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Visit Pochera Waterfalls - The Deepest Waterfall in Telangana

Visit Pochera Waterfalls – The Deepest Waterfall in Telangana (2024)

Located 266 km away from Hyderabad, Pochera Waterfalls in Adilabad is one of the top tourist attractions in the state of Telangana. Even though the Sahyadri mountain ranges are home to many waterfalls, Pochera Waterfall is one of the most significant ones because of its secluded location and picturesque surroundings. The waterfalls can be easily accessed from Nirmal and Adilabad. Having a height of 20 meters, Pochera falls is created out of the rivulets of water that merge here after coming from the Godavari river. What makes the Pochera Falls unique are the streams that merge and meet together at a platform located on the top of a mountain here. What will amaze you here are the dense forests of the Sahyadri range that remains in the background to the waterfall. The temporary lake on the top of the mountain is definitely worth witnessing. Attracting thousands of visitors every year, Pochera Waterfall is undoubtedly one of those spots that you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Telangana. After being discovered in recent times, this waterfall is the perfect place to unwind yourself in a natural setting. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for you to soothe your soul, this waterfall ensures that you find a sense of harmony in the gushing waters.

Visit Pochera Waterfalls - The Deepest Waterfall in Telangana

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The presence of flora and fauna along with thick vegetation make the surrounding environment even more appealing. What adds to the natural beauty here is the synchrony of tweeting birds and the sound of the water. The scattered rocks here are the best spots for tourists to sit and relax. What will truly refresh your mind here is the cool mist of the falling waters. The waterfall remains at its best during the monsoon months when the rain waters make the surrounding greenery even more gorgeous.

How to Reach the Pochera Waterfalls?

There are a couple of ways to reach the Pochera Waterfalls. Whether you are traveling by train or cab, here are some of the best ways to reach the Pochera Waterfalls in Telangana.  How to Reach the Pochera Waterfalls

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By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport. Located at 316 km from the airport, Pochera Waterfalls can be easily reached in 5 hours by car.

By Cab: If you are traveling from anywhere within Telangana, the best way to reach the Pochera Waterfalls is to hire a cab.

By Train: Located 49 km away from the Adilabad Railway Station, Pochera Waterfalls can be reached either via Nirmal or Adilabad. While the route via Nirmal requires you to travel 43 km, the Adilabad route is around 55 km. It should take roughly an hour for you to reach the Pochera Waterfalls from the Adilabad railway station.

Why Should You Visit the Pochera Waterfalls?

Visitors from different parts of the state come to the Pochera Waterfalls to experience this enthralling waterfall that is surrounded by spectacular nature. Here are some of the reasons that will help you to understand why you must visit the Pochera Waterfalls:  Why Should You Visit the Pochera Waterfalls

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  • The Deepest Waterfall: Pochera Waterfalls is the deepest waterfall in the state with great width and height. The waterfall adorns itself with a scenic environment in a secluded setting. While many people come here to take a dip in it, you should be careful while doing so.
  • A Plunge Waterfall: Falling under the category of plunge waterfalls, Pochera Waterfall is made of small streams that are created because of the Godavari river breaking after flowing through the Sahyadri mountain range. All these streams come together to meet at a point that is roughly 20 meters above the falls.
  • Roaring Waterfall: Having the capacity to hold a huge amount of water, Pochera Waterfalls is known for roaring at a high pitch. The waterfall can get a little scary too at night because of the noise and the moon lighting up the surrounding place.
  • Hard Granite Bed: Because of being made of hard granite, the waterfall bed is able to withstand the gravity and elasticity of the waterfall.
  • Surrounding Lush Greenery: The lush greenery that surrounds the waterfall is home to many different species of birds, insects, and reptiles as well. The appealing greenery here makes this waterfall unique.

What Is The Best Time to Visit Pochera Waterfalls?

To experience the Pochera Waterfalls at its best, you must visit the fall during the months of monsoon. Or, you can also visit the waterfall during the post-monsoon months between August and December. The seasonal shower makes the waterfall even more attractive.

Places to Visit Near the Pochera Waterfalls

  • Kuntala Waterfalls: Located at a distance of 18 km from the Pochera Waterfalls, Kuntala Waterfalls is a significantly important waterfall that you must visit during your visit to Telangana. Being the highest waterfall in the state, Kuntala Waterfalls is known for its scenic beauty. After originating from the Ladam river, the water here plunges from a height of 150 feet. This waterfall has been named after Shakuntala who fell in love with King Dushyanat at the site of the waterfall.  Best Place to Visit Near the Pochera Waterfalls - Kuntala WaterfallsImage Source

Location: Kuntala Khurd, Neradigonda, Mandal, Telangana 504203, India

What Are The Best Accommodation Options Near Pochera Waterfalls?

If you are planning to stay near the Pochera Waterfalls, you will have to either stay in Nirmal or Adilabad. Both of these places have a wide variety of accommodation options.


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