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Osian Travel Guide

Osian Travel Guide: A Beautiful Desert Town in Rajasthan (2024)

Once in a while, when our daily monotonous routine starts taking a toll on us, all of us need a break to relax and rejuvenate. Sometimes a long vacation or just a quick getaway becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Are you also going through the same thing and planning to go somewhere new for a while and connect with the pages of history, watch rugged landscapes and spend some peaceful moments in the calm spiritual temples? If your answer is yes, then we have probably found just the right vacation destination for you. Located at a distance of approximately 65 km from the city of Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Osian is a beautiful desert town. Serving as the headquarters for Osian tehsil and Bikaner, this ancient city is one of the best tourist places to visit in Rajasthan for all the spiritual people who wish to go on a temple sightseeing spree. If this ancient desert city makes you curious, then you have definitely landed on the right page. In this Osian travel guide we have gathered some information about the place which you should know before actually visiting it for a memorable experience. Continue reading to know more! Osian Travel GuideImage Source

Why Should You Visit Osian, Rajasthan?

Are you still a bit unsure as to why Osian should be your next vacation destination? Don’t worry, we have got some quick pointers which will help in eliminating any kind of doubts you may have regarding the beautiful city of Osian. They are:

Why Should You Visit Osian, Rajasthan?
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  1. Remote Desert Life Experience: If you always had this fantasy of experiencing the desert life then, the city of Osian located right at the edge of the great Thar desert will give you a remote experience over here. The city with its rugged landscapes, glittering sand dunes and scenic views will cast almost a magical spell on you, making you addicted to the place. Be it the desert plants, the vast layers of sprawling golden sand or the gushing wand, everything about this desert city is just magical and breathtaking.
  2. A Land of Temples: You will also be pleased to know that being a home to a plethora of historic temples, this ancient desert town has earned the name of ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’. Home to a ton of stunning temples, out of which a plenty are well – known for their architectural magnificence and stunning designs, while some for their religious significance, exploring them is a treat for every traveller. Other than architectural brilliance, Osian is visited by a plenty of Hindu and Jain devotees as the place houses some of the shrines which are of utmost significance for the people of these religions.
  3. Adventure Activities: Apart from all the temple sightseeing in Osian, this ancient city also has a vast variety of enthralling activities to offer to its visitors as well. Some of the adventure activities you can indulge in when you are camping under the starry sky of the Thar desert, jeep safari and so on. Going on a jeep safari will allow you to explore the hidden areas of the desert, meet the locals, know more about the traditions and culture of the place and so on.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Osian?

The city Osian is easily accessible throughout the year and hence receives travellers from all over the country round the year. However, if you are looking for only the best experience, then it is recommended that you plan your trip to this top tourist place in Rajasthan in between the months of November and March. This is because during this period the place has a comparatively pleasant weather which proves to be perfect for all the sightseeing, exploration and adventure activities. Though the city experiences extreme temperatures in winters as well as summers but the summer season can get unbearably hot as sometimes the temperatures rise as high as 42 degrees Celsius.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Osian?Image Source

How to Reach Osian, Rajasthan?

It is natural for you to be worried about facing travelling issues while choosing a vacation destination and the stress level increases even more if you are a first – time traveller. However, if the place you are going to is Osian, then you can take a sigh of relief because this popular tourist place in Rajasthan is actually easily accessible from multiple means of transport without much hassle. You can reach it:

  1. By Air: Though there is no aerodrome in the city of Osian itself, the nearest airport to reach the city is located in Jodhpur. This airport is located at a distance of about 70 km from the city of Osian. Once you reach the airport, you can easily hire a taxi or catch a bus to reach the destination. The journey is not too long.
  2. By Rail: The city of Osian does not have a railway station of its own as well but the nearest railways station to reach the city is located in Jodhpur. This railway station is situated at a distance of just about 61 km from the city. The best part is that most of the major trains usually halt at this railway station, thereby connecting it to many cities across the country. Once you reach the station, you can easily take a cab or hire a taxi to reach your destination.
  3. By Road: You will be pleased to know that the city of Osian is well – connected via roadways as well. There are plenty of state – owned buses which travel from Jodhpur to Osian on a regular basis. Since they run frequently, you don’t have to worry about catching a bus. Other than that, since the roads are well – maintained, you can even travel by your personal vehicle.

What Are The Top Tourist Places To Visit In Osian, Rajasthan?

When it comes to sightseeing attractions, there is no dearth of them in the ancient city of Osian. The city is packed with a plethora of stunning temples which are well – known for this architectural brilliance, grandeur and religious significance throughout the country. Though there is a lot more to explore and do in the city as well but the temples here are the main highlight. Some of the top tourist places to visit in Osian are:

1. Sachiya Mata Temple

Perched on top of a hill, towards the north – east of the popular Mahavira temple, Sachiya Mata temple is undoubtedly one of the major sightseeing attractions to visit in Osian. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Sachiya Mata who is the wife of Lord Indra in the Hindu Mythology. This temple is of equal importance to people of Hindu and Jain religion. Placed a high, visitors have to climb a flight of stairs, about hundred steps to reach the temple. Although the mesmerising view which will greet you on the top, will be worth all the efforts.

Top Tourist Places To Visit In Osian, Rajasthan-Sachiya Mata TempleImage Source

Sporting myriad of intricate carvings and delicate sculptures, the sheer aura of this place has a magical effect on visitors. The temple complex houses a sculpture of Varaha or a boar who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and an image of Lakshmi-Vishnu.

  1. Total time to explore: You need about 1 to 2 hours to fully explore the place.
  2. Highlight of the place: Religious significance in Hinduism and Jainism
  3. Timings: You can visit this temple anytime.

2. Surya Temple

As the name can tell, this temple located in the Osian city is dedicated to the Sun God, Lord Surya. The temple complex houses a beautiful idol of Lord Surya. Other than that, one can also find idols of other Gods and Goddesses including Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga in the temple as well. If one looks closely, then they will be able to spot images of serpents around lotuses carved on the ceiling of the temple. There is also an open mandap around the temple which is often used for weddings and for performing other holy rituals. Owing to its mythological significance, this temple is also popularly referred to as the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’ and manages to attract the attention of devotees from far and away.

This temple is undoubtedly a top tourist place to visit in Osian and hence you should not miss visiting it on your vacation to the city.

  1. Total time to explore: You need about 1 to 2 hours to fully explore the place.
  2. Highlight of the place: Architectural resemblance to Surya Temple in Ranakpur, mythological significance
  3. Timings: The temple is open on all days of the week from 7 AM till 5 PM.

Osian proves to be a vacation destination where you not only get a chance to seek spiritual enlightenment and bathe in the true sense of divinity but also get to witness some magnificent views and indulge in adventure. Hence, it is not hard to guess why Osian is considered as one of the prime tourist places to visit in Rajasthan.

FAQ’s for Tourists Visiting Osian

Q1. Who All Should Visit Osian?

Ans. Osian is the perfect vacation destination for all those people who wish to visit a lot of temples, admire the architectural brilliance and want to experience desert life.

Q2. What Are The Top Places To Visit Near Osian?

Ans. The top places nearby are Jodhpur (about 55 km away), Khimsar (about 55 km away) and Bikaner (about 149 km away).

Q3. What Are The Eating Options In Osian?

Ans. There are limited eating options in Osian other than roadside stalls. Visit Jodhpur for delicious traditional delicacies.

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