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Henry’s Island - Place in Bakkhali for Every Wanderlust Travelers

6 Places in Bakkhali for Every Wanderlust Travelers (2024)

One of the most beautiful and underrated regions of Southern Bengal, Bakkhali is a great place for a quick vacation. Located in the deltaic region of West Bengal, Bakkhali is quite different from the rest of the seaside sites in India. There are several islands located throughout Bakkhali that makes it so special. Even though this idyllic place is quite popular among people from West Bengal, for the rest of India, it is pretty hidden. A massive part of these wonderful islands is part of the Sundarbans. They are located by the majestic Bay of Bengal. One of the strangest things about Bakkhali is its crescent-shaped beach. Like the beach, if facing South, its beauty is even more magnified. You will be surprised to know that there are only a few crescent-shaped beaches in the world and Bakkhali is among them. The major beach in Bakkhali is around 8 km long.

It starts at Bakkhali and ends in Frasergunj. As the waves in this part of the Bay of Bengal is not that high or intense, many people love to swim in the sea. Many even prefer to walk for a long time following the breathtakingly beautiful beach. As this part of Bakkhali has hard sands, cycling or jogging there is not a bad idea. Some people even go for a lovely drive. It is one of the most romantic places in West Bengal.

Bakkhali is popular among families, friend groups, and couples. Till now, this site is not as popular as other major tourist sites in West Bengal like Darjeeling, Digha, Kalimpong, and others. That is why it is comparatively secluded. If you want a peaceful vacation, Bakkhali can be a great option for you. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best places to see in Bakkhali in depth. These sites will offer you a relatively newer experience in your life. Although a trip to Bakkhali would not take more than three days of your life, the experience that you will gather by visiting there will stay with you for a lifetime. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Bakkhali between November to February as the climate over there at the said time is pretty comfortable. Although you can go there during the rest of the year, you should know that the summers over there can get pretty uncomfortable. Monsoons in Bakkhali are quite romantic, but you might not get to see all the sites located over there between June to August.

Many tourists might think that reaching Bakkhali is extremely difficult. The path to the site can get a bit tricky, but it is not as hard as some people think. As Bakkhali does not have a railway station or an airport, you will have to rely on Kolkata to reach there. Even if you travel by train, you will have to get on a local train from Sealdah to reach Namkhana. The nearest station from Bakkhali is in Namkhana. Then, from there you will have to get on a bus to reach the Hatania-Doania creek. The best way to reach Bakkhali is by renting or driving a car from Kolkata. Not only is the route from Kolkata to Namkhana is extremely pretty, but the experience of getting on a ferry along with your car is quite unique. It would take you three and a half hours to travel to Namkhana from Kolkata. In case want to visit Bakkhali by airplane, you will have to get on a flight to Kolkata and visit the site by following the said steps. By reading all these, you might feel the Bakkhali is inaccessible, but we must tell you that the ferry service from Hatania-Doania creek is functional throughout the day.

6 Places in Bakkhali for Every Wanderlust Travelers

The following sites located in and around Bakkhali are breathtakingly beautiful. In the following list, you will get all the necessary information about them.

1. Henry’s Island

Henry’s Island is not only the pride of Bakkhali but also of West Bengal. Among all the gorgeous islands of Bakkhali, Henry’s Island is the most popular one. This site is named a hundred years ago after the British surveyor, Henry. He surveyed the area and discovered it. You will be surprised to know that it is the largest island in the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta. One of the most notable things about this site is its several mangrove trees. The beach on the backdrop of the glistening sun and lush green mangrove forest looks mesmerizingly beautiful. Even though this island was in existence for a long time, the Government of West Bengal converted it into a successful eco-tourism region.

Henry’s Island - Place in Bakkhali for Every Wanderlust Travelers

Photo by Arpit Shah Image Source

The entire island is spread over an area of 600 hectares. Different species of floras and faunas can be found throughout this mystical site. To reach this island you will have to cross the creek. Right from the moment you step on this site, you will notice the gorgeous mangrove forest.

You will be surprised to see that the forest is pretty dense. The pathway from the creek to the beach takes around 10 minutes and the entire route is immensely beautiful and rare. There is a Sundari Tourist Complex on this island from where you will get a panoramic view of the entire region. The tranquility of the region is so addictive, that you will have a hard time leaving it. Throughout the silver beach, you will find red crabs crawling. The entire region is so picturesque that even the people who are not photographers will not stop themselves from doing nature photography.

The distance from Bakkhali to Henry’s Island is- 5 km.

2. Bakkhali Beach

As we have said earlier, Bakkhali sea beach is one of the few crescent-shaped sea beaches in the world. Apart from the shape of the sea beach, the view of the dense forests of Sundarban from this site is genuinely beautiful. The presence of the massive amount of greenery amid the vastness of the Bay of Bengal makes this beach pretty different from the rest of the beaches in West Bengal. Throughout the 8 km-long coastlines you will notice palm trees. The ambiance of the entire region is so surreal that you will forget that you are only a three-hour drive from the bustling metropolis of Kolkata.

Place in Bakkhali for Every Wanderlust Travelers-Bakkhali BeachImage Source
When you will reach there, you will fall in love with its pristine hard beach. To genuinely enjoy the entire area’s beauty, try visiting there during dusk or dawn at the time of sunrise or sunset. The view of the sky in the backdrop of the crystal-clear turquoise sea will make you fall in love with this underrated tourist spot. Many people visit there to simply walk silently along the peaceful beach. The calmness will genuinely rejuvenate you.

The distance from Bakkhali to Bakkhali beach is- 2 km.

3. Jambudeep Island

Located 8 km from Bakkhali, Jambudeep island is one of the most secluded islands in India. Even though the local fishermen from South 24 Parganas access this site, tourists visit there too to bask in the glory of nature. In the earlier days, this site was the primary fishing area of the fishermen from the Noakhali and Chittagong areas of Bangladesh. Now, the fishermen of the locality only visit this site. Although you will not be able to get on the island’s grounds, you will be able to witness its uniqueness from your boat. Usually, the boats from Fraserganj provide a tour for the curious tourists.

Best Place To Visit in Bakkhali-Jambudeep IslandImage Source
The main reason why so many fishermen visit this island for fishing is that the creek surrounding it is full of fresh fishes. Even the availability of drinking water surrounding it makes it even more accessible for mass fishing. The experience of riding a motorboat to witness the island amid the wilderness of the Bay of Bengal is genuinely rewarding. If you visit Bakkhali, it will be a great chance for you to try something new.

The distance from Bakkhali to Jambudeep is- 21 km.

4. Fraserganj

Apart from Bakkhali beach, Fraserganj sea beach is the most popular place in Bakkhali. This site is located quite close to the Narayantala village of Bakkhali and is named after the Governor of Bengal, Andrew Fraser. The British Governor resided in this region in West Bengal for a while because he fell in love with the solitude and beauty of this region. One of the most notable things in Fraserganj is its wind park. Even though the entire works surrounding this park was never completed, the site is still pretty popular among tourists.

Amazing Place To Visit in Bakkhali-FraserganjImage Source
Even now, you can witness some of the massive wind mines in the region surrounding the Fraserganj beach. These windmills make this area look even stranger and more enchanting. Now, the Government of West Bengal is trying to reopen the Wind Park that is going to produce 2 MW of electricity to the region of Namkhana.

The distance from Bakkhali to Fraserganj is- 3.4 km.

5. Sagar Island

Sagar Island is one of the most important places to see near Bakkhali. Mostly known for the world-famous Ganga Sagar Fair, this site is one of the most sacred sites for the Hindu pilgrims in India. To reach this spot, you will have to avail of the ferry service from Namkhana to reach Muriganga. From there you will have to reach the Kachuberia jetty in Sagar Island. The entire journey will take you around two to three hours, but the pathway from Namkhana to Sagar is immensely beautiful. If you want to enjoy the true beauty of Sagar Island, it would be better for you if you travel there during January. The famous fair is organized over there at the said month.

Top Place To Visit in Bakkhali-Sagar IslandImage Source
The Indian Hindu festival Makar Sankranti takes place during that time and several pilgrims from all over India go there to seek blessing and bathe in the holy water of the Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. There are several river channels located throughout the island that makes it look even more beautiful. One of the most famous sites on Sagar island is the temple of Kapil Muni. Pilgrims visit this temple to seek blessings. You will be surprised to know that every year more than 50,000 pilgrims go to Sagar Island. Moreover, the fair of Ganga Sagar is the second most sacred and popular fair after Kumbh Mela. Apart from the religious aspects, the entire scenery surrounding the island is genuinely fascinating.

With so many rivulets and mangrove forests amid the backdrop of the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Ganges, Sagar Island is one of the rarest sites in the world.

The distance from Bakkhali to Sagar Island is- 65 km.

6. Crocodile Breeding Center

When the best places to see in Bakkhali come into questioning, the Crocodile Breeding Center located over there certainly tops the chart. This center is the only crocodile breeding center in West Bengal that has been created to preserve the rare species of animals. Another reason for the construction of this project is to offer tourists the chance to see these deadly reptiles up close in their lives. This site is the home to many crocodiles.

When you will explore the center, you will see these crocodiles in different stages of their lives. You might see the eggs of these beasts, or you might get to witness these massive crocodiles quite closely.

Photo by Arpit Shah Image Source

The distance from Bakkhali to Crocodile Breeding Center is- 1 km.

As you can understand by reading this blog, Bakkhali is the perfect place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of a large town for a few days. If you are expecting a seaside city with wild parties and gaudy restaurants, Bakkhali will disappoint. But if you are looking for a site to seek solace and enjoy the immense glory of nature, then Bakkhali will be a fantastic tourist spot for you. There are many hotels and Government lodges located over there that makes it a decent vacation spot. Lastly, while exploring Bakkhali, do not forget to enjoy the delectable seafood dishes prepared in the shacks of the sea beaches over there. You will not regret tasting them as they are too good.

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