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6 Most Popular Tourism Activities in Mount Baldy

6 Most Popular Tourism Activities in Mount Baldy (2022)

Mount San Antonio or often referred to as Mount Baldy, is one of the “Wow” factors of Southern California. It is basically a mountain peak in the San Gabriel Mountains with the highest elevation of 10,066 feet above sea level. Mt. Baldy is more like a mountain town situated about 45 minutes from the city of Los Angeles that makes it a quick go-to spot for outdoor activities and mountain adventures for the locals here. And when they say ‘Mountain Adventures’, we literally mean the intense ones like snow skiing, snow hiking, snowboarding and more.

Mount Baldy is also the highest summit territory of Los Angeles which makes it one of the most loved hilly regions near the city and amongst the South Californians. Though the peak isn’t massive or spread over a large area, there are still an array of things to do, places to visit, and experiences to grab that are enough to keep travellers entertained.

6 Most Popular Tourism Activities in Mount Bald

To know more, have a look at our list of Most Popular tourism activities in Mount Baldy.

1. Explore Mt. Baldy Wilderness Preserve

Mountains are not always about reaching up till the Summit, but there’s a lot more that can be explored at the base as well, and one such spot is the Mt. Baldy Wilderness Preserve. The preserve is basically a joining point between sheep mountain wilderness and Cucamonga wilderness and is known for its diverse landscape features. It is home to several wild animals, including deer, elks, coyotes, bears, mountain lions and the Nelson bighorn sheep. The wilderness preserve is famous for its hiking trails, specifically the sunset ridge trail and the Cucamonga wilderness trail. No matter which level of hiker you are, you can find several comforting and challenging trails here in the wilderness. The Sunset Ridge trail here is highly famous for its beautiful sunset views, though make sure you stay safe from the cacti varieties found all over the pathways.

2. Do not miss the Mt. Baldy Ski Area

Mt. Baldy Ski Area or the famous Mt. Baldy skiing resort is undoubtedly the jewelled crown one cannot miss experiencing. The resort is known for hosting the best natural snow skiing opportunity in entire Southern California for decades now, and with several amenities and additions every year, the craze keeps only going up and high. It offers 50 trails for downhill and snowboard enthusiasts, and no matter what level of experience you carry along, the staff and management of the resort will always make you feel welcomed and entertained. For beginners, the team also provides quick learning classes and well-guided skiing experiences. However, if you are experienced, there’s quite a lot of opportunities for you to explore. Also, not just during the daytime, but if you want to grab some unique experience, you can opt for the moonlight skiing packages and observe a fantastic world of a snowy mountain. The resort also provides accommodation and food at very affordable deals. 

3. Visit the Mt. Baldy Trout Pools

Mount Baldy is not just about snow and skiing, but you can grab multiple other experiences there. One of the unmissable family funs in Mount Baldy are the Trout Pools. Right along the Mt Baldy road in the San Gabriel Mountains, these are basically two huge lakes brimming with endless trout occupants delighting the visitors for over 50 years now. Both the lakes here are filled with trout from Mt. Lassen Trout Hatchery, and visitors can catch them, one fish for $1 and mind it that you cannot throw them back into the water. The fishing supplies here cost a little extra, though the experience it brings is all worth the amount. The trout pools are usually operational on Saturdays and Sunday from mornings until late afternoon, followed by dining scenes thereafter. No matter whether you have fished before or you own a fishing license or not, grabbing an experience here at the Mt. Baldy trout pools is definitely worthwhile.

4. Climb up the Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere is a 1936 arch bridge popularly visited for bungee jumping. It offers both harnessed and non-harnesses bungee jumping opportunities. Though reaching up till the Bridge to Nowhere is another experience in itself. Reaching there requires crossing a 15.3 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back moderately rated trail from Azusa. Even those who are here supremely for bungee jumping have to gather at the Heaton Flats Campground during early mornings and then collectively hike further from the East Fork Trail trailhead. Bridge to Nowhere also holds historical importance with the story that says, while the bridge was still under construction, the great flood of March 1938 washed half of its part, leaving it abandoned and stranded, giving it its unique name.

5. Camp at the Manker Flats Campground

A forested campground at 6000 feet elevation is indeed a dream for every camping enthusiast and if you hold a similar dream, then there’s nowhere better than the Manker Flats Campground. Located near the Mount Baldy Village, the Manker Flats Campgrounds features nearly 21 campsites available at $12 per night (camping fee) and $5 per night (parking fee). Available at first come-first served basis, the camp sights are set among large pine trees that give it a dramatic and authentic jungle camping feel both during day and night—offering all the required amenities including stoves, piped water, sanitary disposals, showers, toilets, horseshoe pits and tables it undoubtedly makes as a famous site amongst campers of Sol Cal. Also, for those who are hiking up to Mt. Baldy, it provides a good basecamp.

6. Hike Up Till The Summit and Soak Yourself In The Blessed Natural Beauty

What can be better than reaching up to the 10,066 feet Mount Baldy summit? Nothing definitely. During both on and off snow season, hikers, mountaineers and wanders from Los Angeles often head on their hiking journey towards Mount Baldy. The trailheads are located on four sides of the mountain, differencing in difficulty levels, ideal for everyone from novices and to experienced mountaineers. The 6.5 miles Mt. Baldy Trail is the longest and oldest trail leading to the Summit, gaining an elevation of 6000 feet. The 5.3 miles Three T’s is another fun trail that begins at the Icehouse Canyon Trailhead, providing some magnificent views from the summits of Timber, Telegraph, and Thunder Mountains. However, if you are looking for a shorter way, the Devil’s Backbone (3.2 miles), Mt. Baldy Notch (3.5 miles) and Icehouse Canyon (3.7 miles) are some great options.

Best Time To Explore Mount Baldy

  • Winters at Mount Baldy are all about snow and skiing. If you are interested in the beauty and adventures of snow, it indeed is the best time for you; however, if you are up for hiking or exploring the mountains, this time can be pretty dangerous. Grounds and trails during and right after winters become incredibly slippery, making it dangerous and, at times, riskier to explore.
  • Summers at Mount Baldy experience favourable weather for outdoor exploration, including hiking and mountaineering. However, be prepared as it also brings in a lot of crowds making it difficult to find parking and camping sites.

TIP: Hiking up to Mount Baldy means one is entering the Angeles National Forest, and thus to be here, a permit is a must. Permit for a day will cost somewhere $5 to $10, whereas an annual pass will cost anywhere between $30 to $50.

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