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Paragliding at the Nilgiris - Amazing Place In Tamil Nadu

4 Amazing Places In Tamil Nadu That Combine Adventure With Natural Beauty (2024)

When you think of the state of Tamil Nadu, adventure is not the first word that pops into your head. Well, worry not because over the recent years, Tamil Nadu tourism has dramatically changed itself around, and today it is one of the top spots to visit if you are an adventure enthusiast, but at the same time want to get your fill of nature as well.

When you hear about Tamil Nadu, you are most likely to imagine a landscape dotted with beautifully sculpted temples. While you are not wrong and Tamil Nadu does have some of the most iconic temples in India, in between visiting temples, you can also head over to try out for some of the best adventure tours in Tamil Nadu.

There are many places in Tamil Nadu that brilliantly combine both adventure and natural beauty. Take the lovely hill station of Ooty, often known as India’s own Switzerland. The lush green surroundings and the expansive tea gardens of Ooty also contain many prime trekking spots. In fact, the trekking trail at Kotagiri is worth a visit just to see the many beautiful attractions that dot the trail. Catherine Falls and Elk Falls, and the Rangaswamy Pillar are just some of these attractions. Ooty is one of the best locations for combining adventure with natural beauty.

While you are the Nilgiri Mountains, don’t leave Tamil Nadu without trying out a session of paragliding. Paragliding will let you soar over this lush green landscape and provide a completely new perspective to this region. Tourists go back feeling refreshed with a new lease of life after trying trekking in the Nilgiris.

4 Amazing Places In Tamil Nadu That Combine Adventure With Natural Beauty

Let’s take a look at some of the top spots in the state that are ideal for adventure and nature lovers.

1. Kayaking and Canoeing at Sulur Lake

Located in Coimbatore, the Sulur Lake is a much sought after tourist location. This lake is famous for water sports and adventure activities. On any given day you visit Sulur Lake, you will find a hustle-bustle of activities going on. These include windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Amazing Place In Tamil Nadu-Kayaking and Canoeing at Sulur LakeImage Source

The Sulur Panchayat and many adventure and water sport foundations have gotten together to conduct activities at the lake at regular intervals. Not only do these foundations make the best use of the lake, but at the same time, they have taken on the responsibility of maintaining the lake and its nearby areas.

The Sulur Lake in Coimbatore is also perfect for going sailing to watch the sun come up or during the evening hours to catch the sunset. Sulur Lake is also a well-known bird-watching site, and you can spot many migratory birds here, including the Asian paradise flycatcher, wood sandpiper, and pelican.

2. Paragliding at the Nilgiris

The Nilgiris Mountain, also known as the Blue Mountains, stretching from the border of Karnataka and Kerala all the way to Tamil Nadu. This is one of the most preferred locations in all of South India for trekking, especially for first-time trekkers who want to begin on the easy slopes of Nilgiris.

Paragliding at the Nilgiris - Amazing Place In Tamil Nadu

Image Source

Apart from trekking, this amazing place in Tamil Nadu is also a popular spot for paragliding. While trekking is an old and established adventure sports in this area, paragliding is a new and upcoming one. There are already around ten pilots who are offering paragliding in the city, and more are being added every month. Nilgiris and Mettupalayam are fast growing in popularity as spots for aero sports in Tamil Nadu.

3. Trekking at Parambikulam

Apart from being famous for the Tiger Reserve, Parambikulam in Tamil Nadu is a delight for nature lovers. This well-protected region is surrounded by lush greenery and is rich in biological flora and fauna. The rich wilderness is home to many unique animals and birds. It is easy to spot various diverse species of wildlife and even rare insects in Parambikulam.

Best Place In Tamil Nadu-Trekking at ParambikulamImage Source

At the same time, this part of Tamil Nadu is also a hotspot for trekking and water sports. Trekking is another popular activity here. In fact, the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve offers several trekking programs and even jungle safaris to tourists. The Tiger Reserve offers various packages that include safari, river rafting, and trekking, where guests are taken into the protected jungles for various adventure activities. Not only can you explore the forests of Parambikulam, but at the same time, you can also try to catch a glimpse of a tiger itself. The Pugmark Trail, especially, is very popular here as people from all over South India come to this 10 kilometers trails that starts from Peruvaripallam Earth Dam. While trekking on the pugmark Trail, you can also pay a visit to the Kannimara teak, which is the world’s most massive teak tree, estimated to be 460 years old. This trail itself takes you through the gorgeous teak plantations, reaching Thunacadavu and then back to Anappady.

Another trekking trail you can opt for is the Bear Path Trail, which is a smaller 4-kilometer trail that begins from Nalayiram Point and takes you through the vast teak plantation this area is known for. If you are lucky, you may come across the pugmarks of the Sloth Bear as you reach near to the feeding ground of these bears. If you are trekking during the early morning hours, you might even catch sight of them feeding here.

The trekking trail at Seechali also passes through tall teak plantations flanked by bamboo groves in between. As you make your way through the path, you will ultimately reach open grasslands, which has a hidden pond as well. Abundant birdlife flocks through this pond area and migratory birds can be spotted here from December till June. This trail also ends at Anappady.

4. Rock Climbing at Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam

Just an hour and a half away from Coimbatore lies the Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam. The stunning Thirumoorthy Hills are an integral part of the Anamalai range of the Western Ghats and a top destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. This place is also home to the Thirumoorthy Temple, Panjalinga Falls, and the Thirumoorthy Dam, all of which are the major tourist attractions. The scenic view of the Thiurumoorthy Hills makes it the perfect destination for adventure sports like rock climbing.

Top Place In Tamil Nadu-Rock Climbing at Thirumoorthy Hills and DamImage Source

The site of Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam is a complete destination for all types of adventure sports activities, including water sports and rock climbing. If you want to take part in the rock climbing activities here, then you should head over to the Panchayat Boat House. There are plans in place to develop this area more, but not at the cost of causing harm to the natural beauty of the site.

The best time to visit Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam is between September to December, and if you have some time on your hands, then make sure to plan a trekking trip to the famous Panjalinga Falls. This is a 3-kilometer trek in the hills, and the view of the waterfall will make this trek worth your while. The Panjalinga Falls has been a major shooting spot for movies and the perfect location to get fantastic selfies and photos. Many nature photographers also come here to get the picture-perfect shots.

So if you want to break the monotony of your day to day life and want to indulge in some adventure sports, then head over to these popular destinations in Tamil Nadu, that combine adventure and a love for nature all in one. So get ready for an adrenaline rush and give wings to the wild spirit inside you. The beautiful land of Tamil Nadu offers everything a tourist could possibly want, making this state worth visiting.

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