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10 Best Camping Locations In California (2021)

10 Best Camping Locations In California (2024)

It is very common in every house of California that they have a tent folded in their storerooms. Thanks to the mild climate of California and beautiful, diverse mountains, deserts, beaches, and state parks that surely inspire everyone to roll in their sleeping bags. Whether you are looking to pitch a tent in a forest or somewhere around the beach sides, there are numerous campsites available in different areas of California to enjoy some time in the lap of nature.

10 Best Camping Locations In California

So take your backpacks, tents and come out for an isolated trek and camping in the wild with the best camping locations in California:

1. Yosemite National Park

When you visit the Yosemite National park, you will feel as if you have won a lottery because it is one of California’s best camping locations. For the ones who are visiting for the first time, the upper Pines Campground is solitude for the enviable locals on the valley floor. Here you will also find the most stunning attractions, which include scenic trails like Vernal and fantastic views from Nevada Falls. The southern end of Wawona has some roomy sites with easy access to the Chilnualna Falls trek. If you are looking to spend some time in the wild, then book the High Sierra Camps, which are just 5-10 miles apart from the leading site.
Best Camping Location In California-Yosemite National ParkImage Source

2. Ventana Campground

A resort-worthy big campground that is what best describes Ventana Campground location. The area is covered with giant redwoods forest and some upscale amenities with some of the legendary views all around. The camping ground at this site is located in a very sacred place tucked in a quiet redwood canyon. With luxury amenities like restrooms and shower stations, you will also find an Air stream bar serving cocktails amidst the redwoods, which is unexpected. Just hire some of the best luxury camps and get access to the Ventana beautiful campground area and relax amidst the natural environment.
Nice Camping Location In California-Ventana CampgroundImage Source

3. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

For once in a lifetime experience in camping, then Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is amongst the best camping locations in California. Amidst the ancient sky scraping trees of redwood, this site offers stunning, striking redwood trails. From the primary camping location, just a few miles away, you will find the Prairie Creek Trail, and from there, you can stroll up to the Cathedral Tree Trail, which wanders around the lush green redwood forest area. The camping site is beautifully surrounded by moss, lush ferns, and of course, the beautiful tall redwood trees.
Camping Location In California-Prairie Creek Redwoods State ParkImage Source

4. Channel Islands National Park

Also known as the Galapagos of California, these beautiful islands offer some of the best camping sites in California for an isolated vacation time with nature. Take a ferry ride for about an hour and reach the encompassing offshore national park to get glimpses of California’s coast. Every isle of the island has a small campground, and one of the most famous is Santa Cruz’s Scorpion Canyon camping site, which is also the easiest to reach upon. After arriving here, you will realize that you have been rewarded with a beautiful night sky, serenity, and peace all around. The best activities to be enjoyed here are kayaking, snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the marine area. Ones looking for more adventure can hike up to the island fox, which is the descendant of the channel islands.
Top Camping Location In California-Channel Islands National ParkImage Source

5. Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay State Park is one of the best campgrounds with spectacular scenery all around with the beautiful Lake Tahoe, which sparkles during the nighttime. Spread across the forested ridge, the azure Emerald Bay has the best camping sites for every visitor. The Eagle Point campground has more than 100 camping sites with access to serene beaches, hiking trails, with stunning views. The most popular tracks of this location are the Vikingsholm and Rubicon Trail. During the summer season, you can also enjoy kayaking and paddle it out towards Fannette Island. For a more intimate camping experience, carry all your camp gear and set your camps near the lakefront at the northern banks.Emerald Bay State Park-Camping Location In CaliforniaImage Source

6. Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is a significantly less frequented park that does not attract huge crowds. That makes it perfect camping locations in California for the ones who are looking for quiet and tranquil camping places. With a volcanic terrain of jagged peaks and vents, this park has the largest volcanic dome in the world. The site has seven seasonal camping grounds, each dotted with gushing waterfalls and beautiful views of Alpine lake. The most secluded camping site is near Butte lake, and the best part about this location is its proximity to beautiful hiking trails full of lush green dramatic natural beauties all around.
Popular Camping Location In California-Lassen Volcanic National ParkImage Source

7. Intown Campground

Famous Camping Location In California-Intown Campground

By Inn Town Campground Image Source

California is full of all types of camping locations, and if you are looking for some modern campground areas, then Intown is the perfect place to be in. The area has an ideal gold country atmosphere which makes it adequate to enjoy camping here. In addition to the RV and camping spots, this camping site also has eighteen canvas glamping tents with real beds and an electricity facility. With all the modern facilities like a swimming pool, outdoor movies, a camp stocked with wine and food is the best thing anyone could ask for. Also, the Intown Campground is very near to the beautifully bluish South Yuba River.

8. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park

Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is a very scenic campsite located right in the middle of the Napa Valley and nestled between St. Helena and Calistoga in serene tanoak and redwood forest. The Napa Valley campground provides you tasting rooms between the trails. Walk one mile towards the Coyote Peak trail and witness a historic grist mill from where you can also take some fresh sack of ground flour. If you feel like pitching a tent near to the Wine Country, then snag the yurts or tents or the historic cabins and enjoy some time in the lap of nature with landscape views all around.
Sight-seeing Camping Location In California-Bothe-Napa Valley State ParkImage Source

9. EI Capitan State Beach

You will find numerous forest area camping locations in California but a sunny beachfront camping site has its own vibes and taste. Santa Barbara’s tree-lined shores are one of them. EI Capitan has the most spacious campsites located on the coast side. During the daytime, you can spend your time at the beach sides with exceptional tide pools near the northern end. Remember to carry your swimming costumes and surfboard to enjoy surfing. At night time you can set your camps at the beach side, enjoy BBQ dinner and witness beautiful sparkling waves crashing the shore and the sounds of sea lions too.
Top-rated Camping Location In California-Bothe-EI Capitan State BeachImage Source

10. Van Damme State Park

Located on the banks of Little River, Van Damme State Park offers an exceptional location to enjoy camping in the wild. From the best campsites to scenic trails which take you to the jungle-like forest full of ferns, pine, and bonsai trees. While walking on the trails, you will find numerous environmental camps which are tucked into the serene forest areas with the most stunning natural views and vibes around the camping sites. This site is the best to enjoy birding, jogging, kayaking, hiking, and spend your time watching salmon spawns. There are also many off-guided tours available to explore the forest and sea caves areas.
Attraction Camping Location In California-Bothe-Van Damme State ParkImage Source

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