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Cooch Behar Palace - Top Historical Monument to See in West Bengal

Top Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal (2024)

Located at the eastern part of India, West Bengal has tremendous importance in the country’s history. That is why there are a large number of monuments located in this region that are both crucial to the history and culture of India. Most of the historical monuments in West Bengal were constructed in the 18th or 19th century. Some of them were constructed even before the 10th century. In this blog, we are going to talk about the most notable historic buildings in West Bengal in depth.

Throughout the state of West Bengal, you will notice colonial monuments with beautiful architecture. These monuments were mostly built in the late 18th to 19th century. West Bengal has such a rich historical heritage that it is a paradise for historians.

Top Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal

The following monuments mentioned in this blog are historically important to West Bengal and the world. These buildings are located in major towns in the state, and that is why staying there will not be a problem for you.

1. Cooch Behar Palace

With significant similarities to the famous Buckingham Palace in London, Cooch Behar Palace in West Bengal is immensely beautiful. Commissioned by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan of the Koch dynasty, this palace was originally known as Victor Jubilee palace. The grandeur of the palace will genuinely mesmerize you no matter how many times you see it. With a height of 395 feet and a width of 296 feet, this palace is visibly majestic and aesthetically pleasing. The influence of Renaissance architecture in this palace is quite notable. Usually, the palaces in India do not have this category of design. Cooch Behar Palace - Top Historical Monument to See in West Bengal

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With dressing rooms, verandas, Corinthian columns, and beautiful dining halls, colonialism’s influence on the Maharaja are pretty evident in the palace. Even though this majestic monument was constructed in 1887, it appears to be brand-new to any visitor. The museum galleries inside this palace will let you know more about its history.

Location: Bus Terminus, Kesab Road, Near Central Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101.

Entry Fee: INR 25 per person.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm. (Monday to Sunday.)

2. Hazarduari Palace

Constructed in 1837, the Hazarduari Palace in Murshidabad is one of the best historical monuments in West Bengal. The name Hazarduari in English translates to “1000 doors.” Even though the monument only has 100 doors, it was named a palace with 1000 doors to pique civilians’ interests. As this building was commissioned during Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah of Bengal’s reign, its earlier name was Nizamat Kila. Commonly it was even known as Bara Kothi due to its majestic size. You will be surprised to know that that palace is located only 12-feet away from the river Bhagirathi.

Even though the palace’s scenic view due to the beautiful river is quite amazing, its proximity to the river concerns the local government during the monsoon season. When you reach there, you will notice that the Hazarduari palace architecture has been deeply influenced by European architecture. One of the most notable features of this site is its staircase. Tourists love to click a lot of pictures on the staircase of this building.
Top Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Hazarduari PalaceImage Source

Location: Siraj UdDaulah Road, Hazarduari, Murshidabad, West Bengal 742149.

Entry Fee: INR 5 per person.

Timings: 9 am to 4.30 pm (This palace is closed on Friday and open the rest of the days of the week.)

3. Howrah Bridge

One of the largest cantilever bridges globally, Howrah bridge is the pride and one of the most historical constructions in West Bengal. The actual name of this bridge is Rabindra Setu. In 1965, the name was changed to pay tribute to the Nobel Laurette poet Rabindranath Tagore of West Bengal. Even though this bridge’s primary purpose was to connect the two major cities, Kolkata and Howrah, the site became immensely notable due to its magnificent architecture. Constructed only by using steel, Howrah bridge can handle more than 100,000 vehicles in a day.

As this bridge is built over the River Ganges, the scenic view surrounding it is genuinely spectacular. If you visit the region at night, you will be more mesmerized by its grandeur as it becomes lit up beautifully. In case you are a fan of Indian movies, you will notice the picturization of Howrah bridge quite frequently in the films.
Best Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Howrah BridgeImage Source

Location: Howrah, West Bengal 700001.

Entry Fee: None.

Timings: It is always open.

4. Rasmancha

Constructed in 1600, Rasmancha is an extremely beautiful piece of an architectural masterpiece in West Bengal. This site is located in Bishnupur that is situated in the Bankura district of the state. When you go there, you will see the resemblance of a pyramid to the monument quite easily. Created by using laterite stones, and burnt bricks, Rasmancha is genuinely picturesque. This site was commissioned by the Malla King named Bir Hambir or HambirMalla Dev and was mainly constructed to celebrate the Ras festival.

Until 1932, the Ras festival was celebrated in this site. Now, the festival happens annually in a nearby Durga temple in the area. The terracotta lotus imprints inside this site’s walls will make you satisfy the inner art-aficionado inside you. In the earlier days, several idols of Gods Radha Krishna were bought inside the sanctum. Now, it stands idle amid its history.
Amazing Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-RasmanchaImage Source

Location: Satyapur, West Bengal 721156.

Entry Fee: None.

Timings: It is open always.

5. Victoria Memorial

One of the most notable sites of Kolkata, Victoria Memorial is a must-see monument in Kolkata. Constructed in the year 1921, this building was dedicated to Queen Victoria of England. It was commissioned by the then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. The architecture of Victoria Memorial was handled by architect William Emerson, the member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. It has a resemblance of both British as well as Mughal architecture. With a height of 184 feet, it is quite vivid and majestic.

The entire palace is built of marble, and its most notable feature is the 16-feet Angel of Victory figurine. Victoria Memorial is built by the same marble that had been used to build the Taj Mahal. With 25 galleries, the museum in Victoria Memorial helps portray a vivid picture in the minds of visitors regarding the British regency in India. Apart from British governance, you will get to see valuable paintings, books, and other artefacts that are important to India’s history in the galleries of the building.
Top-rated Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Victoria MemorialImage Source

Location: Victoria Memorial Hall, 1, Queens Way, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

Entry Fee: INR 30.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (It is open every day of the week except for Mondays.)

6. Shaheed Minar

Commissioned to commemorate the British East India Compa Company’s victory the Gurkhas in the Anglo-Nepalese war and the Marathas, Shaheed Minar is one of the most notable features of Kolkata. It was mainly commissioned by the then commander of the East India Company, Sir David Ochterlony. With a height of 157 feet, this monument is visible from a long distance from the site. The construction was completed in 1828, and it was named the Ochterlony monument after the British commander.

In 1965, Shaheed Minar was renamed to commemorate the freedom fighters who were martyred to bring independence to India. The area surrounding the Minar is known as Maidan. This vast expanse of greenfield is quite popular among Kolkata residents. If you go there, you can relax on the grounds and have a lovely picnic with your family or friends.
Attraction Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Shaheed MinarImage Source

Location: Dharmatala, Dufferin Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (It is open every day of the week except for Mondays.)

7. Jor Bangla Temple

Commonly known as “Yorubangala,” Jor Bangla Temple is a great historical site located in West Bengal. This site is situated in Bishnupur and has a unique architecture. With two different structures that resemble the design of common huts of Bengal, this temple is quite beautiful. Commissioned by the then ruler of Bishnupur, Raghunatha Singha II, this monument was constructed in 1655. Even though the site is quite ancient, the time has not been able to affect it. You will not even realize the age of this site until someone points it out to you.

This site’s do-Chala or dual roof architectural structure sets it apart from any other temples in West Bengal. This building’s interior walls are carved with scenes from different epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and others. Even though this temple is dedicated to Shri Chaitanya, people do not worship the deity anymore.
Popular Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Jor Bangla TempleImage Source

Location: Rajdarbar, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur, West Bengal 722122.

Entry Fee: INR 25.

Timings: 6 am to 7 pm (Monday to Sunday.)

8. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The first Anglican church of Asia, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful sites in Kolkata. With a mesmerizingly beautiful Gothic architecture, this church garners thousands of visitors throughout the year. Constructed in 1847 and founded by Bishop Daniel Wilson, St. Paul’s Cathedral is an immensely important site for the region’s Christian community. In the 1800s, Kolkata had a population of more than 5000 British people and to accommodate all of them this massive church was built. Even though this site encountered some damages due to the 1897-Kolkata earthquake, renovations were made to make this church beautiful once again.

The church has heavy influence from the Florentine-Renaissance architectures and has a height of more than 247 feet. Every Christmas eve, this church gets decorated beautifully, and people of all communities join the festivities.
Famous Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-St. Paul's CathedralImage Source

Location: Cathedral Road, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

Entry Fee: None.

Timings: 9 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm (For all days of the week.) 7.30 am to 6 pm (Sunday.)

9. Baraduari

Baraduari, or commonly known as BaroSona Masjid in Gour, is one of the most important historical sites in West Bengal. Constructed in 1526, this site is quite popular among the history-enthusiast tourists of India. The name Baraduari in English means, twelve doors. When you visit the site, you will notice that there are only eleven doors of the monument. The monument was commissioned by Nasiruddin Nasrat Shah and his father, Alauddin Hussain Shah. They both were the Sultans of Bengal at the said time.

The Indo-Arabic architecture of this mosques makes it quite different from the other sites in West Bengal. There were 44 hemispherical domes on its roofs at the time of its construction, but now only 11 of them are present. The other domes were destroyed due to different natural calamities that happened in the past centuries.

Location: BoroSona Masjid Rd, Gour, Ramkeli, West Bengal 732103.

Entry Fee: None.

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm.

10. Jorasanko Thakur Bari

Located at the heart of Kolkata, Jorasanko Thakur Bari is a must-visit historical site in West Bengal. Mostly known for being the residence of the globally acknowledged Tagore family, this house offers you a lot of interesting information regarding Nobel Laurette Rabindranath Tagore and other family members of the family that you might have never known. The globally renowned poet was born in the house, and he breathed his last breath at the same place only in 1941. Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore’s grandfather, originally built this house.

Now, West Bengal’s government has converted this house into a museum that allows you to get a glimpse into the lives of the Tagore family members and get knowledge reading India during the rule of England. The rooms of this site have been converted into galleries. If you love literature, you will love this site. This site’s different rooms will allow you to see the original manuscripts written by the poet during his lifetime.
Best Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Jorasanko Thakur BariImage Source

Location: Ganesh Talkies, 267, Rabindra Sarani, Singhi Bagan, Jorasanko, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

Timings: 10.30 am to 5 pm (It is open every day of the week except Monday.)

11. Town Hall

Having significant resemblance to Roman Doric architectural style, Town Hall is one of the most visited historical sites in Kolkata. Originally built for Europeans to gather socially in the city, this hall is currently used as the largest library in West Bengal. The construction of this beautiful building was completed in 1813. In 1999 it was converted into a library, and currently, there are more than 12000 books available there.

Apart from the said facts, the stairs of Town Hall are great for clicking pictures. The picturesque view of this epic building will make your stay in Kolkata even longer.
Nice Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Town HallImage Source

Location: Esplanade Row, BBD. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (It is open every day of the week except for Mondays.)

12. Belur Math

Founded by Swami Vivekananda, Belur Math is one of the best historical sites in West Bengal. This site is Ramkrishna Math and Mission’s headquarters and was created to integrate all the religions prevalent in India, including Hinduism, Islamism, Christianity, Buddhism, and others. There are motifs of the said religions that are carved on the outer surface of the temple.

This site’s entire area is spread over 40 acres, and a beautifully landscaped garden surrounds it. Apart from everything mentioned here, the scenic view surrounding the temple is quite beautiful. As this site is located by the river Hoogly, the natural expanse accentuates the site’s beauty.
Beautiful Historical Monuments to See in West Bengal-Belur MathImage Source

Location: Belur, Howrah, West Bengal 711202.

Entry Fee: None.

Timings: 9 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 6 pm (It is open every day of the week.)

The monuments included in this list are extremely important to the history of West Bengal. As these sites are located in prominent cities of Bengal, you will not have a problem in navigating their route. Apart from the said site, many sites are quite important to Bengal’s culture and history. Some of them are Princep Ghat, Fort William, Shantiniketan, Indian Museum, and others. Many of these sites are located in Kolkata and can be visited pretty easily.

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