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Maya Devi Temple - Place in Lumbini That You Must Not Miss

12 Places in Lumbini That You Must Not Miss (2023)

Globally famous for being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of Nepal’s most important tourist destinations. While exploring this country, you will find the most important historical sites in Lumbini. That is why it is quite natural that most of the sightseeing spots in this town are historical and spiritual in nature. Most of the monasteries and buildings in Lumbini were constructed more than 2000 years ago. In case you are a lover of archaeology and religion, you will find this city fascinating. Due to the plethora of heritage buildings and sites, the entire town has been listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For the Buddhist community, Lumbini holds a more profound significance. As we have mentioned earlier, this city is famous for being the Lord Buddha’s birthplace of Gautam Buddha. At the time of Lord Buddha’s birth, this site was known as Kapilavastu. Apart from the said facts, Gautam Buddha decided to leave his life of luxury and pursue a life of enlightenment in Lumbini. Buddhists across the world visit this site throughout the year. Even though most tourists visit Lumbini to witness Nepal’s rich history and spirituality, its scenic view is also breathtakingly amazing. There are many treks available from this town that allow you to explore its archaeological and scenic sites. King Ashoka always constructed different important Buddhist relics and architecture in Lumbini. Places like Ashoka Stupa, Mayadevi Temple, and others are a few of the city’s must-visit sites.

Reaching Lumbini is relatively easy. The nearest airport from this town is the Bhairawaha airport. You will have to get on a flight from the Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu to access this airport. If you want to save money, you can take the road to get there. The distance between Kathmandu and Lumbini is 265 km. So, it would take you around seven and a half hours to get there. Although the journey might make you feel tired, you will get to complete your trip well under budget. In this blog, we will try to mention the best places to visit in Lumbini in detail. Keep on reading to get a lot of important information regarding this enchanting town.

12 Places in Lumbini That You Must Not Miss

The following sites are integral to the history, culture, and tourism of Nepal. While exploring Lumbini, you should try to explore at least some of them.

1. Bodhi Tree

Located inside the complex of the sacred Maya Devi temple, the Bodhi Tree is one of the most important things to the Buddhist people in the world. Immensely holy for being the tree where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in this life, this tree is believed to be too sacred. It is thought to Gautam Buddha got liberated from his life consisting of anger, delusions, indulgence, and luxury by meditating under this tree.

Bodhi Tree - Place in Lumbini That You Must Not Miss

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Not only Buddhist people but also for everyone, this tree signifies the underlying strength of being a human. This tree makes people realize that there is more to life than material happiness. The scenic view surrounding this tree is quite calming. The Maya Devi pond is situated right beside it. As the Bodhi tree is decorated with prayer flags, its entire ambiance is quite vibrant.

Address: Mayadevi Temple Road 16, Lumbini Sanskritik 32900, Nepal.

2. Ashokan Pillar

Among all the Ashokan Pillars that can be seen globally, the one in Lumbini is the most famous. As it adheres with the oldest inscription, its significance is much higher than the rest of them. Constructed in the 3rd century, this ancient structure is located inside the Maya Devi temple’s complex. King Ashoka built this pillar to pay tribute to Lord Buddha.

He decided to erect this pillar in Lumbini after visiting the town for the first time. As the height of this construction is 6 meters, you will be able to notice it from a far-off distance. For many centuries, this pillar was hidden from the outside world. It was not until 1896 that a Nepalese rediscovered it.

Address: Lumbini, Nepal.

3. Lumbini Monastic Site

One of the world’s best sites to understand the teaching of Lord Buddha is the Lumbini Monastic Site. In this area, you will learn about the insights that Gautam Buddha had about human existence. There are many monasteries constructed in this area where you will get to know about Buddhism in detail.

From Theravada Buddhism to Vajrayana and Mahayana Buddhism, the different monasteries in Lumbini Monastic Site has a lot to offer. Apart from the teachings, the entire site is terrific. With a serene atmosphere, and beautifully landscaped gardens devoid of Western influence and commercialization, Lumbini Monastic Site is a great place to get some introspection.

Address: Lumbini, Nepal.

4. Maya Devi Temple

Famously listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Maya Devi is undoubtedly one of Nepal’s most prestigious sites. Constructed in 1978 by a famous Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange, the Maya Devi temple has a tremendous significance to the world’s Buddhist community. The site of this temple’s construction is famous for being the exact birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Gautam Buddha’s mother, Maya Devi, gave birth to him in this complex in 563 BC. At that time, the site was completely different. To commemorate the sanctity of this site, the Maya Devi temple was created in Lumbini. Inside this temple complex, other monasteries and artificial lakes have also been built.

Address: Taulihawa Road, Lumbini Sanskritik 32900, Nepal.

Entry Timings: 6 am to 6 pm.

5. Lumbini Museum

With a glorious display of around 12000 artifacts, the Lumbini Museum is one of the best places to see in Lumbini. The artifacts that can be witnessed in this extensively managed site belong mostly to the Kushana and Maurya dynasties. By visiting this site, you will get to see ancient coins, manuscripts, stamps, terra cotta figurines, etc.

The Lumbini museum was constructed in 1970 by a Taiwanese architect named Kris Yao. Apart from the content of this site, its exterior design is also outstanding. You will see the Taiwanese influence in this museum’s architecture quite vividly. The area surrounding this museum is also quite beautiful. It is a great place to learn about the history of Lumbini genuinely.

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914, Nepal.

6. Sri Lankan Monastery

The Sri Lankan Monastery, or the Sri Lankan temple, is one of the most beautiful and vital establishments in Lumbini. Throughout this monastery, you will find a lot of information regarding Buddhist practices and their importance. If you are lucky, you might get to participate in certain celebrations associated with this site. By visiting this site, you will get a peek into the life of Lord Buddha.

You will understand the evolution of Gautam Buddha’s teaching with time in the Sri Lankan Monastery. This site’s architecture makes it quite different from the traditional Buddhist monasteries that can be seen in Nepal or India. One of the primary reasons for this monasteries construction is to develop camaraderie among India and Nepal.

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914, Nepal.

7. World Peace Pagoda

Constructed by spending US $1 million, the World Peace Pagoda is one of Nepal’s many peace pagodas. The Lumbini Peace Pagoda is exceptionally extravagant and alluring. Built to promote peace between India and Japan, this structure is quite famous among tourists. The milky-white color of this majestic building makes it quite eye-catching and picturesque. While exploring the pagoda, you will notice the marvelous golden Buddhist statue.

There are two flights of stairs that you will have to climb to see this statue. After climbing the stairs, you will also get a panoramic view of the surroundings by encircling the surrounding dome.

Address: Lumbini Sanskritik 32914, Nepal.

8. Maya Devi Pond

The Maya Devi Pond is one of the most notable sites in Lumbini. According to popular belief, Lord Buddha’s mother, Maya Devi, used to bathe in this waterbody. This Pond is commonly known as Pushkarini and has been maintained with utmost care throughout several centuries. The Pond is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden where tourists love to click pictures. It is believed some parts of this garden date back to the 3rd century BC.

This Pond’s importance is so tremendous to the Buddhist community that the Maya Devi temple was built surrounding it. It is also believed that Gautam Buddha was born at the exact spot surrounding this Pond. The Ashoka Pillar is also located pretty close to the Maya Devi Pond.

Address: Lumbini, Nepal.

9. Cambodia Monastery

One of the most vibrant and exotic structures in Lumbini is certainly the Cambodia monastery. This site’s architecture is remarkably similar to that of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. You will find the Cambodia monastery in the Monastic zone of Lumbini. While exploring this structure, you will notice the beautiful carving of dragons, snakes, and flowers in a myriad of colors.

The most prominent carving in this temple is the green snakes that are more than 50 meters in length. By visiting this monastery, you will get a glimpse into Cambodian Buddhism and witness one of the most beautiful architectures in Nepal.

Address: Lumbini, Nepal.

10. Sacred Garden

The Sacred Garden is the site that binds the entirety of Lumbini quite spectacularly. Surrounded by the Maya Devi Pond and Ashokan Pillar, this garden is one of the mostly-visited sites in Lumbini. As this spot is considered the place where Lord Buddha was born, Nepal’s government maintains it with utmost diligence.

Apart from the Pond and the Ashokan pillar, this garden also contains the famous Bodhi tree where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. The colorful flags decorating the park make it even more picturesque and vibrant.

Address: Lumbini, Nepal.

11. Lumbini Crane Sanctuary

Located pretty close to World Peace Pagoda, the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary is one of the most quaint sites of Lumbini. Created to offer habitat to cranes, this region is quite popular among tourists due to its scenic beauty and overall ambiance. While exploring the sanctuary, you will notice different Sarus and grey cranes, herons, and other birds that make the surrounding immensely beautiful.

Surrounding this park, there are some local villages. If you get some time, do not forget to explore these villages. By visiting there, you will get a peek into the life of rural Nepal quite quickly.

Address: World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini, Nepal.

12. Tilaurakot

Tilaurakot is another sacred Buddhist site in Lumbini where tourists from all around the world flock around. Situated 24 km from Lumbini, this region is famous for being the site where Lord Buddha spent a long period of his life. It is believed Gautam Buddha stayed in Tilaukot for 29 years of his life in this region. Right now, almost the entire area is in ruins, but some evidence has been found that indicates the presence of a residential complex out there.

It is believed that the palace where Gautam Buddha lived was located in Tilaurakot. He left his life of luxury to become Lord Buddha.

Address: Tilaurakot, Nepal.

All the sites mentioned in this blog are the most important sites of Lumbini. They hold tremendous significance to not only the history of Nepal but also of Lumbini. By visiting these places, you will genuinely get to know Lord Buddha and his teachings more closely. If you are a Buddhist, the trip to Lumbini will be one of the most significant journeys of your life. Even if you are not a Buddhist, these sites’ rich history and beautiful architecture will please and captivate you. Before visiting Lumbini, you must remember to cover your shoulders and legs while entering all the religious places. Also, never wear your footwear while entering the temples and monasteries in Lumbini.

Even though the summers are pretty hot in Lumbini, April and May are the best time to visit there. Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in a majestic way in this town, and that is why visiting Lumbini during these months will be a great way to know the Buddhist culture for you.

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