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4 Best Untouched Beaches In Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) (2024)

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a small city located around 60 kilometers away from Chennai. The tiny town is known for having some of the most exotic and ancient temples, mysterious and magnificent rock caves, exquisitely sculpted carvings and sculptures, and its scenic beaches. All these extraordinary facts about this town have made Mahabalipuram an extremely popular tourist destination today.

Located along the East Coast Road, Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is an extremely popular weekend getaway for people who reside in Chennai. The long coastline of the town means there are several gorgeous and untouched beaches in Mahabalipuram. These beaches are a huge draw for tourists as unlike the overcrowded and commercialized beaches of Chennai, the pristine beaches of Mahabalipuram are less crowded, immaculately clean, and offer a wonderful getaway from the noisy and hectic city life. Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful sunrise and sunset views, the golden sands of Mahabalipuram are perfect for a romantic trip that involves lots of long walks on the beach. The beaches of Mahabalipuram are also ideal if you just want to get away from it all and simply sit and soak in the sun and the starry night sky.

There are several fishing villages near these beaches, and you will often find many fishermen at work on the shores. Enormous Chinese nets, other fishing equipment, and their huge boats make for perfect photography spots. There are also many massive rock boulders on these beaches that make a great hangout spot for having a picnic. There are also many sculptures and rock-cut caves located on these beaches. There are numerous water sports, Turtle walks, and other fun activities to indulge in on these beaches. What’s more, you can always take a walk to the nearby villages to get an authentic feel of the culture and cuisine of Mahabalipuram.

4 Best Untouched Beaches In Mahabalipuram (Mammalapuram)

Here are some of the best-untouched beaches in Mahabalipuram.

1. Mahabalipuram Beach

Also known as the Mamallapuram Beach, the Mahabalipuram Beach is nestled into the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It has several rock-cut sculptures that draw many tourists and is a popular photography spot. The beach is also famous for rock caves, massive rathas, and the Shore Temple, which is another huge tourist attraction in Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram Beach

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If you want a place to relax and take a break from the stress of your daily life, then the Mahabalipuram Beach is the perfect holiday spot for you. Both locals and tourists from far off flock to this beach to enjoy the beautiful view, tranquil atmosphere, and sunbathe in peace by the beach. This beach is perfect for windsurfers and those who love to swim as this is an ideal beach with perfect shallow waters that let you swim and surf.

If you want to explore the beach further, walk over to see the Shore Temple, which is one of the main attractions of Mahabalipuram. The Shore Temple was built by an ancient Pallava dynasty king by the name of Raja Simha. The strategic location of the temple on the Mahabalipuram Beach means it attracts a considerable crowd on holy days and during Hindu festivals.

The Mahabalipuram Beach is around 20 kilometers long, and there are many other beaches present along the same coastline. The best time to visit this beach is during the winter months of September to January. The Mahabalipuram Beach is also the spot for the dance festival that is organized every year by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department, and talented classical dancers from all over India come here to perform against the magnificent backdrop of the sea.

2. Covelong or Kovalam Beach

Popularly known as the Kovalam Beach, the Covelong Beach is located along the coastline of the Bay of Bengal in the town of Mahabalipuram. This beach is situated near the quaint little village of Covelong, from which the beach derived its name. Actually, the British changed the name of this beach from Kovalam to Covelong as they were unable to pronounce Kovalam.

The Covelong Beach is the perfect relaxing retreat nestled amidst silver sand and palm trees, and tourists from all over India come here to get a glimpse of the beautiful environment and to indulge the numerous water activities this beach is famous for.

In the olden days, the Covelong Beach used to serve as an important port for Carnatic Nawabs. In 1746, the beach was taken over by the French, and the Britishers took over from the French in 1752. However, the port was destroyed by the Britishers, and from there on, the beach was eventually transformed into a popular excursion and picnic spots in Mahabalipuram.

One of the unique draws of the Covelong Beach is that there is a Surfing School in the nearby village. This is India’s first surfing school, and there are many ‘on-the-spot’ classes you can sign up for to get a quick run-through of how to surf. You can also rent surfboards here are the school to practice at the beach.

As mentioned, the Covelong Beach is very popular amongst the youth due to the plethora of waters sports and other fun activities offered here. Some of the popular activities include jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, kayaking, windsurfing, waters skiing, kite surfing, knee boarding, wakeboarding, and paddle boarding. You will also see many young surfers seemingly flying on the perfect waves of the Bay of Bengal. If you don’t want to indulge in any activity and simply want to relax and watch the sunset or sunrise, then this beach is perfect for that as well. The beach is also famous for fishing as it is the primary occupation of the nearby villagers. You will see many small fishing boats dotting the horizon during the day till the sun goes down.

However, the ideal location and many water activities have made Covelong Beach a popular destination due to which it witnesses heavy footfalls every day. People from all over Tamil Nadu often flock here during the weekend.

Once you visit this beach, you will definitely not be able to stop yourself from collecting some of the colorful seashells that are spread out throughout the sand. Many people like to take some shells back as a souvenir and reminder of the lovely times spent on the Kovalam Beach.

3. Sadras Beach

The Sadras is actually an exclusive beach resort in Mahabalipuram, after which the beach has also been named. This white beach is well contrasted by the vibrant greenery around and is a sight to behold. The resort is located 13 kilometers outside of the town. If you want to venture a bit away from the beach, there are the ruins of an ancient Dutch fort and Dutch cemetery with some beautifully embossed headstones. The fort allows you to explore some fine Dutch architecture and history, which you won’t otherwise find in Mahabalipuram.

Access to the Sadras Beach is restricted to the guests of the resort.

4. Wide Beach

The Wide Beach is actually located on the way to Mahabalipuram from Chennai and is usually counted as a part of Mahabalipuram itself. This is a beautiful stretch of coastline where you will find many fisher folks. The beach is a photographer’s delight, especially if you want to catch a glimpse of the local life here.Wide Beach in Mahabalipuram

The beach is known for its beautiful rock sculptures and caves on the shore. This is a day visit from Chennai, and many people simply drive up to this beach to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Mahabalipuram has some of the most pristine beaches of Tamil Nadu, and they attract thousands of tourists each year. These beaches are idyllic for just lazing around on the shores or indulging in many of the fun-filled water activities that are a huge draw. Mahabalipuram’s entire coastline is about 20 kilometers long, and it is dotted with various beautiful beaches. The breathtakingly picturesque surroundings of all these beaches are what make Mahabalipuram the perfect beach holiday for tourists. What’s more, there are several ancient and historically important monuments placed on these very shores, and people often take out to time to visit the rock-cut caves and sculptures and temples to take in the craftsmanship of those times. The azure water of the Bay of Bengal, the golden yellow sands, and the placement of such historical monuments such as the Shore Temple and the Rathas amidst this setting truly makes for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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