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Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Visit Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary : Places of Interest and Activities To Do In Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, UP (2023)

Visit Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary:

Nawabganj bird sanctuary is also popularly known as Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary. It is one of India’s most significant bird sanctuaries located at Kanpur and Lucknow province of Uttar Pradesh. Nawabganj bird sanctuary is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh and is preferred by several tourists to spend some quality time.

The Nawabganj bird sanctuary is a well-known home for a variety of migratory birds and other resident birds. Once, it used to be the primary hub of migratory birds from Northern parts, which was of more than 200 varieties! A lake occupies the sanctuary in the middle and wetlands and woods, a perfect habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

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Apart from a large variety of birds, you can also find a lot of other wildlife. The Nawabganj bird sanctuary also has a deer park and snake park, where both of them have some huge varieties of species, which adds to your idea of a perfect getaway destination. The Nawabganj wildlife sanctuary also offers a variety of activities and spots to visitors that are worthwhile and enjoyable.

Nawabganj bird sanctuary includes a magnificent boat ride through the lakes exploring the aquatic life and massive watchtowers in different spots, giving a breath-taking view of the sanctuary. In these various sighting hubs, you can spot a variety of birds and a lot more.

Let us take a look at these activities and all significant places to visit at Nawabganj bird sanctuary in detail.

Places Of Attraction and Activities To Do In Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary of Nawabganj is undoubtedly a part of India’s biggest bird sanctuaries and a highly preferred tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh. It has a lot more to offer than a small bird sanctuary. Read on to discover more about the places of attraction and activities to do in the Nawabganj bird sanctuary.

1. Bird Watching

Nawabganj bird sanctuary is a significant hub of seasonal migratory birds and other domestic ones who are the sanctuary’s soul. It has several watchtowers at prominent sanctuary locations, which are ideal for bird watching and sightseeing. Other bird spotting locations are also marked and guided for the tourists and bird lovers.

2. Boat Ride

An enjoyable boat ride through the lake is situated in the middle of the Nawabganj bird sanctuary, rich in all kinds of aquatic life. This lake is a home for a variety of marine birds, minor reptiles, and other species. Surrounded by lush greenery and plain waters ahead, this will be one of the most memorable boats rides you will ever experience with the birds’ chirping sounds.

3. Deer Park

Apart from the birds and bird watching activities, you can pay a visit to this excellent deer park, which houses the barking deer and spotted deer in large numbers. Deer Park is also a widely preferred location in the Nawabganj bird sanctuary, which witnesses a massive influx of tourists. Even though it is a small park, the ambiance here is just majestic.

4. Snake Park

If you are planning to add some adventure to your visit to the Nawabganj bird sanctuary, then you should visit this snake park where you can find a lot of varieties of snakes. From water snakes to the cobras and vipers, the Nawabganj bird sanctuary is where you can find different snakes when you take a trip to Uttar Pradesh.

5. Other Attractions

This is not it as Nawabganj bird sanctuary also offers a beautiful park for children, food places within its vicinity. Most importantly, a guest house for the tourists if you are planning to stay for a more extended period and spend some quality time here.

How To Reach Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary?

Nawabganj bird sanctuary of the Unnao district is close to Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, and Lucknow. Therefore the location is well connected with the other prominent cities in and around Uttar Pradesh, making transportation much more comfortable. Let us peek at some of the most commonly used modes of transportation to reach the Nawabganj bird sanctuary.

By Road: Nawabganj bird sanctuary is on a location that is equally distant from the cities of Kanpur and Lucknow. Both the cities are 45 km away from the sanctuary and well connected via road. It takes less than an hour ride to reach the sanctuary from Kanpur and Lucknow. Moreover, the National Highway makes it more accessible as both the cities are connected to the other cities located in and out of Uttar Pradesh. You can find a lot of public transportation services and hire a private cab or taxi to reach the destination safely and sound.

By Rail: The railway station of Kanpur is the nearest railway central to the Nawabganj bird sanctuary. The station is 45 km away from the sanctuary, which takes less than an hour to cover. You can find several public transport services connecting the cities of Unnao, Nawabganj, and Kanpur. Moreover, there are enough private transport services that can take you directly to the Nawabganj bird sanctuary.

By Air: When you are opting for air travel, the nearest airport to the Nawabganj bird sanctuary is the Amuasi Airport of Lucknow. The airport is just 35 km away from the sanctuary, and from there, you can find multiple public and private transportation services to reach the Nawabganj bird sanctuary.

Food and Cuisines to Explore at Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

You don’t have to go out searching for a nice restaurant or food place to taste the mixed delicacies of Kanpur and Lucknow as you can find a fantastic restaurant within the vicinity of the sanctuary. They serve different Indian cuisines, and the ambiance here is perfect for a hangout with food. Multiple stalls serve fast meals and snack varieties, which you can enjoy the non-stop tweeting of birds.

Shopping in Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Multiple small stalls sell the essentials like binoculars for your trip to Nawabganj to explore the sanctuary. If you are planning for a significant shopping, you can either visit Lucknow or Kanpur or both the cities with better markets and shopping malls to satisfy your cravings.


Nawabganj bird sanctuary is undoubtedly an excellent destination for bird watching and other leisure activities. It is a beautiful getaway place where you can enjoy and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Whenever you plan to visit Kanpur or Lucknow, keep the Nawabganj bird sanctuary plans on when it is safe to travel again.

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