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Pant Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Pant Wildlife Sanctuary in Nalanda, Bihar (2024)


Among all the tourist attractions you visit, the ones which are associated with nature have a different impact on the entire trip. When it comes to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, the impact extends to a greater degree as they leave a strong impression of memories in our hearts. Therefore visiting a wildlife sanctuary is equally entertaining as well as an adventurous task. One of such popular wildlife sanctuaries is situated in Bihar, which is well known for its landscape and the presence of flora and fauna. Let us take a look at the Pant wildlife sanctuary of Bihar, situated in the Nalanda district. Pant Wildlife Sanctuary, Nalanda, BiharImage Source

An Introduction To Pant Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pant wildlife sanctuary of Nalanda lies connected to the Rajgir hills of Bihar. The plain is known for its thick range of forests and bushes, which was later transformed into the current shape, as the Pant wildlife sanctuary. The five major hilly terrains of Rajgir hills, known as Ratnagiri, Vipulgiri, Vaibhargiri, Songiri, and Udaygiri. The thick forests which lie in the foothills of Rajgir are home to a wide variety of species, both flora and fauna. The wild boar, Nilgai, red jungle fowl, Golden Jackal, Indian python, etc.

An Introduction To Pant Wildlife Sanctuary, Nalanda, BiharImage Source
All of these varieties of flora and fauna are safely protected and taken care of in the Pant wildlife sanctuary, with the help of the state government. The state government has also put forward a plan which ultimately turns the area around the Pant wildlife sanctuary into an eco-sensitive zone. The eco-sensitive zone covers the outer boundaries of the wildlife sanctuary up to the extent of three kilometers. Under this zone, all the forests, water bodies, and even the small temples are known to be popular and beautiful. There are many other zones, too, within the vicinity of the pant wildlife sanctuary.

Major Attractions of Pant wildlife sanctuary

Trekking is the major activity that the Pant wildlife sanctuary is well known for. It is followed by the safari through the sanctuary, which will take you through the deeper woods and the real beauty of the forests of Rajgir. The trekking is a commonly found adventure which the tourists prefer, especially because of the hills that surround the entire wildlife sanctuary. You can also spot a variety of birds and small animals during the trekking through the hills. Moreover, the jeep safari is the safest option to visit the wild animals, especially when they aren’t put in cages. There are also many other things like bird watching, which is also popular in the wildlife sanctuary.

Major Attractions of Pant wildlife sanctuary, Nalanda, BiharImage Source

Jungle Safari at Rajgir

The Pant wildlife sanctuary is a part of the Rajgir forests, and a massive jungle safari named Rajgir zoo safari is one of the best things about visiting the place. Here, the animals are not caged, and the tourists on the safari can spot these animals at any time during their safari. The safari also covers the other parts of the hills, which makes it a wonderful experience which you shouldn’t miss at Rajgir at any cost.

Jungle Safari at Rajgir, Nalanda, BiharImage Source

How To Reach Pant Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Road: An excellent road network leads you to the pant wildlife sanctuary, which can be even accessed from a really long distance, even from other states easily. To reach the Pant wildlife sanctuary, the tourists may travel to Patna, the capital of Bihar. From there, take a ride to Bihar Sharif and then to Nalanda. Rajgir is going to be the next pitstop for the tourists traveling via road, finally taking you to the Pant wildlife sanctuary.

By Rail: The Rajgir railway station located in the heart of Rajgir town is the closest railway station you can find, which is nearly just 4.7 km away from the Pant wildlife sanctuary. If you cannot reach the Rajgir railway station, it would be easier for you to reach the Patna railway station, or else reaching out to the Nalanda railway station might also work.

By Air: The Patna airport is the only and nearest airport you can find, which is recommended for the tourists who are traveling to Pant wildlife sanctuary. The Patna airport is located around 103 km away from the wildlife sanctuary, which is less than a three-hour on-road ride.


Without any doubt, the Pant wildlife sanctuary is a visual treat to tourists and travelers. This is something that only the foothills of Rajgir can offer where the tourists can simply wander through the massive woods of the hills. Surrounded by more and more hills, a journey to Rajgir and Pant wildlife sanctuary is true quite a unique experience. So if you are planning to visit the wildlife sanctuary, try to pick the winters or even the early summers when it is the best time to visit this place. So book your tickets and make a plan when it is safe to travel again.

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