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Morni Hills - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Panchkula

Visit Panchkula: 12 Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Panchkula (2024)

Panchkula is a city which lies in the heart of Haryana. The name Panchkula means “panch”: five and “kula”: canal. The town joins itself with Chandigarh, Mohali, and Zirakpur. According to Panchkula’s history, you would get to know that this place was under the Gupta Dynasty, accompanied by the rule of the famous Mughal dynasty and the mighty Chauhans. The Indian Army’s western command has its headquarters located in this region of Chandigarh city. Panchkula, along with Chandigarh and Mohali, are better known as Chandigarh Tri:city.

Visit Panchkula: 12 Amazing Sightseeing Destinations in Panchkula

The city is in the Panchkula district of Indian state Haryana. Its community enjoys the thickest forest cover in the entire territory. Panchkula forms part of a continuous area with the union territory named Chandigarh and Mohali.

  1. Cactus Garden: While traveling to Chandigarh, you should plan to visit Cactus Garden; it is a place you must visit. It is one of Asia’s most significant botanical gardens, spread over 7 acres, a vast mass. This land is enriched and devoted to rare and endangered species. Majorly consists of natural 160 species and houses beautiful plants of Aloe Speciosa and Aloe Ferox varieties. The garden consists of almost all the species of Cactus in it. While wrapping the content, I would say that the Cactus garden is a place you must visit in Panchkula for an enriching experience.
    Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Panchkula-Cactus Garden
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  2. Garden of Silence: The Garden of Silence’s location is at the end of the Sukhna Lake, located in Chandigarh and is about 9 kms from Panchkula. This place has a tranquil view of the Shivalik Range. The garden’s beautiful design comes under the guidance of an architect. The primary attraction is the massive statue of Lord Buddha, which denotes the peacefulness and silence in the garden. The Garden of Silence features The Statue of Lord Buddha seated in the center of the park with circular steps and lights around it.
    Beautiful Place to Visit In Panchkula-Garden of Silence

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  3. Morni Hills: Morni Hill’s name comes so because of a famous bird watching and trekking spot in Panchkula. It is located in the outskirts of Panchkula at a distance of about 35 kms from Panchkula. Some of the endangered bird species such as Wallcreeper, Bar:tailed tree:creeper, Kingfisher, Crested, Blue: Peafowl, Red jungle:fowl can be spotted here. Morni Hills - Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Panchkula Image Source
  4. Pinjore Garden: About 15 kms away from Panchkula is a famous spot named Pinjore Garden, which is also called Yajvinder Garden. Its spread over 100 acres of land, and its foundation was in the late seventeenth century. The creators had stylized it as a resemblance to the Shalimar garden in Srinagar. The third terrace has cypress trees and flowerbeds, which is leading to dense groves of fruit trees. The lowermost deck has an open:air theater, whose design is as a disc:like structure. It also consists of an open:air museum decorated by the Haryana State Directorate of Archaeology & Museums.
    Sightseeing Place to Visit In Panchkula-Pinjore Garden
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  5. Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula: Mansa Devi Temple is situated in the foothills of The Shivalik Mountain Range and spreads over 100 acres, which borders the village of Bilaspur, which is located near Mani Majra in the Panchkula, in the district of Haryana. It has maintained the holiness and spirituality of being an overwhelming shrine for worshiping shakti. The Shakti is the divine feminine innate of cosmic energy that is said to enforce the whole universe. The temple’s main attraction point is the sacredness of the temple and the tree:like banyan and peepal around which people tie sacred threads and wish for their success, future, and successful and happy life ahead. This temple looks like a new bride in the season of Navratri. Navratri is the Holy Hindu’s festival, which occurs twice a year for nine days.
    Must Visit Place In Panchkula-Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula
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  6. Nanda Sahib: Nanda Sahib, is the Holy place for Sikhs. It is located on the Shivalik Hills. Sikh Gurudwara, Nanda Sahib, is frequented by the followers of Sikhism and travelers and foreigners. It is engulfed with the bank of Ghaggar river and remarked as the place where the Guru Govind Singh halted after the battle of Bhangani in the sixteenth century from the Paonta Sahib to the Anandpur Sahib. While visiting the Gurudwara, you should not miss the essential Langar and recite the “Hukumnana,” the holy prayer of Sikhs.
    Must-Visit Attraction of Panchkula-Nanda Sahib
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  7. Ramgarh Fort: Ramgarh Fort is made by Raja Ram Chander, located at the top of the Shivalik Hills, and has an incredible backdrop of the Shivalik Range. Its is located at a distance of 9 kms from Panchkula. Ramgarh fort is one of the historical monuments which is now converted to a Luxurious Heritage Hotel. This fort’s location is like a one hour drive from Nalagarh.
    Amazing Place to Visit In Panchkula-Ramgarh Fort
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  8. Chokhi Dhani: Chokhi Dhani is a small village which is famous for its artwork and heritage culture. It is located on the NH:22 highway near Panchkula. Its arts and culture have resemblance to Rajasthan. It is like a miniature Rajasthan, which is made while keeping in mind the scenery of the rural Rajasthan picture. Its dwelling portrays rural India consisting of thatched home and pottery. Apart from all the architecture, it also resembles the food of Rajasthan. Every tiny detail embarkation is on in this Chokhi Dhani. It also hosts the performance and dance folks of Rajasthan every night and makes it a more elegant and beautiful site seeing destination at night. Its modernization is according to the comfort and luxurious experiences of the travelers. Besides all these things you can also enjoy sports like horse riding, camel riding.
    Nice Place to Visit In Panchkula-Chokhi Dhani
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  9. Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium: The Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium in Panchkula is a complex sports stadium which consists of a large area that can accommodate around 7000 spectators. This stadium is not only for cricket but also for several other sports such as football, hockey, and a golf course. The stadium has a threaded Golf pitch in the center of the ground and has a separate football and hockey path.
  10. The Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park: This Zoological Park is around 15.2 km away from the city of Panchkula. Here, you can get a glimpse of a wide variety of Flora and Fauna. If you want to look at “the royal Bengal tigers of Sundarbans,” you can see it here, and this zoo has around 950 animals in the zoo course.
    Magnetic Attraction of Panchkula-The Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park
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  11. Bhima Devi Temple: This temple’s location is in the Pinjore district of Panchkula. It’s about 10 km far from the Yadavindra garden situated in the Pinjore District of Panchkula. Alexander Cunningham found this place. He founded this during his explorations in the eighteenth century. This temple’s architecture includes the windows of the Bhadramukha, miniatures, turrets, scouting, and tilting figures of Pillars. This architecture indicates that the temple has been built in the North Indian architectural style. It also consists of a large number of sculptures depicting Shiva and Parvati. There are several social performances carried out. There you can also see floral designs, animal motifs, and musicians, and erotic scenes.
    Amazing Destination to Visit In Panchkula-Bhima Devi Temple
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  12. Panchkula Golf Course: One of the famous Panchkula Golf courses has been set up in 2003 and covers around 135 acres. It consists of 18:hole PGC. This PGC is affiliated with the Indian Golf Union (IGU) and run by Haryana Government. The club’s credit is as a home of fine professional golfers such as Jeev Milkha Singh. Jeev Milkha is the winner of the 2006 Asian tour Order Of Merit Winner, and he is also the First Indian to Compete on the European Tour and at the Masters. The Panchkula Golf club consists of a fine clubhouse with a swimming pool and a gymnasium. It has accommodation of about 2300 members.

Way to Reach Panchkula

The district of Panchkula is connected both with air and roads with cities and states. Panchkula’s nearest airport is the Chandigarh airport, while the closest train station in Panchkula is the Chandigarh station. On the way to Panchkula, several other nearby stations such as Chandimandir, Kalka, Kumarhatti. A road trip to this place would give you one of the best experiences of traveling around Haryana.

  • Via air: The town of Panchkula is arranged to nullify the inquiry on how to arrive at Panchkula. This delightful city is effectively available from all the significant urban areas and villages. Panchkula can be gotten to through aviation routes using the air terminal at Chandigarh. Various flight interfaces Chandigarh city with other significant pieces of the nation.
  • Via rail: One can easily reach the destination via railways as several trains offer direct services to the district.
  • Via road: Road is considered as best option to reach the town of Panchkula. It is one of the best ways to get to the city. Kalka (19 km), Ambala (46 km), and Chandigarh (11 km) are the few cities that can be reached easily via road.

Here, you can conclude that the whole journey will be auspicious for you. You will have great fun while traveling and sightseeing in the Panchkula district of Haryana.

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