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Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple - Bhadrachalam Temple

Visit Blissful Bhadrachalam: Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, Location, Timings, Legend, What to See in Bhadrachalam (2024)

Bhadrachalam is a beautiful town in Telangana. Bhadrachalam has been an important Hindu pilgrimage site for several years. People from all around the world travel to this majestic town. The mythical Lord Rama temple is a major attraction here. You can attain spiritual bliss in this town. The beautiful weather and the godly ambiance make Bhadrachalam a must-visit destination. Pilgrims and devotees visit it every year during festivals and holy months to be blessed by the divine Maryada Purushottam Lord Rama. Bhadrachalam is counted among the top tourist places in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple - Bhadrachalam TempleImage Source:

Where is Bhadrachalam Located?

South India is a treasure trove of divine temples. The beautiful town is situated by the holy banks of the Godavari river in Telangana. This is an immensely fertile land, and Lord Rama blesses the earth here. The ancient town of Bhadrachalam is located 300 kilometers from the hustling city Hyderabad. The neighboring cities and towns to Bhadrachalam are Khammam, Vijayawada, Suryapet, Warangal, and Visakhapatnam. The city is near Hyderabad and is connected to all major cities of India and the world.

Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple

The Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy temple is a prime Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu. The beautiful temple located in Bhadrachalam

is also revered as Dakshina Ayodhya. This Ayodha of the south, Bhadrachalam temple, houses the deity of highly revered Lord Rama. This is one of the most visited places in Bhadrachalam.

The popular legend is that Lord Vishnu transformed into Rama and answered Meru’s son Bhadra’s prayer. The main temple is divided into three beautiful parts. The first part of this ancient temple is believed to Bhadra’s head, and nearby, Lord Rama’s footprints can be seen. This temple architectural wonder perfectly depicts ancient Indian Hindu culture.

Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, Bhadrachalam

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The Legend of Bhadrachalam

An important pilgrimage destination of India, Bhadrachalam is a quaint little town. This town has its majestic Rama temple that has been a sacred spot for hundreds of years. It is located in the Khammam district and is one of the most visited Telangana locations.

This town has a beautiful history of Lord Rama. It documents the entire time that was spent in Bhadrachalam. The holy books depict that the temple was built in the 17 century CE.

The town in ancient times was a part of the Dandakaranya forest. This forest is where Lord Rama, Sita ma, and Lakshmana spent their exile.


The jungle and the temple is now part of Parnasala. This place has a rich ancient history. Parnasala is the place where Lord Rama built the cottage. It is also the place where the abduction of Sita ma happened. The temple is located 30 km away from this place.

Several elements of the town date back to the ancient era. The temples, the houses, and the culture here are reminiscent of the Ramayana era. Even the name of the town Bhadrachalam is after the magnificent mountain Bhadra. Bhadra, as the legend goes, was the holy child of Menaka.

Parnasala attracts devotees from around the world. The famous place where the hermitage was built is an epic amalgamation of culture and heritage. Many locals say that Agastya Muni helped Lord Rama to find this beautiful location.

What Can One See In Bhadrachalam?

This historic location has several beautiful temples. Bhadrachalam has long been a tourist favorite. The majestic temples that are the storytellers of our culture attract people. One can see on display the breathtaking scenes of the exile, the footprint’s of Sita maa, a sparkling array of Marecha the golden deer, and Ravana disguised as the hermit.

  1. Yetapaka: Also on display are the beautiful locations where Sita Maa bathed. Another must-visit site is the Yetapaka. This destination has a lot of historical weightage. It is the land of sacrifice and blood. This is where Jatayu, the future bravely, fought Ravana, who was abducting Sita Maa.
  2. Dummugudem: The holy land where Lord Rama is worshiped is the Dummugudem. This is the place where Lord Rama killed ferocious demons. This place is built on the ashes of those demons. The location is of great historical importance and narrates an essential chapter of Ramayana.
  3. Gundala Water Springs: At Gundala, one can see magnificent water springs.

The legend goes that the three gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, took a holy dip here.

How To Reach Bhadrachalam?

By Air: Hyderabad is the nearest city to Bhadrachalam. It is well connected with several metro cities around the country and the world.

  • You can take a direct flight from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry, and then from there, use public road transport to reach Bhadrachalam.
  • The distance between Rajahmundry and Bhadrachalam is 201 km.
  • All the major cities are well connected to Hyderabad, and several flights are scheduled throughout the day.

By Rail: Bhadrachalam doesn’t have its railway station, and therefore, you cannot reach it directly by rail. One can catch a train from Hyderabad or neighboring cities/towns to Dornakal. From there, you can get a government. The distance between Dornakal and Bhadrachalam is 106 km.

By Road: Bhadrachalam is well connected to Hyderabad and all other cities by road. You can go via Hyderabad – Nalgonda – Khammam – Bhadrachalam route. This is the shortest route, and it takes about 7 hours to reach Hyderabad.

One can also go via the Warangal Narayanpur route.

Temple Timings of Bhadrachalam

The holy temple of Bhadrachalam is open for all days of the week. The temple is crowded during festivals. Diwali and Dussehra are prime time in Bhadrachalam as devotees from around the world visit it. The entire temple is studded with beautiful flowers and lights. It’s a stunning scene that will give you a lifetime memory. The best time to visit Bhadrachalam is from October to February.

  • Morning – 4:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Evening- 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The bhadrachalam temple is closed from 5.30 AM – 7 AM, 11.30 AM-Noon, and 6 PM – 6.30 PM every day.


Bhadrachalam is a beautiful town housing centuries of ancient history. This place is a complete treasure trove of stories and wisdom. Visit this pilgrimage town and get lost in the divine era of Lord Rama. This is your ultimate spiritual nirvana destination. Thus, Bhadrachalam is one of the best places to visit in Telangana.

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