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Visit Great Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Rhodes Island, Greece (2020)

Visit Great Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Rhodes Island, Greece (2024)

Most Tourists like to see the architectural beauty of the Great Hammam( Turkish Bath) and also learn history. Turkish steam bath is known as Hammam. There were several Hammam built in Rhodes Island during the Ottoman period. Great Hammam Turkish Bath is the only building standing today that reminds the importance of the Turkish steam bath. The building was built in 1558.

Great Hammam (Turkish Bath)

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The floors were made of rare marbles and the foyer had few fountains. The Turkish bath was built for only men and during the years when Mustafa Pasha ruled the island in the 16th century females were allowed in Hammam on a different day. The Great Hammam Turkish Bath was known as Mustafa Baths.

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