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Golden Bridge - Top-Rated Tourist Destination in Bharuch

Visit Bharuch: 8 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Bharuch (2024)

Bharuch is a place of religious and tourist interest in Gujarat. There are several places here that tourists visit regularly. If you plan to visit Bharuch and looking for destinations to go, read this article to know the places you should visit.

8 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Bharuch

1. Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a bridge of historical importance that connects Bharuch to Ankleshwar. The British built this bridge about 200 years ago, in the late 1800s. Another name for this bridge is the Narmada Bridge. Golden Bridge - Top-Rated Tourist Destination in Bharuch

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The Golden Bridge is proof the local name of a structure is more popular than the official name. Why is Narmada Bridge known as Golden Bridge? Because the locals dubbed it Golden Bridge because of the amount of money spent on the bridge at the time, nearly 50 lakhs. The Narmada Bridge is of iron.

The Narmada Bridge is a stunning view, and the best times to view it is during sunrise and sunrise. Bridges are a unique tourist experience because they offer a mix of architectural marvels. It is a long stretch of iron that connects one place to another. The bridge is sometimes not in use, so you might not get a chance to drive through it. Narmada Bridge is about 13 minutes away from the Bharuch Junction.

2. Bhrigu Rishi Temple

Bhrigu Rishi Temple is about one kilometer away from Bharuch railway station. The Bhrigu Rishi Temple is a must-visit spiritual destination in Bharuch, because it is one of the few temples in dedication to the Sage Bhrigu, one of the seven great sages in Hindu mythology. The Bhrigu temple is relatively small compared to other temples, but it has a beautiful idol of the sage Bhrigu. The temple also has a couple of shivlings. 

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Bhrigu temple is also of historical and cultural importance because mythology states that the sage migrated to the River Narmada in Bharuch. A general suggestion while visiting any of the temples in India and abroad, make sure that you dress conservatively, and this goes both for men and women. This is so that the locals don’t feel uncomfortable around you and so that you don’t feel out of place in the temple premises as well as with the locals.

3. Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple in Bharuch is a popular place of religious and tourist interest. All around, on the premises, you will see carvings and sculptures that are relevant to Hindu mythology and religion. The temple has a pinkish hue, which gives an excellent view during sunset and sunrise. The better part of the temple is that they have an arrangement for food also. The Swaminarayan temple in Bharuch is a must visit for anyone who wants to see Jain architecture.

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Lush greenery surrounds Swaminarayan temple, so this is a nature lover’s retreat as well. Swaminarayan temples and the sect are popular for their cleanliness and hygiene. While every temple is hundred percent spic and span, watching the cleanliness levels of a Swaminarayan temple is an experience in itself. The Swaminarayan temple is easily accessible as it is just around 8 kilometers away from the Bharuch Junction.

4. Nilkantheshwar Temple

The Nilkantheshwar Temple is a unique one in the area, taking into consideration the color and look. Unlike other temples rich in sculptures and carvings, the Nilkantheshwar temple is a unique tourist location in Bharuch, as it has a Shivling sculpture on all the walls and almost nothing else on the walls. They are almost bare, which gives the temple a stunning and very different look. Nilkantheshwar temple is around half an hour away from the Bharuch Junction.

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5. Narmada Park

Narmada Park is a public park that’s perfect for people who want to spend some time surrounded by greenery and for kids who want to run around, experience some of the rides, etc. You will be able to see the Narmada bridge from the park. Boat riding and camel riding options are available. It is near the Nilkantheshwar temple. Narmada Park is 20 minutes away from the Bharuch Junction.

Popular Tourist Destination in Bharuch-Narmada Park

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6. Gayatri Mata Temple

At the banks of the Narmada river is the Gayatri Mata temple in Bharuch. The temple is small, compared to the other mega temples in areas like Maharashtra and Gujarat. But visiting it is a delightful experience, what with the river flanking its background. The Gayatri Mata Temple is a fifteen-minute drive from Bharuch Junction.

7. Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a bit far from the Bharuch area, but it is a must-visit location. It’s a sanctuary, so one of the few places in a state where you will see animals, birds, and trees and plants in their natural habitat. If you go during the right season, that’s just as the monsoon season hits. You will be able to see natural waterfalls, both big and small. Also, you will see several birds and animals, trees, and plants at their peak. The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a bit far from the Bharuch Junction and is a three-hour drive. So, you might need to dedicate a whole day to the visit. If you are visiting this sanctuary or any other, keep in mind that you will spend at least half a day in the lap of nature, and there might not be a lot of places that will offer you shelter. A sanctuary generally doesn’t have options for food and beverages.

You might need to pack your own. Make sure that you pack your caps and sunglasses. The weather can be particularly harsh in places that have an abundance of nature. Wear comfortable clothing covering your arms and legs, so insects and other creepy crawlies don’t bite.

8. Munisuvrat Swami Jain Temple

The Munisuvrat Swami Jain Temple is another must-visit religious place in Bharuch. The Jain temple offers you a calming and peaceful experience and gives you an example of Jain architecture. Again, the Munisuvrat temple is the epitome of cleanliness. The sanctum sanctorum has the image of Munisvrata Swami, the twentieth Tirthankara. The premises have a Bhojanalaya and a Dharmsala. The Munisvrat Swami Jain temple is a ten-minute drive from the Bharuch Junction.

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These are some of the places that you must visit in Bharuch. These are tourist locations near Bharuch station, so you won’t have to spend much or even plan much to reach them. You will need a whole day to visit all these places. To space it all out, you can even decide to go to them over two days. Bharuch is an important tourist and business location, so several hotels offer you accommodation for cheap.

If you wish to visit more or all the places in Bharuch, plan for a day or multi-day tour. The tours offer package plans that include the cost for stay, travel to and fro, and in some cases, even the costs of food.

Where To Stay In Bharuch?

As Bharuch is a popular tourist destination, the rooms here are a bit pricier than the other places. You have the Hotel Classic, which charges between 1000 to 1300 rupees. You also have the Hotel Grand Shivkrupta, which offers rooms at around the same rates. Of course, you have the expensive hotels, like the Regenta Central, which offers its rooms for around 3000.

How To Reach Bharuch?

Bharuch is easy to reach because it is a business and tourist port. The nearest airport is Surat Airport, which is about seventy kilometers away from Bharuch. Bharuch is also near Vadodara airport. Bharuch Junction is a railway station that connects well with other tourist locations and locations that see a lot of traffic. Bharuch also connects well via road, and one can either travel by private vehicle or bus or even the State Transport buses that ply from places like Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Shirdi, etc.

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