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Scenic Locations of San Francisco: Must Visit Tourist Places in SF

11 Scenic Locations of San Francisco: Must Visit Tourist Places in SF

Popularly known as the “jewel of Northern California”, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. SF is known as the commercial, cultural and financial center, but what attracts the visitors to San Francisco is its panoramic sandy beaches, majestic-looking hills, and various tourist entertainment spots.

So, here we are presenting a list of the most beautiful locations in San Francisco that you just cannot miss!

11 Scenic Locations of San Francisco: Must Visit Tourist Places in SF

1. Alcatraz Island:

The island is one of the most iconic places in San Francisco with historical relevance. Here you will find one of the famous prisons in America that reopened as a tourist attraction in the year 1973. It was operational for 30 long years after finally shutting down in 1963.Scenic Locations of San Francisco: Must Visit Tourist Places in SF Image Source

Ferries are available that will take you to the island, where you can take a tour of the location. As you explore the site, an audio recording in the background will give you a glimpse of the important historical events related to the island.

2. Chinatown:

The Chinatown in San Francisco is the oldest in North America, which was rebuilt several years after being destroyed by a major earthquake in 1960. The Chinese-style theme attracts a large number of tourists every year.

This place is a hub for theaters, antique and souvenir shops, temples, teahouses, and many small-scale stores selling unique artifacts. This is one of the must-visit places in San Francisco that is sure to offer you a quality experience with its diversified range of offerings.

3. Golden Gate Bridge:

The rustic, orange colored bridge surrounded by serene blue water speaks of grace with its unique landscape views. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most clicked bridges in the world due to its iconic beauty.

It took the majestically structured bridge almost four years to build. Many locals can be spotted cycling around this region. This place is truly a steal for the photographers and one of the most visited sites in San Francisco.

4. Cable Cars:

Get ready to explore the historical cable cars that were introduced in this region in 1873 as a means of transportation. Today, they attract a large number of tourists who hitch a ride and go exploring the city. Some of the popular routes are Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason that riders enjoy the most. You have to buy a ticket to get on the Tram.

5. Legion Of Honor:

The California Palace of the Legion of Honor is one of the highly popular museums in San Francisco, which is a replica of the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris. It was designed and built by Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, who was a philanthropist, socialite, and patron of the arts with a love for Parisian things.

Inside the museum, you can find a fantastic collection of European style decorative arts, paintings, sculptures, etc. Also, this place is known for antiques from the Mediterranean and the Near East. The museum is situated in Lincoln Park, which is popular for its natural green views. If you are an adventurous soul, then a hike to the Land’s End Tail will ensure a highly elevated experience.

6. California Academy of Sciences:

Located in the Golden Gate Park, California Academy of Sciences is a multi-faceted museum with its beautiful and eye-catching architecture. You will be spell-bound by the natural beauty of this place which is full of green surroundings as it is rich in flora, with 2.5 acres of the living roof. The marvelous site has solar panels installed for electricity generation where the soil is used to offer a natural way for insulation.

The walls of the museum are made of glass which allows maximum amounts of natural light. As you go inside, you will find a planetarium, aquarium, history museum, and a lot more. The Steinhart Aquarium is home to around 38,000 live specimens. Inside the Kimball Natural History Museum, you will find skeletons of a blue whale, T-Rex, and various other animals.

7. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

Spread across an area of 17,000 square feet, it is listed among San Francisco’s top museums that has 10 floors. The Museum of Modern Art is popular for its creative and innovative exhibits that truly reflect the contemporary and ever-changing evolving form of art. This museum houses over 33,000 beautiful pieces of artwork.

As the natural light enters the museum’s premises, the region becomes glorified. If hunger strikes, head to the Jean and James Douglas Family Sculpture Garden, where Cafe 5 offers a number of delicious delicacies, enough to satiate your cravings.

8. de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco:

One of the most popular and prestigious art museums in the U.S., the de Young Fine Arts Museum is also one of the largest public art buildings that was designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Inside the museum, you will find that the art and interiors speak for North American style, but there are many artworks where you can spot the touch of Greece, Egypt, Rome, and the Near East. You can also spot some amazing pieces of art from the 17th to 21st centuries.

9. Exploratorium:

Those visiting the city with their families and looking for places to visit in San Francisco should definitely check out Exploratorium. This is one of the highly popular science museums in the city that attracts both children and adults.

The highly facilitating exhibits are sure to offer you an elevated level of joy with a fulfilling learning experience. You will be blown away by the natural beauty around the museum, which is one of the reasons tourists prefer this site for a day-out with their loved ones. Built in 1969, the Exploratorium is a hub for technology, science, and arts

10. Asian Art Museum:

The Asian Art Museum was opened in 1966 and currently houses over 18,000 wonderful artworks that are unique and speak for the Asian culture. You can spot some fantastic pieces of ancient jades and ceramics that are available in modern-day video installation styles. The museum is the result of Avery Brundage’s deep-seated interest in ancient art, who was also the major contributor to this iconic museum’s art collection. His private collection was put on exhibit for the city people in 1959.

The museum welcomes visitors with a large and unique collection of precious paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jade carvings, bronzes, and architectural fragments from various countries worldwide with Asian culture, including India, Japan, Korea, China, Iran, etc. Some of the major attractions are Tibetan drawing of Mahakala, the Samurai armor, the Cambodian sculpture of Lord Buddha from the 12th century.

11. Golden Gate National Recreation Area:

Spread across a region of 600-square miles in the Marin Country, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a biosphere reserve that offers the most beautiful and scenic views in San Francisco to tourists. Those looking to relax and unwind should definitely check out this place, away from the city crowd in the lap of nature.

You are sure to enjoy your time with your loved ones as there are campgrounds and picnic spots next to the serene sandy beaches that offer majestic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can go for a long romantic walk with your partner on the walking trail and experience a fascinating evening of your life amidst the natural panoramic views. Do not forget to check out the Fort Baker that served as the U.S. Army post in the 20th century and today attracts tourists with its unparalleled beauty and historical relevance.

These are some of the most fabulous places in San Francisco that one must check out! The unmatchable experience would surely make your visit worthwhile.

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