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Chakratirth - Place to Visit in Naimisharanya

Naimisharanya Tourism: History, Places to Visit, How to Reach Naimisharanya in UP, FAQs (2023)

About Naimisharanya:

Naimisharanya, a province of Uttar Pradesh, has always been popular for its religious destinations for the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. The pilgrim attractions in Naimisharanya are simply overwhelming and is visited by millions of pilgrims and tourists round the year from all over the world. Among all of its temples and other religious places of attraction, we are going to take a look at one of the most popular temples of Uttar Pradesh which is dedicated towards the worship of Lord Vishnu – Naimisharanya.

History of Naimisharanya

The legend behind the origin of Naimisharanya is a well-known story in the scriptures of Hindu mythology. According to the scriptures, sage Narad was assigned with a task to find the purest water body in the universe and his search ended at the forests of Naimisharanya where he found the best water body in the universe.

The story behind the origin of the Naimisharanya is associated with the king of devas, Lord Indra, who was overthrown from the power by a demon named Vritra. Vritra had obtained a boon which made him resistant to all the existing weapons in the universe. Lord Vishnu advised him to meet sage Dadichi as in order to kill Vritra, and he should yield a weapon made from the bones of sage Dadichi.

Following his advice, Lord Indra met Dadichi. Dadichi agreed to help him, but before that, he wanted to satisfy his wish of going on a pilgrimage to all holy water bodies on earth. To save the time and effort, Lord Indra combined the waters of all present holy rivers to the water body of Naimisharanya. This way, Lord Indra was able to yield Vajrayudh, which he used to kill Vritha and reclaimed his position.

Places to Visit in Naimisharanya

1. Chakratirth

Chakratirth is the prime pilgrim destination in Naimisharanya which has a lot of mythological tales revolving around it, adding to the eminence of the site. According to the legend, Lord Brahma created the Chakratirth for the sages who wanted to perform penance at the holy waters of the world. It is also believed that Chakratirth beholds the sanity and holiness of all the sacred waters of the world. The tourists can visit the place round the year and the best time to visit the Chakratirth would be in the winters, between the months of October and March.

Chakratirth - Place to Visit in Naimisharanya

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2. Dadhichi Kund

Dadhichi Kund is another important site of pilgrim attraction in Naimisharanya. This place is also known for its beautiful picturesque and greeneries around, making it a breathtaking sight for the tourists. According to the Hindu scriptures, sage Dadhichi gave up his life and donated his bones to Lord Indra to build the mightiest weapon of Vajrayudh. Using the weapon, Lord Indra killed the demon named Vritha in the battle and reclaimed his throne. His service to humanity and gods made this place divine, and it is also believed that taking a bath in this pond is sacred. This place usually gets flooded with a lot of tourist influx during winters and is open for the pilgrims round the year.

Place to Visit in Naimisharanya-Dadhichi Kund

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3. Lalita Devi Temple

The deity of Lalita Devi is among the prime deities worshipped in Naimisharanya. This temple is also known as an architectural marvel, is a prime interest of the archaeologists too. As per the Hindu mythology, Lalita Devi temple is also considered as one of the Shakti Peethas which are dedicated to the worship of Goddesses Sati. The temple witnesses a lot of influx during the winters, between the months of October and February.

4. Pandav Kila

The Pandav Kila of Naimisharanya is another major tourist destination to visit here. The fort is closely associated with the Hindu epic of Mahabharata which portrays the story of Pandavas and Kauravas. The fort is named after Pandavas who were sent on exile by the Kauravas, and the belief is that during the period of exile, the Pandavas used to reside in this fort. This fort is also believed to be built by the Pandav ruler, King Virat. The tourists can visit the fort on any day, and the winters are recommended as the best time to visit the fort.

How to Reach Naimisharanya?

By Road: The road connectivity is not at all an issue if you are opting for private modes of transport to reach Naimisharanya. The place is very well connected to the national highways too, which makes road transport easy. Moreover, the public modes of transportation like buses are also easily available from the adjacent major cities like Lucknow, Sitapur, etc.

By Rail: The railway junction of Sitapur is the one located close to the city of Naimisharanya. The Sitapur railway junction is also very well connected to the other railway heads of Uttar Pradesh and adjacent parts of North India. If you are planning to travel a long distance, it would be better to opt for the Lucknow railway central whose rail lines are very well extended to all parts of the country.

By Air: The city of Naimisharanya does not have an airport and the nearest airport to the city is in Lucknow, which is nearly 107 km away. You can easily board a taxi from Chaudhary Charan Singh airport of Lucknow to reach Naimisharanya within 2 hours. Since it is an international airport, it is possible to travel domestically and abroad and vice-versa with the utmost ease.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tourists Planning to Visit Naimisharanya:

1. Why is Naimisharanya Famous?

Naimisharanya is famous as a popular religious and pilgrim destination which is closely associated with the tales of Hindu mythology. The major pilgrim sites of Naimisharanya is known for their water bodies and the advent of Hindu sage Dadhichi who sacrificed his life for the greater good of humanity. It is also believed that the holy water bodies of Naimisharanya have the power to wash off the sins that people have committed in the present and their past lives. These are some of the reasons behind the popularity of Naimisharanya.

2. Where is Naimisharanya Situated?

Naimisharanya is a district town located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest states of North India. The district town of Naimisharanya is also popularly known by the names of Neemsar, Nimsar, Nimkhar, etc.

3. How Far is Naimisharanya from Ayodhya?

One of the most prominent cities of Uttar Pradesh and a famous tourist and pilgrim destination of North India – Ayodhya is located nearly 180 km away from the town of Naimisharanya. Both of these religious sites are very well connected via roadways, and it nearly takes 3-4 hour journey to reach Naimisharanya via road.

4. How Can I Go To Naimisharanya from Lucknow?

Lucknow is one of the closest cities to Naimisharanya, which is a major one and both of these places are very well connected via roadways and railways. Lucknow is located nearly 100 km away from Naimisharanya, which can be covered in less than two hours. Moreover, the National Highway connects these two places easily.


In short, Naimisharanya is a wonderful weekend getaway for experiencing a divine and adventurous trip. Since it is a prime pilgrim attraction of Uttar Pradesh, it’s best to visit the place during the winters where you can experience the real beauty of the site. So plan your trip to Naimisharanya, when it is safe to travel again.

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