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Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary - The Tiger Lands of Uttar Pradesh

Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary: The Tiger Lands of Uttar Pradesh (2024)

History of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the prominent sanctuaries in the Dudhwa tiger reserve trio of northern Uttar Pradesh. Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary is located on the border of Bahraich district, which shares its borders with Nepal. Other than Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, the Dudhwa Tiger reserve trio consists of Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dudhwa National Park.

If you plan a trip to the Dudhwa Tiger reserve, Katarniaghat is a must-visit place where both jungle and water safari is possible. Katarniaghat is home to several wildlife species and seasonal home for a significant number of migratory birds. It is also close to the Bardia national park located on the Nepal border.

Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary - The Tiger Lands of Uttar Pradesh

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The Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary came into establishment in 1975, and 12 years later, it also became part of the Project Tiger mission of the central government to save tigers. The area of Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary can be defined with its beautiful scenic attractions, the woods, and wetlands. Many endangered and rare species of animals and birds can be found here. Gharials, Rhinos, Indo-Gangetic dolphins in the adjoining river streams, white-backed vultures, etc. are some of the major attractions to explore here during your safari through Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary.

Safaris at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

A bunch of safaris and activities are available at Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, which you can enjoy to its core. Two major safaris are provided by the Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary officials, which includes a Jeep safari through the woods and a boat ride in the Girwa River. Let’s take a look at these two beautiful safaris you can try at Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary

1. Jeep Safari at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

A bunch of open-air jeeps is used for the jeep safari at Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary. This safari will take you through the best parts of Katarniaghat, which are ideal spots for tiger sightings, the primary attraction of this wildlife sanctuary. You will also get the chance to spot some Gharials, Swamp deer, etc. on the way. In case if you are not interested in going for a jeep safari or also want to try out another safari, Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary also offers you with an elephant safari through the woods of the sanctuary.

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The tall trees of the woods and the dense forests, all the significant grasslands & wetlands, are covered in this safari. It makes it a great adventure before visiting the waters of Katarniaghat, which has also got a lot more to offer to the visitors.

2. Boat Safari at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

A real boat safari through the waters of the river Girwa might turn into one of your most memorable experiences. A boat safari is not a standard part of the adventure safaris in most of India’s wildlife sanctuaries, but Katarniaghat is an extraordinary exception. You can spot the famous Indo-Gangetic dolphins along with some alligators, other wildlife on the banks of the river, and the mangroves, which are great eye-catchers.

Boat Safari at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

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How to Reach Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary?

The forests of Katarniaghat of Uttar Pradesh are indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience that comprises a lot of adventures, jungle and water safaris, and several wildlife sightings. Now let us peek at some of the modes of transportation to consider if you plan a trip to this beautiful upper Gangetic plain of UP.

By Road: The city of Lucknow is the biggest city that falls closest to the Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary. If you are from a long distance, it is recommended to reach Lucknow first and head to the district of Bahraich. Lucknow is nearly 205 km away from Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, and Bahraich is just an hour ride away from the sanctuary. There are also a lot of public transportation facilities available from Bahraich to Katarniaghat.

By Rail: There are four major railway stations near Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, which connects them both. The junctions of Kakraha, Bichhia, Nishangarah, and Murtiha are the adjacent railway stations to reach Katarniaghat. The nearest township, Gonda, also has a railway center connected with other major cities of Uttar Pradesh.

By Air: The nearest airport is located at Lucknow, approximately 215 km away from the Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary. You can easily reach Bahraich from Lucknow via road.

Food and Cuisine to Explore in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

It always feels good to have a bite of something before starting your jungle safari. More importantly, nothing can replace the feeling of some delicious varieties of food after a great safari. Take a look at some of the best restaurants in the Katarniaghat area, which serves the most exquisite food and ambiance.

1. Koieley Cottage and Restaurant

Koieley is one of the best restaurants to visit in the border town of Gulariya of Nepal, which is known for its location, scenic beauty around, and the best thing, the food. This food place is simply great for friends and family outings too, where you can grab some hot breakfast and brunch, perfect before the safari.

Food and Cuisine to Explore in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary-Koieley Cottage and RestaurantImage Source

2. Hotel Sunrise and Restaurant

Hotel Sunrise and Restaurant located at the Madhuwan region of Nepal is another excellent place around Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary with some wide varieties of food and beautiful ambiance. This place is ideal for a perfect dinner with impressive lighting and setups.

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Shopping Near Katarniaghat

Even though there are not many shopping spots to visit in Katarniaghat except some essentials, Bahraich is the nearest town with a variety of shops, more restaurants, food places, and some great hotels to stay in.


In short, Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary is an ideal getaway spot if you want to take a break and enjoy the winters in someplace beautiful and adventurous. Both the safaris here are enough to make your vacation a memorable one. Moreover, the Dudhwa Tiger reserve has two more wonderful wildlife sanctuaries and a national park to explore to its fullest. So plan your trip and pack your bags to this upper Gangetic plain when it is safe to travel again.

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