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Visit Ramkot: Major Places of Attraction in Ramkot and Activities to Do Near Ramkot, Ayodhya (2024)

The Ramkot region of Ayodhya province is one of the most visited tourist destinations and a major pilgrim destination in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from Ram Janmabhoomi, the region of Ramkot is simply an evident example that traces the life of Lord Shriram and his days at Ayodhya.

The Ramkot region marks an old-age citadel resembling an ancient civilization with immense religious, spiritual, and archaeological importance. Ramkot usually has many visitors; enthusiasts who want to learn more about the life of Lord Shriram have this wonderful place in their checklist.

Ramkot Ayodhya

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You can find the Ramkot region on the western side of Ayodhya. This place is rich in different types of vegetation and landscapes. The site has some amazing viewpoints from where you will get some breathtaking visuals of the place. There are also some temples of different deities and shrines there itself at Ramkot.

The story of Lord Sri Rama is an impressive, incredible, and inspiring one, which is a part of the scripture of Ramayana. The journey of the noble king Lord Shriram studied and understood by the devotees is the biggest attraction point for them.

History of Ramkot

Ramayana’s epic saga has always been a holy, sacred scripture for the members of the Hindu religious communities and a guiding and inspiring creation to the entire world. It is one of the most celebrated books the world has ever seen, created by the Saint – Valmiki, who lived during the times of Lord Shriram and got to know about his story.

The remains and belongings of the site of Ramkot have revealed its connection to the Hindu period of Treta Yuga, where Lord Vishnu took his seventh incarnation as Lord Shriram.

He took birth as the first son of Kausalya, who was the queen of the province of Ayodhya. Later he was sent into exile to make his brother, Bharata, the ruler of Ayodhya.
Lord Shriram, Goddesses Sita, and Laxman set on the journey through the woods where they encounter the demon of Shoorpanaka. After a fierce battle, Laxman defeats her, and as payback for this, The evil king Ravana takes Sita forcefully.

Rama’s fight against Ravana is the highlight of the scripture, which also has Rama’s victory over dark and evil. There are also the structures that once housed the remains of Lord Shriram there.

Major Places of Attraction in Ramkot Ayodhya

1. Ramkot Fort

The Ramkot Fort is undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Ramkot, where the shrine of Lord Shriram is placed and worshipped. The fort is the major tourist and pilgrim destination of this area, with thousands of devotees paying their offering and worshipping Lord Shriram every day.

2. White Monastery

One of the biggest and best tourist and pilgrim destinations of the Ramkot region of Ayodhya is the White Monastery dedicated to the worship of Lord Gautama Buddha. The monastery is well known for its wonderful architecture and artworks, which deserves a special mention.

3. White Gumba

White Gumba is another major place of worship dedicated to Buddhism’s religion and worships Gautama Buddha as it’s the principal deity. It is also among the major attractions you must visit in the Ramkot region of Ayodhya province.

4. Ichangu Narayan Temple

One of the most prominent Hindu temples in the Ramkot region as the deity of worship is Lord Vishnu himself in the form of Lord Narayan or Ichangu Narayan. The temple’s construction style and architecture are completely different from what you will see anywhere in India.

5. Red Monastery

Last but not least, the Red Monastery is also a Buddhist monastery which preaches the teachings and life of Gautama Buddha to the outer world. It is also a major pilgrim site to visit within the vicinity of the Ramkot region.

Places To Visit Or Activities To Do Near Ramkot, Ayodhya

1. Sugriv Parbat and Mani Parbat

Both of these hills carry a lot of importance in Ramayana’s scripture, where both hills are named after some prominent characters of the scripture. These hills are also a major part of the citadel, where you can enjoy sightseeing and minor hill-climbing activities in Ramkot.

2. The Eastern Ayodhya

Ramkot is the western side of the ancient Ayodhya province. The eastern side of Ayodhya has a lot more tourist and pilgrim destinations, which are more connected and associated with Ramayana’s tales. There are many tourist attractions in Eastern Ayodhya, which will be perfect for the next stop when you visit Ramkot.

How To Reach Ramkot, Ayodhya?

By Road: To reach Ramkot, the best option available for you would be to reach Lucknow’s town first. Lucknow would be an appropriate choice for your shopping and other activities before catching a ride to reach Ramkot. Ramkot is a developing township compared to Lucknow and doesn’t have enough facilities or services that suit you. It is just a 90 mins ride from Lucknow to reach this amazing citadel in Ramkot.

By Rail: Once again, Lucknow’s railway central is the prime railway station available for the tourists and pilgrims who are on their way to the temple township of Ramkot. Therefore you have to reach the Lucknow central station and pick a ride to Ramkot. Also, the Ramkot region is just 100 km away from the Lucknow Railway central. Even though Ramkot has a railhead, it is not well connected to the town.

By Air: The Bharatpur airport is the nearest airport to the historical citadel of Ramkot. It is just 106 km away from the region and easily covers the distance with the well-connected private and public bus networks running between.

Hotels To Stay In Ramkot

1. Nimisha Hotel

Nimisha hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in the Ramkot region, most preferred by the tourists and pilgrims for a great stay. It’s proximity to the different sites of attraction makes it a wonderful option for them to stay and spend the night here. They belong to a premium mid-range hotel with enough facilities and services for their guests. You can also find some good restaurants around the hotel, making your cravings for the local cuisine easily satisfiable.

2. Hotel Sukhdev

Hotel Sukhdev is a giant hotel by structure and a great place to stay if you are looking for an affordable mid-range hotel to stay in Ramkot. There are many rooms available here, along with great service from the staff and all the major amenities available. These make Hotel Sukhdevi a great pick to stay at Ramkot and easy to visit all the township’s major tourist and pilgrim destinations.

3. Gee Kay Grand Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel from the luxurious range of options available, Gee Kay Grand Hotel would be the first name to appear for you to stay in the Ramkot region of Ayodhya province. Even though it is quite distant from the Ramkot region center, the stay is worthwhile enough to cover the distance. Moreover, they will also arrange for the local transport which makes the task even easier.

Festivals Celebrated in Ramkot

The most auspicious occasion of Ramkot is the major festival celebrated here, which is none other than Ram Navami. The most special day is marking the birth of Lord Shriram in Ayodhya, which is celebrated majestically and wonderfully in both the town of Eastern Ayodhya and in Ramkot. Ram Navami is celebrated usually in March to April as per the calendar.


To know more and learn the roots of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana is a dream of Hindu individuals who are into the spiritual path. A trip to the township of the western Ayodhya, Ramkot, will be a fulfilling journey for. So if you are planning to visit Ayodhya, make sure that you pay a visit to the township of Ramkot too.

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