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Jurala Dam-Tourist Destination of Telangana

Jurala Dam-Tourist Destination of Telangana, Just 166 Kms from Hyderabad (2024)

About Jurala Dam, Its Location & Significance

Located at a distance of about 10 kilometres from Kurvapur village in the Mahbubnagar district of Telangana, the Jurala project also known by the name of the Priyadarshini project is considered as one of the frequented
tourist places in Telangana. Lying over the Krishna river, the reservoir is estimated to be at a level of about 1045 feet. Inaugurated in the year 1995, this power project is believed to have a capacity of 11.94 TMC. The water from the Kurvapur Kshetra river joins into the waters for this project. Since it is not yet considered as a landmark tourist destination such as Charminar, not many of you would be familiar about the attraction as well as the place.

Jurala is a place that is located at a distance of around 60 kilometres away from the Mahbubnagar town. You can find it nestled somewhere between the Atmakur and Gadwal towns. However, you don’t have to worry much because the destination is pretty much accessible by road. Another fact which one may not know is that the river Krishna enters the Telangana state from the Mahbubnagar district. One of the things which makes Jurala Dam even more special and important is the fact that it is the only hydroelectric project in the entire state of Telangana that is known to have water throughout the year. This is the reason why Jurala dam is not only considered one of the important tourist places in Telangana but also has an importance nationally as well.

Jurala Dam-Tourist Destination of Telangana

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Want to know more about this iconic dam in Telangana? If yes, then you have arrived at just the right place because in this article we have already sorted out all the important information about the dam. Continue reading!

History of the Jurala Dam:

Situated at a distance of about 10 km from the Kuravpur area of Mahabubnagar, the Jurala Dam was constructed in the year 1995 on the river Krishna. Also known popularly by the name of Indira Priyadarshini Project, the foundation of this prestigious dam was laid by Mr. Tanguturi Anjaiah and he was also the person who gave this project its name in the form of ‘Priyadarshini project’. Right from its establishment, this dam has been of great importance and offers many benefits, especially to the inhabitants of the city.  History of the Jurala Dam

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Statistics of the Jurala Dam:

Constructed and maintained by the Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Ltd, the power project – the Jurala dam is believed to have a full reservoir level of about 1045 ft. it is even blessed with a full capacity of around 11.94 TMC. The length of the project is estimated to be around one kilometre, while the height is said to be about 27.80 metres.

Benefits of the Jurala Dam:

Other than being one of the major tourist places in Telangana, especially in the Mahabubnagar district, the Jurala dam boasts of having a number of other benefits as well. For instance, you will be surprised to know that the left and right canals of this power project are known to supply water to thousands of acres of Agricultural lands. It is also believed that they even are responsible for providing drinking water in a plenty of nearby located villages as well as towns. Another benefit of Jurala Dam is that, through the Hydro electric project power is being generated which is further shared with the Karnataka State.

Places To Visit Near The Jurala Dam:

You don’t have to reserve a complete day out of your schedule just for visiting Jurala Dam because there are many fun tourist places in Telangana that lie nearby. You can easily combine them together along with Jurala Dam to make the most out of the trip. Some of the tourist attractions nearby are:

  1. Chandraghad Fort: Located at Chandraghad village in the Mahbubnagar District of Telangana, this is a picturesque fort. Built during Peshwas, the fort lies on the banks of river Krishna. Once constructed to store the grains and taxes that were collected from the people, today people from far come to see it as a sightseeing destination. Now, the fort offers just the remains of the protective walls, gateways and plenty of ruined buildings. Distance from Hyderabad: 163 km away  Best Place To Visit Near The Jurala Dam - Chandraghad FortImage Source
  2. Sri Ramalingeshwara Temple: Located right inside the Chandraghad Fort itself, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are a number of serene water bodies that exist inside the fort as well. Visitors are required to walk for about one km from the nearest road point to trek to the top of the hill for visiting it.  Great Place To Visit Near The Jurala Dam - Sri Ramalingeshwara TempleImage Source
  3. Deer Park: At a distance of just 1.5 kilometres from the reservoir, visitors can go and explore the Deer Park. The park boasts of being a home to over 100 deer.  Top Place To Visit Near The Jurala Dam - Deer ParkImage Source
  4. Nearby Temples: If you want to add a touch of spirituality in your journey there a number of good temples that lie nearby the Jurala Dam. Many travellers go to visit these temples to pray and pay their respects. Some of these temples are:
    1. Ramalayam Temple: It is located in the Project colony.
    2. Parthasaradhi Temple
    3. Korakonda Gattu Temple
    4. Chintharevula Temple

Best Time To Visit The Jurala Dam:

Though you can visit the dam any time throughout the year but if you want to have the best experience, then it is recommended that you plan your trip during the monsoon season. This is because during the monsoon season the water is released from the dam and the whole place is at its peak glory.

Distance From Hyderabad:

The Jurala Dam is located at a distance of nearly 166 km away from Hyderabad and 60 Kms from Mahboobnagar.

How To Reach The Jurala Dam?

  1. By Air: nearest airport is the RGIA – Hyderabad Shamshad Airport
  2. By Train: nearest railway station is Gadwal
  3. By Road: Road transport facility is easily available from town  How To Reach The Jurala DamImage Source

Tourists from the entire country come to visit Jurala dam. Make sure you also visit this dam during your vacation!


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