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Gorakhnath Temple - Must-Visit Sightseeing Destinations in Gorakhpur

Visit Gorakhpur: 6 Must-Visit Sightseeing Destinations in Gorakhpur (2024)

About Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is one of the popular cities of Uttar Pradesh, which has a set of wonderful tourist destinations to visit and enjoy a pleasure trip.

Gorakhpur is well known for its history, ranging from Hindu mythology to the pre-independence era of the country. Most of the tourist attractions of Gorakhpur are also associated with these factors as they are related to the Hindu mythology of Vishnu Purana to the Freedom fight against the British regime. To learn more about the attractions of Gorakhpur, let us take a look at some of these magnificent sites which deserve to be visited in Gorakhpur.

Visit Gorakhpur: 6 Must-Visit Sightseeing Destinations in Gorakhpur

1. Gorakhnath Temple

The temple of Gorakhnath is one of the most prominent places of worship, according to the followers of the Hindu community. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Lord Gorakhnath, the savior and protector of the pilgrims who seek blessings from him. The temple has a close connection to the Vishnu Purana, where the community of Yadavas, the cowkeepers, worshipped Lord Gorakhnath as their deity. Gorakhnath Temple - Must-Visit Sightseeing Destinations in Gorakhpur

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Apart from its mythological prominence, the temple is built in a wonderful complex that indeed pleases the mind. The marvelous architecture and picturesque of the temple, too, makes it more attractive.

2. City Mall

Looking for a wonderful shopping experience in Gorakhpur? Just head straight to this top-notch shopping mall of Gorakhpur, which is also one of the most visited attractions in Gorakhpur for all kinds of shopping needs. From domestic to international brands, the City Mall has everything to offer that a shopper is in search of.
Must-Visit Sightseeing Destination in Gorakhpur-City Mall
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Moreover, the Food Court provides some extremely delicious local cuisines and other dishes, which makes it a major hub for food lovers too. The mall is located in the heart of the city, making road transportation easy and convenient.

3. Railway Museum

The railway museum of Gorakhpur is indeed one of the primary attractions of the city. It is a magnificent place to hang out with your friends and family, especially an entertaining cum learning experience for the kids. The museum has a good collection of Antiques related to the Indian railways and a brief portrayal of the history of Indian railways.

Sightseeing Destination in Gorakhpur-Railway Museum

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One of the major attractions of the Gorakhpur railway museum apart from the antiques is the spectacular restaurant set up in a railway theme. The good is exceptionally great, and along with that, the tourists will get to experience a nice ambiance around.

4. Vindhyavasini Park

If you are tired of the day’s travel and looking for a place to relax outdoors, or looking for a place to go jogging in the morning, the Vindhyavasini park of Gorakhpur is undoubtedly the best hangout place for that.

Must-Visit Destination in Gorakhpur-Vindhyavasini Park
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Lush green lawns and gardens, separate play area for the kids, jogging track, picnic spots, etc., finely portrays the Vindhyavasini park of Gorakhpur. It is also close to the city, which makes it accessible at any time of the day. The site is also ideal for clicking photographs as there are many picturesque locations and sights you can cherish and enjoy.

5. Kushmi Forest

The Kushmi Forest of Gorakhpur is a mini wildlife sanctuary, which is a must-visit place if you are a nature lover who is into some exploring and adventure stuff. The place is located on the outskirts of the city of Gorakhpur, but totally worth a visit when you are in town.

Amazing Destination in Gorakhpur-Kushmi Forest

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Surrounded by a thick forest area, followed by harmless animals and a beautiful landscape, Kushmi Forest also has a park and a mini zoo inside its area. It is a beautiful place to visit with your friends and family, and especially it will be a treat for the kids.

6. Ambedkar Park

B R Ambedkar is one of the most respected personalities, who is also known as the father of the Indian Constitution. The Ambedkar Park of Gorakhpur is dedicated to his service to the nation, and it’s legislative reforms. The Park has a number of statues of the popular social reformers of India, thereby commemorating their services.

Top Destination in Gorakhpur-Ambedkar Park

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The Park also has a huge lawn where the tourists can sit, relax, and spend some time in peace. The construct is made of marble, where you can witness some paintings and sculptures denoting the major events that led to the national reformation.

How To Reach Gorakhpur?

By Road: Gorakhpur has very good road connectivity to all the major cities of Uttar Pradesh, which extends to all prominent parts of North India. A good range of State and National Highways pass through the city, which makes road transport much easier. The state-owned buses also cover a major part of Uttar Pradesh from Gorakhpur.

By Rail: The city of Gorakhpur is the zonal headquarters of the northeastern railway, which makes it a major railhead in Uttar Pradesh. It makes Gorakhpur one of the cities of North India with excellent railway connectivity to all parts of India. Therefore Railways are a preferable option for the tourists traveling to the city as it is considered as extremely comfortable and convenient.

By Air: Gorakhpur has an airport facility that has decent connectivity to all major airports of the country. If you are covering quite a long distance, you can also opt for the nearby airports like the Lucknow airport, or even the Varanasi airport, which has a more extensive reach all over the country. Since these cities are well connected via road, this is an ideal option.

FAQs for Tourists Planning to Visit Gorakhpur

What Is Gorakhpur Famous For?

Gorakhpur is famous for a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from places of worship like the temple of Gorakhnath to the places of leisure like the gardens and parks like Ambedkar Park and Kushmi Forest.

How Far Is Gorakhpur From Nepal?

Gorakhpur is a city that is quite close to the borders of Nepal. The city is nearly 165 km away from the Nepal border.


Gorakhpur and the temple of Gorakhnath especially are among the top tourist attractions, not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the whole of North India. Try visiting these beautiful sites whenever you are making plans for Gorakhpur from anywhere in the world.

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