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Belapur Fort: In the Heart of Navi Mumbai at CBD Belapur

Belapur Fort: In the Heart of Navi Mumbai at CBD Belapur (2024)

The Belapur Fort is in CBD Belapur in Navi Mumbai, the outskirts of Mumbai city. It is one of the few forts that the urban population of Mumbai can visit in a jiffy. Belapur fort is unique because it is one of the very few abandoned forts in the Mumbai and Konkan area. It has a storied history. Read on if you would like to know more about this site.

Historical Importance of Belapur Fort

The Belapur Fort has passed through many hands during its lifetime. Siddhi of Janjira built this fort. However, the Portuguese first conquered it. Later, the Marathas and the British ruled over it. For some reason, the British abandoned it, and since then, it lies in a dilapidated state, though it looks strong at its exterior.

Belapur is at the mouth of the Panvel Creek, which was the route to Pune, so it was a strategic point that everyone wanted to rule and conquer.
Experts say that Chimaji Appa named the fort Belapur, in gratitude when he conquered the fort and offered ‘Bel’ leaves to a local temple. 

Structures Inside the Belapur Fort

The Belapur Fort has no structures inside the fort. That is because the British not just abandoned, but destroyed most of the fort, in line with their policy of razing anything that was a Maratha stronghold.

When you reach the fort, you will need to cross a staircase that takes you to the main area of the fort. There is not much to see, as most of it is dilapidated now. There is a makeshift Shivling, but that is something of contemporary times and not from the ancient times. You can still see the ramparts and the fortifications. There is a little bit of a climb – a couple of rocks – to reach the top of the fort. You can see a full view of the Belapur city from the top.

The Belapur fort is a message to heritage lovers. Belapur fort was almost encroached upon by builders, but that now stopped because of citizen activism. The City and Industrial Development Corporation runs a Guest House inside the Belapur fort.

Tourist Experience of Belapur

Tourists can mark off this place from their list of fort tourism in Maharashtra because its a small fort, and there is not much to see. Apart from the fortifications, what you will see are the ruins. The entrance to the fort is very basically marked, and you do not feel the enthusiasm you would, visiting some of the other forts in the Mumbai and nearby areas. Going to the Belapur fort is not a trek, but you need to climb a slope.

People visiting the fort should be a bit careful and plan their trip here, as the road leading towards the fort is a silent road with little or no ongoing traffic. Also, it is not really a tourist location, so you will not find much of the presence of the authorities here.

Places Near Belapur

Belapur is in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai, which has several other places of historical and contemporary importance.

Parsik Hill

The Parsik Hill is a natural habitat right in the heart of Navi Mumbai. It has abundant nature and greenery and is a good photography point. The Parsik Hill is about ten minutes from the fort. 

Titwala Ganesh Mandir

Titwala Ganesh Mandir is a popular tourist spot in Navi Mumbai. Several local devotees and even tourists throng this place all through the year. The route from the fort to the temple takes more than one and a half hours to cover.  Famous Place Near Belapur - Titwala Ganesh Mandir

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Wonder Park

Wonder Park is an excellent option for families looking to spend quality time together. The Park has several rides to keep the children busy. You can also look at the various replicas of famous monuments all over. This Park charges for entry as well as for the individual rides, so it might end up being an expensive affair. Wonder Park is at 7 minutes from the fort.

Nerul Lake

Belapur is one of those rare areas that have a lake, so it makes sense to check it out when you are there. The authorities have maintained it well, and there’s two-kilometer walking stretch along for the lake. 

Inorbit Vashi

If you are looking for some contemporary experiences, have a look at the Inborbit Mall in Vashi. You can shop, you can eat, and you can have a great time in the Mall. The mall is fourteen minutes from the Belapur fort.  Good Place Near Belapur - Inorbit Vashi

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R City Mall

The R City Mall is another happening place in the Belapur Navi Mumbai area. The mall has enough places and experiences for you to spend a whole evening exploring.  R City Mall - Best Place Near Belapur

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Belapur Mango Garden

The Belapur Mango Garden is fourteen minutes away from the fort. The Garden has enough greenery to calm the senses. It is big enough for someone to take some long walks. The Mango Garden has a children’s area as well, so they can get busy while their parents can recharge their batteries.

Snow Kingdom

India is a country that has rarely experienced snowfalls and the life of people surrounded by ice. The Snow Kingdom in Belapur is an excellent choice to experience that.

These are the places that you can visit near the Belapur fort. To reach Belapur fort, you first need to reach Navi Mumbai. Several buses and trains connect Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. You take about two hours to reach Belapur from Mumbai. 

Belapur is connected to Pune as well, via buses and trains. The total distance between Pune and Belapur is about five hours.

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