queens. Serving as a home to many royal families for many centuries, till date you can spot plenty of forts, palaces and monuments which tell tales of their glorious past. Giving a reflection of the grandeur of the days of the bygone era, there are many interesting forts to visit in Rajasthan.

Out of the entire lot, nestled amidst lush greenery, Neemrana Fort Palace is undoubtedly one of the most popular forts to visit in Rajasthan. Constructed long back in the 15th century, the Neemrana fort has recently been turned into a luxurious heritage hotel and thereby has gained a lot of popularity among people from all over the country. Allowing the people to live the life of luxury which the royals once enjoyed in the grand structure of historical significance, architectural brilliance and scenic natural beauty, Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan

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Neemrana fort ensures its visitors one of its kind of experience. No matter whether you are hoping for a romantic trip, a weekend getaway or a family vacation, Neemrana Fort will prove to be just the perfect destination to relax and unwind. Continue reading to know more about this extraordinary Neemrana fort!

History of the Neemrana Fort

Tracing its origins long back in history to about the 15th century, Neemrana fort is one true spectacular beauty. Nestled in the lush greenery and rich beauty of the Aravalli ranges which are the oldest fold mountains in the whole world, the palace which was once under the reign of great Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III is now converted into a popular luxury resort. Despite its conversion, the place has not lost its exquisite vintage charm. The city of Neemrana was named so by Nimola Me who was a brave local chieftain. However, when the Chauhans defeated him and took over the city, he requested them for not changing the name of the city and they heartily accepted this request, thereby giving the city its true name, ‘Neemrana’. Built in the year 1464, the Neemrana fort palace served as the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III.

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It is said that under the British rule, the lineage of the rulers suffered a lot but despite that they didn’t bow down. In 1947, as the facades and ramparts of the fort began to be given away, Raja Rajinder Singh thought of moving down to Vijay Bagh. He waited for more than 40 years for takers, so that he could get rid of the property. It was finally in the year 1986 that the ruins of the Neemrana fort palace called for restoration and in 1991, the fort opened the doors to its 15 liveable rooms. From that time onwards, the fort has been the proud holder of the Intach-Satte award and was even a nominee for the prestigious Aga Khan Award. By the year 2008, the Neemrana fort palace was completely ready for public visitors with its 72 suite rooms, grand restaurant, beautiful hanging gardens and stunning pool. The place which was once in ruins, now stands as an epitome of luxury and serves as the top tourist place of Rajasthan.

Architecture of the Neemrana Fort

When it comes to architecture, like the rest of the forts of Rajasthan, the Neemrana fort is nothing short of an architectural brilliance. Located over the hill, this majestic fort sprawls over a vast area of about 10 hectares. Sporting a typical traditional Rajasthani architectural style appearance, the interiors of the luxury resort have a distinct modern style. This perfect amalgamation provides a unique experience to the visitors. The grand historical structure of the fort comprises seven palace wings which are built over 14 layers tiered into a hill across 6 acres of garden palace. Other than that, the luxury resort at the moment also boasts of housing hanging gardens, an Ayurvedic spa and two outdoor pools offer mesmerising views of the neighbouring natural beauty. There is a lot to do and explore in this luxurious heritage hotel.

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Neemrana Fort Palace Heritage Hotel

Boasting of being one of the oldest heritage luxury hotels, the Neemrana fort palace proves to be a stunning blend of history and modernity. Spread over a vast area, the structure of the fort as well as the surrounding natural beauty of the place will make you instantly fall in love with the fort. Some of the most spectacular attractions of the Neemrana fort are the Uma Villas, Deva Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Sheela Mahal, Hara Mahal and Francisi Mahal. No matter whichever room you choose to stay here at, every room of this luxurious hotel is beautiful in its own way. Moreover, the rooms have classy minibars, coffee makers as well as many other facilities for the convenience of the guests. Boasting of being a home to two great restaurants, a fitness centre, a bar and café and two outdoor pools, the place is perfect for pampering yourself. There is the facility of free Wi-FI and free self – parking available in the palace too.

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The thing which sets this luxurious heritage hotel apart from others is the absence of mainstream TC and room service facilities. The main motive of this heritage property is to make people spend some quality time with their loved one and take back precious memories along with themselves. The staff make sure that the guests have a comfortable experience and enjoy good value for the money they spent. A stay at the luxurious Neemrana fort palace means indulging in never – ending conversations, going for a dip in the outdoor pools, enjoying the royal treatment, admiring the natural beauty, participating in the various activities and spending memorable time with your precious loved ones.

Timings and Entry Fee of the Neemrana Fort

The Neemrana fort is open from 9 AM till 3 PM. It is open on all days of the week. The hotel provides its visitors one of the most comfortable and luxurious stays in the city. Other than that, you will be pleased to know that the Neemrana fort is open to visitors who just wish to explore the place and not stay there. The entry charges are different depending upon the type of the visit and when you plan your visit. You can either book the tickets through the website of Neemrana fort or from any other hotel booking website. The approximate entry charges for Neemrana fort palace for a day trip are as follows:

If you are planning just a day trip to the Neemrana Fort on a weekday, then the entry charges for you will be about Rs. 1700. This entry ticket package includes the charges for a delicious lunch buffet (about Rs. 1416) and the rest amount of Rs. 284 is the entry fee. For just the day trip, you can visit the fort anytime from 9 AM till 2.30 PM. This ticket package includes the entry as well as lunch charges for one person only. They are 100% adjustable against the room tariff too.

Those of you wish to visit the Neemrana fort for a day trip on a weekend, then the charges will be different. The entry ticket for visiting the place for a day trip on a weekend day will be Rs. 200. This entry ticket package includes Rs. 1416 for a delicious lunch and Rs. 584 for the entry fee. You can visit the fort anytime from 12 PM till 2.30 PM for a day trip on weekends. This ticket package includes the entry as well as lunch charges for one person only. They are 100% adjustable against the room tariff too.

Best Time To Visit The Neemrana Fort

Neemrana fort is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Rajasthan. It receives visitors from all over the globe throughout the course of the year. Unlike the rest of the state, the weather here remains comparatively pleasant throughout the year. One of the reasons behind this good weather can be the lush greenery surrounding the fort. Though one can visit the place anytime and have a good experience, if you are looking for the best time to visit the Neemrana fort, then it would probably be somewhere in between the months of July till March. A lot of people prefer visiting the place during monsoon since the natural beauty all around is at its peak and it is quite refreshing as well as soothing. For a more delightful experience, you can also visit the fort during the winter months.

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How To Reach The Neemrana Fort?

If you are worried about facing travelling issues in reaching the Neemrana fort palace, then don’t be because this is one of the top luxury heritage hotels to visit in Rajasthan and receives visitors from far and away. The place is well – connected with the rest of the country and you can easily reach it via multiple means of transport. Some of the ways to reach the Neemrana fort palace are:

  1. By Air: The nearest airport to reach the Neemrana fort is the Delhi Airport. Located in the capital city of the country, the airport is approximately 109 km away from the Neemrana fort. However, the airport provides plenty of regular flights connecting the place to many national as well as international flights. Once you reach the airport, you can easily take a cab or hire a taxi to reach the fort. The journey will not be very long and worth it.
  2. By Rail: If you are planning to travel by railways, then the nearest railway station to reach the Neemrana fort will be the Rewari railway station. The railway station is located at a distance of just about 38 km from the Neemrana fort. However, if you are looking for a more major railway station, then the nearest railway station for you will be the New Delhi Junction which is located at a distance of about 117 km from the fort.
  3. By Road: Neemrana is well – connected via roadways as well. Since the fort is located at the Delhi – Jaipur highway, it is blessed with a prime location and is easy to reach. All of the buses that travel on this route, usually stop at Neemrana. However, it would naturally be more convenient to travel by personal vehicle or hire a taxi because the bus will drop you off at the main road but the fort is still about 3 km inside the main road.

Featuring spectacular views of the neighbouring scenic beauty, this palatial retreat is just perfect for anyone and everyone.

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